Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creative Scrappers Sketch 121 :):):)

Helloooooo!! Did ya miss me? know ya did!!

I think that since I began this blog back in Feb this is the longest I have went without updating.......or scrapping!! I finally pulled myself together and crawled out of the depression I have been in and am once again a semi functional member of I am living proof that there is hope for us

Some of you know I struggle with bipolar disorder.  I don't veer off course very often but when I do it's like a train wreck.  And of course things always seem to snowball.....the kids, Bob's health issues, money,car problems.......... it's just something all the stinkin time it seems.

 Spent half the day Monday at the hospital with Bob......who now has a kidney stone the size of a boulder......ok not quite that  But 8mm.....which is pretty big for a stone.  Or so I'm told.......especially if you are a dude (yeoooooowch!!!) The did surgery to try to remove it and break it, not in that order Couldn't get the entire thing out so had to put in a stent.  The plan was this stent would allow him to pass what was left. Ummmm so far nothing. I think the stone likes it's home and doesn't want to  So monday he has to have another CT scan and if it hasn't moved out by then......its back to the operating room AGAIN! I swear........this man just can't do anything the easy way!!!!  And yeah......he is super  And it isn't helping that the kids and I are making all sorts of pee pee jokes.......cuz we're mean like that........LOL. Poor fella :)

I got a little scrapping done today....started this one last night and really had no clue where I was going with it even tho it is a sketch challenge. I kinda made it my own and went out of my comfort zone on this one and used some more of my beautiful paper I have been hoarding.  And I am amazed at how well this all worked together too!!

So I used Creative Scrappers #121.  I chose this one because it looked like the lesser of all of the evils I had to choose I wanted to ease back into scrapping with something quick and simple.....and quick and simple turned out to be a day and a half.  I just kept having ideas and then as I would goof up I had to find ways to cover my good and make them look But it was fun and VERY theraputic!!! I had paint and ink ALL over me today and that felt really good!!!!

So here is the sketch....
Wow.....I HAVE been gone a while....blogger has changed the add photo thingie!!!

And I felt like doing a Christmasy 90 degree ehat....just as a reminder that eventually the weather WILL cool off!!!
Not your typical Christmasy layout but I love it!! The base is Bazzill Basic.  My intention was originally to lightly ink the edges in this stunning topiary color ink from CTMH that I won from Rowena at Creative Geneology a few weeks back.  Well, the pad was extra "juicy" and down here in the right hand corner it just smudged everywhere.  Then I got PO'd and just wiped it everywhere.  Got up and left and came back and really liked it......LOL.  So I added more :):):):)
And added some to my white flocked alphas from Stickabilities because I couldn't find my green ones.  And I LOVE the texture this added!!! And I also love how the ink kinda boosted the 7 gypsies green and gold patterned paper I used!

I also used a beautiful paper from Bo Bunny called My Darling Clementine.  OMG!!! I have gotta find more of that and the others that go with it.  None of these are Christmas papers but I just love how they fit together.  I made an accordian flower with the Bo Bunny paper and disassembled a Prima flower to use this button and chain. Normally I would never do that to Prima but I knew I'd never use it cuz the flower was this pinky mauvey color......hated  But look at how this turned out!! It was meant to be!!!!!
Mercyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! I LOVELOVELOVELOVE it!!!!!!! Told looks like it was meant to be :)

And I added a few little bits and pieces from a K & Co die cut grab bag I bought......including this little cutie where I wrote the date.......and I channeled my "inner Julie" and look what happened.......

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!! Luv ya girlie!!!!! :) And that is a Prima flower that I did not kill in the process of making this LO :)

The paper used to make the mats for the photos is from American Crafts Metropolitan something or other. I just kinda followed the circle for my journaling and there ya have it!!

Photos are from an online friend of mine In Fla (Hi Shirley!!!!) she took them at her church Christmas party to show Jesse that she met Santa and that Santa asked if she knew him and whether he had been good or not.......once he found that out he was an angel!!! LOL

Thanks for looking and listening to my rambling!!! I have a couple more to share tomorrow......too dark to take photos right now :) It's good to be back!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I have missed you girlie...and YAY for the SMILEY!! Sorry you and Bob been having a hard time :( I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo you made!!! CUTE photos and love love love love love the flowers and the TITLE WORK!! Sooooooooooooo cool! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

~Christina~ said...

Ramble all you want GF....I'm just glad you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Massman said...

Man, you've been having a rough time! Hope things pick up soon! Your layout is a whole bunch of fun! Love all the techniques you used!

Fern said...

Tina, your bg is fabulous!!! and I love the flowers!!!! This is one of my favorite layouts!!!!! Hugs!!!