Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ok.....I TOLD ya I'd be back!!

And I still haven't figured out where the heck that sketch came from.......I think one of my New years resolutions needs to have something to do with  I bet I make the Fly Lady totally freak out!!!!

Today has  been a pretty lazy day.......too bad I can't truly enjoy it because I have a nasty sinus infection/ear infection/upper respitory infection....and a terrible headache to boot.  The headache is the worst......luckily not a migraine....just a plain ol every day sinus headache but I don't handle headaches well at all.  They just totally zap my energy.  The kids are on break until the goofy to send em back to school on a Thursday!!!!! But at least maybe I can manage to sleep in one of these mornings....hasn't happened yet....GRRRR!!!

But the boys aere totally enjoing themselves.......and shocked me today by actually playing outside!!! WHAT???? With a new Xbox and 18 freakin games?????? (I got a great deal on rich uncle is still very much in the  Four of them running and playing football.....I am  I started to use that time to start tearing down the tree and putting up my Christmas decor but just couldn't get motivated to much of anything other than  Maybe tomorrow.......

Before I share my page can anyone tell me anything about this sketch? LOL I have it listed as being from Frosted Designs and due by Jan 11.....does this ring any bells?? LOL.....cuz I seriously can NOT find it over there!!

The Sketch.....cute huh? Help?????

Ok......and now the Super Secret FB Challenge!! I dunno if I am even allowed to share the sketch......yikes!!!  oh well....I love the end result of my page anyway and wanna share!!! it is.....
Bazzill basic cardstock base, Sassafras Lass Apple jack wee bundle and paper whimsies and flowers.  Its so much brighter and cuter in person!!!

I'm gonna find me something hot and steamy to drink and search for that darn sketch......and then I gotta photograph the LO....I was gonna share it with ya'll BUT....I didn't have it photographed......geeeze!!!  Told ya.....I need organizational help!! 

Toodles my friends!


Anonymous said...

welcome back!! love the layout with the boys... how is July significant?

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Not sure where that sketch came from??? But LOVING the LO!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the colors!!!!! Sorry to hear you stepped down from Scrap it with a song... bummer! Hope you have a good new year and feel better! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)