Monday, November 15, 2010's as easy as 123!!! Week 31 at Scrap It With A Song!

You're welcome :)

For what you ask?

Putting that annoying song in your  I dealt with it ALL day yesterday.  Humming it, singing it.....seriously...the boys wanted me dead by bedtime.  The feelin was mutual but that's another blog post

So are ya ready for a new song and new inspiration this week at Scrap It With A Song? BTW......I LOVEDDDDDDDD the entries for last week!! I'm sure I missed a couple. but the ones I seen.....ADORABLE!!!! Be sure to head over and see if you are the winner this week or or one of the Top five!! And head over and leave some blog luvin for those who are.....they deserve it!!!

Ok, as tho you couldn't tell, this week we are traveling back in time with an OLDIEEEEE!!! The Jackson Five and ABC! And I deserve brownie points for this one because I am refraining from all of the bad Micheal Jackson jokes I know.......GO ME!! LOL...I'd better hurry this post up before one slips out and falls on my accident you know :) Hey, it happens!!!!

Our awesome sponsor this week is Sew Many Cards .  They have some of the sweetest digi images and I noticed earlier that they now have a VIP club......very cool!! Our winner this week will recieve their choice of 5 digi images from her shop! And as I was looking I saw some of the CUTEST Christmas stamps!!! Some of us are lazy and haven't even started our cards yet....yikes!!! So there ya go.....glad I could better send me a card too!! LOL

Here is your video for the song.....

(yeah this is killin me....I am trying REAL hard to behave!!!!)

And the Lyrics :)

You went to school to learn, girl

Things you never, never knew before...
Like I before E except after C...
And why 2 plus 2 makes four
Now now now, I'm gonna teach you...
Teach you, teach you
All about love, dear...
All about love
Sit yourself down, take a seat
All you gotta do is repeat after me.

ABC...Easy as...123
Or simple as... Do re mi
ABC, 123, baby, you and me girl

Come on, let me love you just a little bit
Come on, let me love you just a little bit
I'm a going to teach how to sing it out
Come on, come one, come on
Let me show you what it's all about!
Reading, writing and arithmetic
Are the branches of the learning tree
But without the roots of love every day, girl
Your education ain't complete
T-T-T-Teacher's gonna show you
Show you, show you
How to get an A, how to get an A
Spell "me" "you"
Listen to me baby, that's all you gotta do

ABC is easy like counting up 3
That's how easy love can be
that's how easy love can be
sing a simple melody
123, you and me

Sit down, girl!
I think I love you!

No! Get up, girl!
Show me what you can do!

Shake it, shake it, baby, come on now!
Shake it, shake it, baby, ooo oooh!
Shake it shake it, baby, huh!

ABC, baby, nah nah!
123, Do re mi, baby, huh!
That's how easy love can be.


A lyrical masterpiece......LOL.  Ohhhh goodness :)  Well, this is gonna be FUN!! So, show us whatcha have til Sunday Nov 21 to upload your project to the Scrap It With A Song Blog. And I preach this every single week......and this week I am gonna have to follow my own  If you gotta stretch the boundaries of the song to get to your creative place that is totally OK! Just explain your reasoning......LOL.  Sometimes things pop into your head that may not pop ito mine.....not enough room with all of those voices I have dwelling in there I guess (shrugs) So this is one of those weeks when I had to STRETCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Kinda, after I got the song outta my head, which was no easy feat BTW......I said to my self, "Self, what do I think of when I think of ABC?" School!!! So here is a school page of Jesse in Kindergarten last year :) My title is a little hard to read since the lettering is almost the same color and the paper it's on.....which is why I outlined it in gel pen.  In real life it really pops.  In the photo, not so much. And a quick story......I took this photo outside last night at about 8pm......with the DST it is really dark by then now.  Plus I was lazy and didn't want to walk around to the patio and deal with setting I stuck this on the ledge of my window sill outside and snapped soem pix and my neighbor was outside doing something or other.....saw the flash go off on my camera and stood there with the most bumfuzzled look ever on his face while he was trying to figure out why I was in the dark, in 40 degree temps in my shorts and a tshirt, taking pix 2 feet from my window......poor guy! I tell ya, I am so misunderstood!!!

So here is my page....sorry for the digression but you all KNOW how I am!!!

LOVE IT!!! Lots of color and to put together! And this sucker is deceptively heavy too!!! Bob asked me if I stuck it on

The kit I used is one I was fortunate enough to win a few months ago......I have used all but one sheet of this kit!! So yeah I highly recommend it! It's called "It's Elementary" by Memory Works

I also used a sketch (not that you can tell) freom one of our awesome DT gals, the extremely talented Liz Chidester!!!

And by coincidence (ok , not REALLY) this happens to be the November sketch challenge over at The Sweet Peach Crop Shop Blog (try saying that real fast five times....DARE YA!!!)  Isn't it cute??? I just love Liz's sketches!!! :)

And....just for grins and giggles I am also entering this into the Scraproom's challenge #45 for this week, which is to use patterned paper rather than cardstock for the background.....easy as (dare I say it????)'s as easy as 123!!!!! Ahem......sorry :) Not one single piece of solid anything on this page......LOL.

So there ya have it! put your thinkin caps on and show us what you come up with :)


Faye Marie said...

So cute!!!!! Great job!! Love your take on the sketch too!!!!!

~Christina~ said...

We must be the same kinda crazycakes because it never occurred to me that it was a stretch...I totally got it LOL

Liz Chidester said...

So cute! I'm glad you were able to combine them all!
I know, the day I worked on my LO I had that song in my head for a while!