Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My totally tubular topiary Tutorial :) Cupcake liner topiary

Cmon.....say it five times real fast......dare ya!!!! HA! I can't even say that once....I even stuttered while typing it in my subject header.....lol. 

I sincerely hope you have had a wonderful day! Mine has been just full of blessings.....I musta done something right cuz life is treating me good today!!  I don't even know where to start.....so excuse me while I ramble.....I am still totally jacked up on caffeine so this entire post may or may not make sense....but then y'all are kinda used to that by now :) 

First I wanna thank the wonderful people over at Paper Issues! If you have never been over there by all means head over and say hey! And be prepared to be wowed because there is some serious inspiration and talent over there.  Just like the name of the blog......anything made of paper is welcome.  So you can share a card, something cool you have altered, scrap pages, cupcake liner wreaths......lol.  See....they ain't picky :) And today my wreath was featured!!!! EEEEEK!!!! See.....LOOK!!!
Paper Issues Blog Design
WOWZERZ!!! I am thrilled and totally unprepared....lol.  That was my very first go at making anything like that.  I am so happy that others like it as well (HA! In your face boys!!!)  Thank you Paper Issues!!!!!

Next.....y'all remember when I stepped down from all of my scrappy design teams?  I wanted more "me" time and said it would have to be pretty big to get me to come out of retirement......well......I kinda feel like the Brett Farve of scrap booking right now......lol.  My local scrap shop Scrappin In The City had a DT call and I just had to go for it.  It was just too good to pass up and not try.  I got word on Saturday that I had made the team!!! WOOOT!! A personal phone call even ....how cool and rare is that???? So they announced the team today and I can finally tell the world!!! I think this is gonna be great fun......and the best part......I get to meet other local scrappers around my area!!!! I KNOW they exist, and not just in my head!!! 

OK.......I didn't mean for this to wind up being a novel.....but I created another cupcake liner project that I wanted to share!!  Ummm, because I still had cupcake liners left.....lol. And because I have seen several of these floating around out there in blog land as well.......remember the items I showed you this morning? I'm about to show you what I did with them :)

I have no clue why my photo is coming out all freaky........just kinda cock your head to the left and play along......lol
Ok.....you are going to need the following:
a Styrofoam ball
dowel rod
more foam for container
oh yeah, a container :)
and altho I used cupcake liners scrapbook paper works BEAUTIFULLY here!! Most my scrappy friends already know how to make what I am about to show you.....

OK....this is my first tut EVER...keep that in mind :)

Here's a closer look at my liners....I picked ones with a colored band for a reason :)
First thing you do is flatten these babies out...

This next step isn't necessary, but for anyone who hasn't made these rolled flowers before I just kinda wanted to give you a visual of how you go about cutting these. So I flipped them over and drew a spiral pattern like this...
As you can see  it doesn't have to be perfect.  If it did I wouldn't even attempt it.....lol.  You just cut along the spiral but leave it intact so it linda looks like a long ribbon.  I stacked several and cut them all at once, cuz I'm lazy.....lol

Now here comes the fun!!! You get to roll these up!! And let me tell you....after 3 cups of coffee and 2 Diet Mtn Dews this is easier said than done cuz I kept dropping it and unraveling it....ugh!!! So start off like this...
If  you need to you can use a pencil or anything you can wrap this around to help you start it off...but I found that I really didn't need to.  So, get to rollin!!

You can roll it as tight as you wish cuz now you turn it loose.....lol.  Yup I am indeed serious!!!  I just sat it on the table at this point and let it unwind of its own free will...once it stopped I picked it back up and held the bottom and top together, flipped it over and applied a big fat dollop of hot glue.

Then you glue the loose end down to the bottom.....this is the part where I kept gluing myself to the flower. Not kidding. Its a good thing this was a glue gun and not a nail gun!! Just kinda give this a squeeze and you now have your rolled flower!
I LOVE how that band of color kinda made the center of the flower too!!!

Now throw another blob of glue on the bottom and stick it to your Styrofoam ball.  You may want to sit the ball on a cup of something to keep it from rolling away......um, yeah I admit I had to chase mine a few times before this occurred to me.
Keep going til you cover the foam, I left a small spot at the bottom for the dowel rod. I let my 10 year old paint it for me....attached everything and tada!!!!!!

I think my container was originally a pencil holder.  I got it at Hobby Lobby on the clearance rack for a buck.  Already had the Styrofoam but you can get them at Dollar Tree for a buck or just wad up a paper ball and tape it in packing tape and do the exact same thing....I saw someone else do that and I was shocked it looked so good! Ribbon I already had on hand and I filled the container with buttons to cover the other piece of foam just cuz that's what I had and I think its (dare I say it????? you know I'm gonna.....) cute as a button :):):)

So whatcha think? Is it gift worthy?  I have plans to give it to the awesome folks in the office of my younger two kiddos school.

Did I wear ya out??

Tomorrow I gotta show you my junk finds from today!!!! I'm so excited to do my first furniture revamp!!

Before I forget, this project is linked up at the following AWESOME link parties! I'm tellin ya, these are great places to steal....oppps, I men BORROW :):):) ideas from crafters wayyyyyy more talanted than me!! Just click the buttonsw below to go visit!!! And grab some coffee or sosmthing cuz you will be there a while!!!


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Jackie said...

You rocked it! I love it! Congrats on being Featured!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Woooooooooo hoooooooooooo!! CONGRATS on being featured and the DT!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEE it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Cassie said...

You rocked this too!!!! We are so glad that you like us!!!! Paper Issues loves you!
Thanks for the shout out and thanks for linking another fab project!!!!

Kelly Massman said...

Great project! I love the flowers on your topiary! Congrats on being featured, and it really looks like you've done a lot of work on all of those flowers!!!

Teresa Jaye said...

I can't believe how cool these came out - totally tubular!! LOL
Congrats on the DT pick - have fun with it!

The Loops said...

I really like how you put your own twist on something you see a lot of. Way to make it your own! I'm your newest follower. I'd love for you to follow back!