Friday, October 15, 2010

A little creative therapy and a wholeeeeee lotta challenges!

I have ALMOST made it thru this week!!!!! I keep tellin myself...."I think I can, I think I can!!" It;s got me this far so I'm stickin with it!!

I guess I need to update ya'll a bit.  Bob got home from the hosptial late Wednesday evening.  They put him back on the lovely wound vac machine and most of the day Wenesday was spent waiting for them to get a take home model to the hospital.  Since Bob has gotten home it seems like it has been one thing or another.  He is in LOTS of pain and not sleeping, which is keeping me awake and I don't sleep well as it is either.  So we are both really grumpy and starting to take it out on one another.  He is still really depressed, and understandably so, and I am trying very hard to keep him motivated and trying to get him to think more positive.  But in all honesty, he is just "over" this mess.  So we had a go round on Wednesday night and a HUGE one yesterday.  If we make it thru this without killing one another it will be a miracle.  I see now why so many couple split when there is a chronic health issue involved.  I used to think it was just awful to fight with someone with a health problem they have no control over and they needed to be cut I kinda see both sides of the coin.  Dealing with it is VERY stressful for eveyone involved.  And neither party can truly know what the other is going thru and that inevitiable leads to some resentment.  I don't want that to be the case in my realtionship.  So I am trying to keep my head and discuss things as they come along and not let them boil over into knock down drag outs.  That's not good for anyone.

And did I tell ya I started having car trouble again? We got my brakes fixed and I ahve a "low collant" light that will not go off on my dash.....even tho there is plenty of coolant in the car.  Turns out there is a pin hole in my radiator and we have to get a new one. WHAT????? Apparantly it can't be welded or is plastic or soemthing....I dunno.......I just know we have a new radiator downstairs ready to be put in tomorrow sometime....hopefully!!!

So needless to say I REALLy needed to get away by myself and get some creative therapy in!!! So lucky you.......I have 2 layouts to share :)  Yayyyyyyy!!!!

First one up......
The Stuck?!? sketch for this week! I LOVEDDDDD this sketch and I really like how it turned out!! I got a chance to use up some new goodies too....that is always fun!!!:):)  Here's the sketch....

And I came across these adorable photos of Jesse when he was just a wee lil lad :):) He has ALWAYS been a ham for the camera :)

Such sweetness!!!! Where did those days go????? Isn't that blue paper and the alpha just stunning???? It's from Pink Paislee's Mistletoe & Co line.  As you can see it is just perfect for baby layouts too!! The papers are flip sides of one another...I am SOOOO glad I bought more than one!!!!! I used the swirls included in the alpha sheet to make a little heart circling one of the photos :):) Here's a closer look..
And those teeny letters are from Cosmo Crickets  Tiny Type......I bought them in red, black and cream.  Yeah I am shooting for ALL of the colors......LOL.

This one is also for the Sisterhood Of Crafters: All things bling

Next up is the sketch from Inspired Blueprints, which is so new its only up on the blog and NOT the Ning site right now.....LOL.  I had a lot of fun with this one and went with a halloween theme....again scrapping Jesse.
Used BUNCHES of different stuff here!  I have Coredinations black cardstock, Bat paper is The Paper Studio, Orange houndstooth is Modsheets.....I LOVE this stuff, it's shiny and feels jsut like heavy magazine paper, I also have some Moonshine Crew from Reminisince, Thickers, Cosmo Cricket Tiny Type, and All My menories cardstock backing the photo.......I also tried to ink the edges of the papers with black but it's not showing on the photo but looks awesome IRL.

This one is also for the challenge this week at Frosted Designs to share a fall or halloween layout.
Cupcake Craft Challenges: Scary Creatures (or in this case NOT so scary creatures!!)
ScrapFit Color challenge to use Lime green, Purple, Orange and black and one of those needs to be stock is black :)

I think thats  Once again I thank you for looking and reading my's way cheaper than a shrink......LOL.

Hugs n ya'll :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Like you, you know I loveeeeeee to tell stories... lol :) {love ya!} ... sooooo here goes, my Mom has Lupus, Epilepsy, Arthritis, most of her intestines taken out, a tumor the size of a football taken out of her thigh, gastric bypass surgery and countless other ailments that are too hard for me to spell... but on MONDAY her and my Dad are gonna be married for 41 years!!! Seriously... 41 years!! I always call my Dad a saint... cuz he has dealt with a lot from her health.. but they have made it together through it all...and I know in my heart so will you and Bob... just remember it could be worse :) I know I would never want that for you and Bob.. just trying to let you know that I care and hope that all gets better soon... I have seen my parents through so much and yeah, they fought and yelled... and etc etc etc... but they made it... so I have faith :):):):):):):):):) love ya girl!! And I loveeeeeeeeeeeee those lo's...and girllllllllllll you are FAST on your Inspired Blueprints one!! I just posted mine this morning! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

CraftyGirl said...

Hi Tina!! It has been a while since I have stopped by your blog... how have you been?! Now that's a silly question since you just told us! I am sorry to hear about all the medical problems with Bob... I know it must be difficult for both of you. I will say a prayer for you and your family. Now on to happier stuff... your LOs are darling!! I LOVE the halloween one!! The papers are fabulous and the picture is darling!! Thanks for making Frosted Designs one of your challenge stops this week!!
Barb :)

~Christina~ said...

I think it's wonderful that you are trying so hard to put so much effort into nipping problems in the bud before they because unfixable. You always hear people say, 'love just isn't enough.' I think situations like yours are going to test that to the limit. People who say love isn't enough, are forgetting a very key is an action not just a feeling. You are LOVING him and that means so much more than anything. ((HUGS))

Oh and your creative therapy has turned out AWESOME!!! :) :) :)

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Hang in there! These creations are awesome!! Thanks so much for joining our challenge at The Sisterhood! Hope to see you again next challenge.

Kelly Massman said...

Hang in there girl! Best wishes! How you manage to do all of these great layouts in the midst of your troubles is amazing to me!
P.S. You asked about the pink dolly with the string--I can't remember the name of the doll and neither could my sister! :-)

Diana said...

I'm sorry you and Bob are going through so much. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Hang in there, and use this great hubby/therapy to get through it.

Your LO's are beautiful I specially love the holloween one, adorable photo. Thanks for playing with us at Frosted Designs.

Debbie said...

Adorable layouts! Thanks for playing along with us at Frosted Designs!