Friday, November 12, 2010

Woooo Hoooo! TGIF!! Playin catch up, a giveaway and consider yourselves warned ....TONS of pix!

Helloooooooooooooooooooo Friday!!!! I am Sooooo glad to see you :) This week has just been plain crazy.  Thank goodness it is winding down! I'm looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend.....yeah right, who am I kidding?????

Did you hug a Veteran yesterday? Or at least thnak them for their service in the GREATEST country in the world??? My 15 year old and his school ROTC unit/color guard had the opportunity to march and perform in the Veterans Day Parade downtown!! VERY exciting! He diden't much like the fact that he marched 3 miles in a wool uniform jacket in 75 degree temps tho......but he had a blast.  It was on the local news here for a brief moment last night and I know somewhere, one of the ROTC moms had to have gotten some photos!  I'll find them someplace!!!

It was a beautiful day here yesterday......gotta enjoy these warm fall days while we still have em! Another glorious day today and tomorrow and then rain is supposed to move in Sunday....BLAH!

Jesse somehow managed to get stuck in a tree yesterdya while we were waiting on Steven. I'm sitting there in my car and playing tetris on my phone, the kids have some other boys they always meet up with for the 45 minutes we wait on Steven and they play and explore.  They are all close to Brandon's age but  that makes them about twice Jesse's age.  And Jesse thinks he can do ANYTHING the big boys can do.  So he climbed into this tree and got stuck.  I hear "mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm stucked!!!!" Pronounced Stucked I'm like "yeah right" thingking he just wanted my attnetion because I was playing my game and not watching him every second. Another boy tried yanking him out and scared this one poor mom to she ran and got Jesse out of the tree.  Yup....he was really stuck!! Imagine  I felt AWFUL!!!! No mom of the year award for me huh? LOL  So I told him stay out of the stupid tree! And he went over and yelled at the older boys that THEY needed to stay out of the tree too! I'm like "Um, nooo....just YOU!" He couldn't grasp that concept......and was so upset that the other boys wouldn't listen and were climbing anyway.  I guess he is getting an early crash course in what it's like to be a one listens!!!  LOL.

Ok......I mentions a giveaway in my subject heading......its not mine tho.  My friend Pinky from Much Ado About Nothing is giving away some Smootch Spritz and Dew Drops.   FUN!!!! Just head over to her blog and leave a comment....and if you tell her you read about it here I get an extra entry....and the same goes for you! If you post it on your own blog and someones says you sent get an extra entry!! We could ALL use some happy mail I think!!!

Which reminds name was chosen at random  over at Pebbles Inc for a free kit of my choice!!! YAYyYYYYYY! I choose Treehouse and can't WAIT to get it!!!! I don't have anything that is truly "fallish" so I am really looking forward to getting it and playing :)

And thank you to everyone who emailed me to ask about Brandon's surgery :)  It went well.  Easy Peasy surgery to begin with but you never know....I have learned to not take anything for granted! He had a bit of problem with the meds to make him sleepy.  I think they gave him a kinda "high" feeling and it scared him to death.  He fought it every step of the way.  My mom was there and tried to kinda scoot me out of the way and was a bit hurt when Brandon wanted me and not her afterwards.  But he is doing well and has been in school all week :)

I managed some scrappy time last night.  I'll share that layout in another post later tho cuz I REALLY want to share these Halloween photos before the next Halloween gets


We bought a huge pumpkin cuz Jesse really wanted one.  I carved it up....just your generic pumpkin face.
And being the sick and twisted person Im am.....and having kids that are equally sick and twisted........we thought it would be fun to stage some "psycho" carving pix......I did NOT really let them cut anything I promise!!!
I think Jesse has the market cornered on  The week leading up to Halloween he watched "The Shining" with us.  The next morning, while I am in the bathroom mind you.....he opens the door and pops his head in with this really creepy look on his face and equally creepy voice "Here'ssssssssssss Johnny!!!" The boy ain't right!!!!
Here's Brandon.....
And here he is trying to prove that his head isn't as big as the
It's close tho :) LOL

And him and Jesse
And here they are in Costume....Jesse was a Ninja and I still don't know what Brandon

And here they are with Big bro Jacob....

And speaking of Jacob......look how handsome he is here!!! My baby is growing up!!!!

And here is Steven :)

Then later we went to a church activity called The Hallelujah Hoedown......inflatables for the kids, hayrides, pony rides, games and food and the ever so important CANDYYYYYYY!!! The first pic was taken in the parking lot.....we had to take my car and Bob's truck to get everyone

This is Bob and Jesse..
Um, Bob isn't dressed as anything...this is his normal attire......LOL.  And he can't really handle being on his feet for very long right now.....and we had Matt with us and Matt's Autism and OCD do NOT go well with , literally....about 15 minutes after getting there I found the seating area and got Bob and Matt situated.  Then snapped this photo.......TOTALLY scrap worthy!!!! Omgosh I ROFL everytime I look at it.......LOVEEEEE the facial expressions....kinda says it all......LOL

ROFL!!!!!! Oh lordy!! Poor fella's :)  Matt HATES noise and kept his fingers up to his ears the whole time.

Here is one of Jaco and his buddy from school, Justin.....believe it or not Justin is a year older and has his drivers license....I think he sits on telephone books to reach the steering wheel.....LOL.  LOVE ya Justin :)  And I swear this photo reminds me of the classic American Gothic

And here is the last one I promise :)

Thank you so much for looking :)  I'll be back later with some scrappy challenge entries!!!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVING the photos!!!! Toooooooooooooooooo fun!!!! We should TOTALLY do "stabbing" the pumpkin lo's!! LOL!! And glad to hear that the surgery went well! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)