Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yup I am still alive.....100 day blog challenge day 5 favorite quote

I'm here! Fighting off a migraine, but I'm here!!  The last few days have been just crazy for me. I have been scrapping (otherwise I surely would have killed someone by I just haven't gotten my projects photographed yet....thanks to the fact that one of my little guys decided it would be really cool to take a bazillion photos of his brother asleep and he ran my batteries down......and I am totally out of abtteries because every single thing except the xbox that they got for Christmas needs what???? BATTERIES!!  So, right now I am adding that to ye "GIT LIST for when I go out to pick the boys up.

I thought maybe shopping would take my mind off my throbbing head so I headed to hobby lobby earlier....still have a headache but got lots of cool  My vow to NOT buy anymore scrappy stuff isn't going too well.......if I could stay away from Hobby Lobby and Big Lots I'd be ok.....I found LOADS of Basic Grey goodies at Big Lots this weekend......some really cute woolies and an ENTIRE kit for five bucks!!! No joke!!  Its called Euphoria......five bucks....Euphoric is how I felt.....LOL.  Check your local Big Lots......mine has BG buttons, stickers, woolies, lace overlays, paper and stamps......all from 50 cents to 5 bucks. 

Todays escapade started innocently enough...I needed a new glue gun and some styrofoam balls for a project for valentines day......I came home with the 2 styrofoam balls, dowel rods...cuz I needed those too , the glue gun, a beautiful desktop pencil holder that was in the clearance section for 1 dollar.....its gona be part of my project :)  Cupcake liners.....also part of my project.  At this point I'm ok.......I haven't ventured near the scrap aisle.....then somehow I blacked out and there I was......honest!!!! And I found Smootch Spray!!!!! EEEK!!! So bought that.....because I "need" it for my project too......its valentine red (see I can justify anything!!!) Then found the CUTEST Sassafras Lass Paper whimsy cards.....a grab bag of K and Co stuff, some Creative Imagination borders, and journaling cards, and 2 Echo park kits. EEEEEEEK!!! ECHO PARK!!!! Hobby Lobby NEVER carries that!!! And they were (voer your ears again......) EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!1 10 bucks each!!!!  My LSS charges !5 for them.....whcih I usually don't mind much because most of them online are 13.99 plus shipping.  These were the ONLY 2 in the store.......Life is good and Sweet Summer time!!!! MINe!!!!!!!

It's a sickness I tell ya!!  But I truly am getting better about using up scraps :)  When I show my layouts to ya'll tonight you will see they are mostly scraps...honest!!!

And then I had to go to Dollar tree.......just cuz I was by there.  And found wooden stamps.....valentines one....yup I bought them!  And some boxes to go with my project.....I swear when I finsih one it will make sense to  And I got a styrofoam wreath....because the same sized one at Hobby Lobby was $5.  Granted , this one is green but I will be covering so who cares what color it is. 

I think all together today I spent $78.....but thats counting my lunch at Sonic and gas for my spending Shhhhhhhh don't tell Bob!!!!

Ok, so I have missed a few days of blogging and am just picking up on this 100 day blog challenge where I left off.  Favorite quote.......I don't have anything witty or sarcastic......surprisingly  But this is something Bob says all the time that I just love.....I have had to explain it to the kids cuz they dont get it.....

"Can't never could do nothing."

And yeah I realize that is an English teachers nightmare of a  But it simple means that you shouldn't say you can't do something if you haven't tried.  If you spend you life saying "I can't" then you will ever accomplish anything.

Be back later with some layouts to share!!
Over n out!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hope your headache gets better!! And wowwwwwwwww what deals you found! LOVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sandi Cl~ said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me ... well, except for the migraine!

Anonymous said...

ohhh you shopper you! great score Tina! I love listening to your scrap shopping stories because you get so excited.. LOL

Kelly Massman said...

Hope you are feeling better now! I'm severely behind in blog reading!
And, I'm on a spending freeze!