Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just another lazy Sunday......and hopping along with Scrapbook Challenges Blog Hop

I just read my good buddy Julie Tucker Wolecks blog post and now I feel like such a  She3 has had the busiest weekend ever and here I have been lounging around the house in my PJs scrapping and coming out of my scrappy hold long enough to referee a dispute between the boys and then crawling back in. 

Julie, I will never complain of being busy ever again!!  You must be super woman girl :)

I truely haven't done a lot.....not that I don't need too....I'm just not  I'm still dealing with a sinus infection that is kicking my butt.  I deon't really feel "that" bad......just kinda run down and stuffed up.  At lest my head doesn't hurt....just a lot of pressure in there and I am pretty sure its not cuz my brain has held all of the knowledge it can possible hold and is in danger of

I got a couple of pages for challenges done today :)  I am so loving scrapping again!  I said I wasn't gonna do any more DT work for a while but an opportunity has presented itself and I just can't pass it up!  I can't give out a lot of details but one of our local scrapbook stores is looking for a local DT.  WOOOT!! I sooooo want to make it!! And one of the perks would be all classes and crops at the shop are FREE!!!  So yeah....I am motivated by stuff always gets my  No, seriously........most of ya'll know I am a SAHM.  I really hope if I make this team and then bug em enough I can land real employment with them.  This is the type of job I would LOVE!!!!!  So we'll see and I'll keep ya posted :)

Before I share my LOs from today I ant to reshare one I did yesterday.....I didn't think the photo did it justice and I wanted to correct that :)  Also I wanted you to be able to see the title.....which is the bestest  I have a warped sense of humor......does anyone remember Kids In The Hall? They had a bit called "I'm squishing your head" It was funny when I was a teenger and its still hilarious to me.....which means either that thier comedy is timeless......or I am just as immature now as I was then......LOL. You don't ahve to say it!!!! I already know which it is!!!:):)

Well, this photo so reminded me of that that is what I titled the So here it is again......using the totally cool Echo Park Little Boy line!!

MUCH better photo of it!!! And you can read my title.....LOL.  LOVEEEEEE it!!!! One of my fave layouts EVER!!! And the ones I am about to share with you are as well.....I dunno if I have found my scrapping style or stride or whatever.......but I am loving everything.....and that is so not like

Next up, this one is for Pagemap's ScrapDango challenge.  Pagemaps always has GREAT sketches! And this one was super fun to work with.  I have put it in a file on my laptop cuz I know it's one I will use again!
Here is the sketch:
Isn't that cute?????? I decided AGAIN to work ith "Little Boy"  I'm almost out of paper from it so I will be cuttin ya'll a break soon I Here's what I did to, I mean here's my
Yeah the Psycho Jesse photos from title makes the page sound so sweet....then you see the photos......LOL.  I added some DMC floss behind the sticker train to connect the cars and I love how that looks with the rest of the page.
Last I have my entry for ScrapBook Challenges Blog Hop Sketch Challenge....So this means I have offically hopped on I think :)

1. Create a post on your blog. **Don't have a blog and want to participate? Did you know if you click on your "My Page" through this group you can make a blog post? Feel free to post your blog post there.

2. Post a link to Scrapbook Challenges. (
3. Post a link to Pamela's blog to start the DT blog hop. (
4. Post a link to this Hop On board to view the members blogs. (
5. Post the sketch for the hop.
6. Post the layout you made that is based on the sketch.
7. If you want to post a giveaway of your own, then feel free to, but also don't feel like you have to.

** You can make your post and add to the list any time before Midnight MT January 9th.
** Please do not add your link to the list until your actual post is up.
** Please do not post your post before 9am MST on January 7th. The hop actually starts at 10am on the 7th. But feel free to write your post up and schedule it ahead of time if you can do that with your blog.
** Don't feel like you have to hurry up and get it posted immediately. We will be "hopping on" all weekend.
** Instead of linking to the next person, link back to this "Hop On" thread so people can move on the next person posted.
** I would like to encourage you to all post your layouts in the gallery here too, so if you do this sketch and post it in the gallery you will also get entered into the monthly sponsorship prize.

I want people to come to YOUR blogs too, so one lucky person will win this for commenting on the blogs in the "Hop On" section:
Pretty sweet huh???

Here's the sketch:

or for you 2 page lovers.....

I went with the first one cuz I detest 2 And I used Echo Park againj BUT this time it's the Wintertime Collection :)  My son Jacob actually took these photos on Christmas day.....we had a white Christmas!!! The first I remember in a really long time and our very first one since living in Tennessee.  He did a pretty amazing job if I say so myself...I taught him everything he knows :) LOL

LOVE IT!!!! And there is journaling on there but it's hard to see online.  I used a metallic gel pen so it really does have some oomph and sparkle in real life....just a closer look at my cruddy handwriting to prove I DID JOURNAL.......LOL.

My longwindedness is killin ya ain't it? I need to put up a disclaimer???

Well, I'm done.....ain'tcha glad????? :)  I'll have some more to share with ya tomorro cuz I am gonna take off and do some laundry, just in case there actually is school tomorrow (they are calling for 2 to 4 inches of snow overnight followed by freezing rain) and then sit down with Bob and watch Resident Evil 4 and make some cards......

Ya'll have a great night!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee those lo's girl!! WOW WOW WOW!!! And hehehehehhehehe... yes! I was busy all weekend... but I was in my PJ's ALL DAY today! LOL!!! I ain't gonna get all dressed up to get yard sale stuff put together and pack! LOL LOL LOL!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Marlene said...

LOVE the layouts, girl! Thought I'd pop over for a visit. It's been awhile since I've been here!

anazelia said...

Love your page from the blog hop. and love what you did with the page maps sketch. hope you doing well.

Kelly Massman said...

AWESOME work here, Girl!

Laurajean said...

LOVE your layout for the Pagemaps sketch, just beautiful :)