Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Scrappy New Year!!!

Hellloooooooooo everyone!!

Hope everyone had an amazing start to the new year!  I spent most of mine in bed....I kinda overdid it a bit on New years Eve and paid for it for 2  I am certainly not as young as I used to be...I think my days of power drinking are over and done!!

Yesterday I managed to pull myself out of bed and showered and took Bob out for a belated birthday date :)  We went out do dinner and a movie and had a wonderful time even tho the movie was a huge disappointment to me.  We went to see True Grit......I had heard such wonderful things about it and the original is one of my fave movies of all time!!! It just couldn't measure up in my opinion.  And I could barely understand a word that Jeff Bridges  Not a bad movie.....but not what I was thinkin I was gonna see.........

Afterwards we went out to dinner and had to hit 3 places before we found one without a line going out the door and into the parking lot....we finally settled on a family style buffet place....not a Goldne Corrall but kinda a Knoxville version of one I guess....with way better food!! Great American Steak Buffet....yummmmmmmmmmm!! And yeah one of my goals for the year is to drop some poundage.....ehhhhhh not a great place to do  But we had a great out of the house and away from the kids....who are driving me BONKERS!!! They don't go back go school til Thursday....ughhhhhhhhhhh!!! 

Our tree came down yesterday and I ahve been busy trying to get my house back to normal.....which is impossible with 6 menfolk under my roof.......just sayin :)

I have done a little scrapping and have a challenge layout to share with you :)  This is my first time playing along with the folks over at Papercraft Star.  The DT over there is wildly talented and this time around they had a sketch I really loved.  And I got a chance to break out my new Echo Park "Little Boy" collection!! Total and absolute cuteness!!! I promise not one scrap of this will go unused! I may even go and buy another one :)

Here is the sketch I was telling you about....
Lots of ways you can go with this one!! I chose to use just one photo and fill the other spaces with patterned paper..

I just love thos alphabet letters!!!  Everything except the buttons are from the collection.....buttons are just some goodies I had laying around.

Thanks for looking!! I am planning on doing some playing tonight so hopefully I will be back with something to post tomorrow!

Have a great night!
Later taters :)

Ok scratch all of that.......I missed the deadline.....wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Oh time!!!!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee that lo!! I am loving the colors you used! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)