Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CRAFT Challenge.....teenagers :)

Hello Scrapheads!

Hope all is well in your little corner of blogdom.  I have a house full of sick peeps.  It started yesterday when I got a call to pick Matt up at school.  He had a fever of 102....YIKES!!!!! But oddly enough, other than that he is acting like he feels fine.  No change in appetite or attitude.  Granted, I know he can't talk to me to tell me he feels bad, but you learn these things being a mom....and he really acts fine.  But since he was sent home with a fever yesterday he had to stay home today.  So tomorrow he is going to school and we will see what happens....the worst case scenario is they call me again.....I'm used to it :)

Then last night it hits me.  Now the last few days I have been dealing with allergies and the like so I figured it was sinus related.  I started running a fever and could not get warm for the life of me.  Bob was burning up so he had the windows open (and its getting cool here in Tennessee at night, temps in the 50's) and the fan blowing.  And there I am shivering and shaking and wearing my winter coat, covered in a quilt, a comforter, and 2 other blankets. I still feel really crappy...but at least I'm not shivering, for the moment anyway. 

I slept most of the day away and then drug myself up to make an appt for Brandon to get a referral to an ENT dr......he keeps failing his hearing tests at school and we need to have him further evaluated for problems,picked up all of the kids early except for Jacob, his school is within walking distance of our house.  Everyone was fine until alter this afternoon when Steven started complaining that his throat was hurting and bingo.....a temp of over 100 as well. 

SO I said ENOUGH!! Loaded all us sick peeps up in the car and went to the after hours clinic In and out in an hour. Only to be diagnosed with.......are you ready for it????

The common cold.

I kid you not!!!

I think they are nuts......I have had a cold and have NEVER ran a temp of 102 with it.  Feel a little crappy yeah....but can still function ya know?  So we all have an appt with our primary dr on thursday.....if he wants to tell me its viral that fine....I really can accept that......but I know whatever we have is more than a cold....geeze.  So right now I am hopped up on Nyquil, Tylenol and cough syrup.....woooooo hooooooo!!! LOL.

I got a couple of layouts done yesterday before the sickies struck. And I LOVEEEE both em!!!  Over the weekend I recieved my blog goodies of the Simple Stories "Elementary" kit from Memory Works and OMG!!! I seriously LOVE IT!!!! Everything is really top notch quality.  My only complaint is that I loved both sides of the patterned cardstocks.....lol.  Soooo that means I really gotta buy another one!!  The gal I won mine from is an Independant Memory Works consultant (Her name is Star and her blog is right HERE) and you can order not only thier line but they have BG, Cosmo Cricket and many of my other faves as well and right now a LOT of stuff is pretty heavily discounted......I'm gonna make up my list this weekend!!! So check her blog out and take a look if ya wanna :)

So, anyway.....both of the layouts I am gonna show ya use this kit. First up is for the CRAFT challenge theme of teenagers. I chose one of my fave teens........my son Jacob.  The older kids don't get as much face time on my blog as Jesse does and boy do they let me hear about it too.....lol.  And Jacob seems to ahve his own little fan following and lots of teen girls tellin thier mama's how cute he is....of course that's cuz I"M his mom!!!! These photos are random shots from his friends ......thanks ya'll....now I understand why he failed Latin last year!!! These are typical Jacob....being goofy......just like his mama......LOL. Last year was his Freshman year and really quite a growing experience for us both.  I learned NOT to tell my son to pop someone if they are buggin you......got him suspended on the 3rd day of school for 5 days......WTG mom!!! I still think the kid had it comin tho.....just sayin.......lol.  He matured a LOT in the last year and I am really proud of the man he is growing up to be.......

I used the Pencil Lines sketch 206 and everything from my It's Elementary kit!!!
and turned the sketch on its side and came up with this......

As you can see he is usually yelling or has something stuck on his head.......lol. I luv him anyway tho :):):):)

Next up is Jesse last year on his VERY first day of Kindergarten!!! I was really worried about him since he never did the preschool or daycare thing like the other boys........and he is such a mama's boy that it is not even funny.  But ya know what? He didn't miss me one bit.......nadda....AT ALL!!! What's up with that???? I cried in the parking lot after I dropped him off at class.......lol. Broke my heart right in two letting go of my baby boy!!

For this LO I used Pam Callaghan's sketch And there are a few scallops on here, even tho you may have to search for em.....so I am entering this one in the weekly challenge at The Scraproom....which is to use scallops!!

this sketch was made for 8 x 10 scrapping but I STRETCHEDDDDDD it to fit my 12 x 12 :)

Is that not adorable???????? And in this kit......there are little journal cards for each grade just like this one for Kindergarten!!!! CUTENESS!!!! Love it love it love it!!!!!

Thanks for making it this far......LOL. Luv ya'll! Hugs n stuff :)


mustangkayla said...

Oh my...I hope you all get to feeling a MILLION times better soon!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I hope everyone feels better soon!! I love love love love the lo's!!! Gorgeous photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

~Christina~ said...

Awwwweeee :( :( :( I sure hope you start feeling better soon. I've had a horrible bit of this crap floating around my house since early September and it hit me like a mac truck. Everyone else is good as new and I'm still going on day 13 of this sinus infection. No fun :(

LOVE the layouts :) :) :)

Denise said...

What a waste of time for your guys! It seems like doctors never want to prescribe anything anymore. Sorry you are all so sick :((( Guess you can all lay around together.

I love your layouts you got done before you got sick!

Annette said...

What sun & fabulous layouts! Love the sentiments too! Thanks for joining us at the C.R.A.F.T. Challenge this week.

carol said...

super scrapbook pages, papers look brill, thanks for sharing your creation with us this week at C.R.A.F.T.challenge x carol

Kelly Massman said...

Hope everyone feels better soon!
Love that paper you used on your great LOs!

Denise said...

Where have you been girl? Hope everyone is feeling better and your husband is doing well!