Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just rambling! Nothing scrappy here YET!!

Here is your advance warning.......this may be one LONGGGGGGG post!!! Complete with pics, and of course.....LOTS of my rambling...but then you wouldn't expect anything less from me would you? LOL
We had a little bit of snow today.....we have been under a winder weqther advisory since yesterday.....we are lucky if we even have an inch of  And around here any talk of snow always leads to a mad rush to the store for milk and bread.......its
So, I told you last post I have a brand new baby cousin!!! YAYYYYYY! I am so excited!!  I just recently recconected with a couple of my cousins who live in Ohio last month on Facebook.  We didn't grow up together, and have only met once......sad isn't it?  I was so happy when we found each other and over the last month or so we have been getting to know each other.  It has been so cool and such a blessing in my life :)  Well, yesterday Tonya gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!!  If you are friends with me on facebook you have no doubt already seen the photos.....Jacob said with all of the photo you'd think she was  I think I detect a little jealousy!!!!  But I am so happy for her and for me....cuz now I get to scrap girly stuff!!! But first I need to get And Echo Parks "be Mine" is looking pretty sweet!!! Just in case anyone wants to get me an early birthday present ya know :):)

Her name is Nevaeh Faith.....a really unusual first name but it is actually the word "Heaven" spelled backwards.  Very neat!!! And she is heaven sent indeed!!! Yeah.....I am gonna share knew I would!!!! LOL

Fresh out of the  Just look at those eyes!!!!! Born at 12:50 am, She is 6lbs 2oz and 20 1/2 inches long!!
Here she is right after they cleaned her.....I swear if she had a goatee she'd look just like her daddy here.....LOL.

And of course......the cute little baby feet!!! No baby album is complete without a photo like this!!! Sweet!!!

This one is when Auntie Vicke came and dressed her up :) gets better....I saved my favorite one for last!!!!

OMG!!!  Have you EVER seen anything more adorable in your life?????? EEEK!!!! I so want to get ahold of her!!!! LOVEEEEEEE this!!! And her nursery is done in these same hot pink and black & white colors....with a touch of zebra print thrown in for good  My first thought was "How will they ever find her if she's dressed in this??" lol

So cute!

Jesse asked me last night if her mama knew when her birthday was :):) Ummmmmm.......I THINK so sweety!!!!

So.....onto my teenage dating drama!! First let me say I am AMAZED at how stupid teenage boys are.  Or at least  Jacob and Sarah have been seeing each other for about 4 months now.  She is just the sweetest girl....makes me wonder why she is with him to begin  Seriously, a real sweetheart!  And it seems like every time he gets a g/f that I actually like, something happens.  So I try to not get  So......the other morning Bob is on facebook and she messages him saying "Your son is in big trouble with me!!"  And I'm nosy so I wanted to know what was going  I asked Jacob and he had no clue (rolls eyes) So Bob finds out that she is upset because Jacob has been talking to another girl. 

So thats not making a lot of sense to me.......shes not a real jelaous type of person.  So I am knowing something is up. And everytime I'd ask Jacob I'd just get , "I don't wanna talk about it" I asked  When I wanna know something I aint!! Turns out....for whatever reason, I'm leaning towards possible insanity, he gave his girlfriend his email password. you see the dark alley down which we are about to travel????? LOL

So, in the possession of said pasword she decides to go have a look........and pulls up his chat messenger.....and sees where he has been chatting up a couple of girls they go to school with.  And she is NOT happy!!!

So again I question Jacob and tell him what she told me......and his 13 yr old brother says "you gave her your password?????? Are you stupid?????"

Yeah I love how my boys just love one another.....sighhhhhhh.

So I ask if he was flirting with these girls and he starts bawling......loud sobbing type of crying.  Finally manages to answer yes and then tells me it was a little more than flirting......they were cybering!!!!!

Excuse me.......what did you say?? Cybering..........ok..........WHAT???? CYBERING????????

I'm shocked....and I thought nothing could shock me any more.....and I can only imagine his g/f's reaction......good grief!!!!!

But somehow......after a couple days of thinking about things and not talking to one another they are back together and happy as can be.......geeeeeeze!!!!

So thats how my week about yours????

Be back in a bit with a buncha challenges I have done :)

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Toucan Scraps said...

congulations on your family reunion, and this lateres, super sweet addition. May she be a blessing to all of you, please pass on my congrats to her proud parents.