Monday, August 23, 2010

Throw me a line....I'm DROWNINGGGGGGGG!!!!

Well, not really....but it sure feels like it!!!

I need a vacation I think.  I say that a lot but this time I mean it......LOL.  In the past month Bob has been in the hospital, out, in, out and now back in again.  They were gonna let him come home fact the nurse practioner that handles things when the dr is too busy was all set to turn him loose last night except she didn't have the final culture results and couldn't send him home without knowing what kind of anitbiotics she needed to write him a script for.  So we were all excited and ready for his homecoming and ther head honcho, army doc dude comes in and says he thinks he needs to go back in and chop out some more tissue.


It's not looking as healthy as it should and if it doesn't "pink up" (I have no doubt this is some sorta highly technical dr term) by we go back into surgery. 

I know as bad as this sucks for me it's worse for Bob.  And if he heard me whining he'd be sure to tell me  But I think sometimes the family is kinda forgotten when there is a chronic or severe illness.  I am at my wits end worrying about everything.....trying to keep everything togetehr here at home PLUS do whatever I need to do with the kids as far as school activities.  I have 5 kids in 4 different yeah I am run ragged even when things are going well.  I know this too shall pass........and it could be worse......but I want my life back!!!!  Is that so wrong or selfish?

Probably so.......

But there have been lots of great things happening too :)

Jesse turned 6 on Friday! I had TONS of pix but stupid me......I didn't check my camera settings and they were set on AV.......not sure what the heck that is but I used it the other day to photograph a layout indoors to keep the glare off of it.  So when I went to look at the pix of him opening his gifts.....they were all pitch black. I couldn't save them in Photoshop either. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  But I did get some of him playing with his toys, and showing off a blue tongue from the cake frosting.....LOL.

They are all doing well the first week of school.......Steven is in ALL honors classes (he is in 8th grade) and one of his math classes will count as a high school credit when he gets over there next year.  YOU GO STEVEN!!!

Matt is just tickled to be back into a routine....he giggles and laughs all the way out to the bus in the mornings....I love that :)

Brandon is in 5th grade this year and is a safety patrol :)

Jacob has been invited to do a summer study program in Australia next year AND get school credit for it!!!  He is so excited about the possibility of going but we'll have to see.......its for 20 days during the summer break.....we ahve a meeting in ct to learn more about it and see how much its gonna cost.  I so hope I can afford to send him!!! He wants it so bad and he is going to save his money to go and work for neighbors and such.  If his father would come off of some of the $10,000 in back child support he owes that would certainly help......just sayin :)  But I am so proud of all of my boys!! I luv em to death!!!!

I think I am done whining and such now........I have 2 reveals comin up today so be on the lookout!!! I can't believe I actually got them done!!!!

Scrap it With A Song's new challenge will be going up today(if you head over NOW you can see last weeks chart topping top 5!!) and the Design Dollies will kick off a brand new week of challenges with a color challenge.....yup....first leg of the trifecta baby!!!!!

Catch ya later taters :)


Emily said...

Everyone needs to vent at some time or another so vent away I am sending you big bear hugs cause I know you need them right now. Trust feels like everything is going wrong right now and you want to cry but it wont be long before life stops trying to haze you. Sit back, have a cup of coffee, maybe put some Baileys in it and enjoy the quite of all the kids in school. Some of mine are in now, one starts Wednesday and one starts Sept 1st. I will only have one left at home. I love school. It truly is the worlds largest babysitting service.

Emily C

Kelly Massman said...

What are blog sisters for if not to be a shoulder sometimes!!! Hey, it is so hard to deal with chronic illnesses--hope things go better for you soon!

Denise said...

What a lot of stuff for you to be dealing with girl! Of course you can (and should) whine about it! As horrible as it is for your hubby, it is a lot to deal with for you! I hope his tissue "pinks up" and you can all have him home again! Hugs :)

t said...

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