Thursday, November 11, 2010

TPE Scrap Challenge Time!!!!

Helloooooooo!! It's amazing how the day totally gets away from you if you sleep it away huh? LOL....I had grand intentions of getting this preblogged last night so it could go live at a reasonable hour.  But I got distracted by the CMA awards.......and then Ghost  Fell asleep watching the reveal from the GH Halloween live show and was totally not ready to get out of bed this morning at 6 am to get the kids ready for school. 

So I poured 3 cups of coffee down my gullet and was still sleepy, so after Matt's bus arrived I went back to bed......Bob was on the computer anyway face booking.....and the computer in our room is slower than a month of Sundays.  So I dozed off.....and woke up less than an hour ago......which means noonish.......LOL.  Geeeze!!!! 

So now that I am properly awake and sitting here with my Diet Mtn Dew, I am here to bring you the latest and greatest challenge from The Pink Elephant!!! How do ya'll feel about a color challenge?
 It's a fun combo too I promise!!! How about some Red, some Blue and Yellow!!!! Perfect for some nice bright, fun, happy pages!! And if you are afraid of that much color you can tone it down a bit......or even do like I did and just add splashes of it here and there.  Not that I am afraid of color........I embrace it!!! But my wallet doesn'  So I was forced to work within the scrappy limitations I have here.....yeah........another case of a million and one papers and nothing to scrap with.....sighhhhhhhhhhhh!!! So I did it digi, which I often do if I come across something I absolutely don't have on hand in my stash.  I used this SUPER cute kit by Kitty Designs called "Little Things" You have GOT to visit her blog!!! Even tho she is a digital designer she has such wonderful ideas of how to put things together and such a whimsical style.  Even paper girls will be inspired I promise.......because today she has some super cute hybrid projects showcased!!!!! 

So enough rattlin is my page created in PSPX and using "Little Things" by Kitty Designs.  The photo is one from last a time we actually had some people from up north are gonna call us wimps....I can feel it now......but notice how you can still see the grass thru the snow?  This shut school down for 3 days.  LOL.....No joke!!! I am originally from Louisville Ky......not wayyyyyyyyyyyy up north like some of ya'll that get really hammered with winter weather, but I can remember when I was a kid (uh I go with a "back in the day" story......shoot me now I am turning into my own parents!!!) and it took a foot or more before they would cancel school.  And most often that would only get us a late day, not a bonafide snow day.  Then I grew up and moved several times and finally settled in very rural Ky at one point........a place called Big Clifty, where the livestock population out numbered humans and if a cow peed in the road and it froze up........God would be closed a week.  A REAL winter storm or just the forecast of it......seriously.....just the forecast!!!! Would be a snow day.  My how times change!!!! 

So much for enough rattling on huh???'s the Mtn Dew!!! :):)
That's Jesse and Jacob :)

So cmon over to TPE and play along.......we'd loveeeee to see your creations for this color challenge!!! Be sure to link r up so we can come and leave you some bloggie luv!!!

I'm hopin to get a challenge page done at some point today......I'm going thru paper withdrawals!!! But if not I will still be back later to share my belated Halloween photos of the boys!!! I got GREAT shots and I can't wait to scrap them!!!!

Ya'll have a great day!! :)


sarahw said...

Tina, I truly love this page! The arrows look so cool. :)

anazelia said...

what a cool page.