Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing with Dollies , running with scissors, and sniffing glue and household cleaners....just a typical day :)

I am in rare form today so consider yourselves warned!!! :)  I need a sign that says "highly caffienated, approach with extreme caution!"

In a great mood today! Seems spring has sprung! Or at least Mother Natures is cutting us a little slack before her and Jack Frost get back together and do the wild thing and we end up with several feet of snow and ice.......whatever the reason......I LOVE IT!!! Sun is out, birds are chirping, I have a mentally unstable squirrel out on my porch rolling aound on the kids basketball......maybe it's highly caffienated too?? It's certainly a sight!!

With my sudden burst of enr4e3gy I feel the need to spring clean...which is totally insane cuz I hate cleaning to begin with!!  I think looking at all of these DIY and Funky Junk type of blogs lately has inspired (corrupted) me to take more pride in our home.  Not taht I didn't before! But when I get an idea in my head I want it done NOW!! And face it.....a house redo just doesn't happen over night. Only in my  I could probably start with throwing out some of my clutter....but I may "need it" one day!!!!  I am convinced that some day one of the kids will have a need for 50 million empty canisters and pringles containers, and when they come home with that note from school....buddy, I am on it!!!

Anyone else do that? Cmon....truth!!!!

Yesterday I sat down and played with my new Pebbles Tree House collection......I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the colors!!! So bright and fun!!! I had a plan when I sat down....but I went off another direction while scrapping (glue fumes....I'm certain!!!)  I wanted to play around with the Design Dollies challenge this week to create something with "Love" as the topic. So I decided on Bob and I......cuz, after all....we do love one another....most  My original plan was to do a tic tac toe kinda thing.....I was going to use chipboard  "X"s and I cut  the photos in circles and they were gonna be the "O"s. 

Brilliant huh???

Cept......I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque!! (Yes I grew up watching Bugs Bunny!!)

I also played with the idea of actually stitching.....but I wasn't quite motivated enough for that .....but I got to play with all of the yummy die cuts and chippy pieces in the kit and I love how it all came together.....with the exception of the circle

If I hade it to do over again I'd stick with square photos. And in all honesty I may reprint them and do that anyway. 
Everything except the alphas are from Pebbles......and I am not sure where the brown alpha is from......the red is Cosmo Cricket Tiny Type.......which I totally love and want in every single color in the history of Tiny Type!!!  So I decided to play around with the Tiny Type and Chippy bits...those die cuts are really PERFECT for cards and tags......or lazy  I have some left and I am going to make a thank you card later tonight for a friend :)

Here are some close ups :)
Yeah I know....."owl  always love you" Tres Corny!!! And the triple decker love......just so the Dollies know I AM indeed sticking to the theme of LOVE!! (just sayin)

It's really hard to see, but all of the chippy bits are glittery......soooo cute!!

Also entering this over at Scrapfit for the color workout challenge of : Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, White.

Thanks for looking!! Have an AMAZING Thursday!  We have a 3 day weekend coming....WOOT!!!


bakscrap said...

Fun layout, and I enjoyed reading your "caffeinated" ramblings!

karenw said...

I love posts like this!! I too ramble somewhat in my posts, but I love reading about others. And I used to have stacks of boxes and egg cartons for the school but my youngest is now in the bigger end of school, not so much craft and no excuse for keeping things just in case...
Love this Lo. the squares work well, and tiny type - just yum! Looking forward to seeing more of yourwork in the future x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

hehehehehehe...oh hoarder of Pringle cans! LOL!! I love love love love that lo!! The design is AWESOME and loving the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Teresa Jaye said...

I like it just the way it is, I wouldn't change out the pics.

I came over to tell you about the Making Memories gig on facebook but I just saw that you put your link up!

Enjoy your 3 day!

TonjiaT said...

awesome work Tina!!

I think you should come here and start remodeling my house.. LOL

Valerie Durham said...

You are just hilarious! I loved reading this! So funny! And your page is great, too! I love all of the separate little squares. I think those pics look just perfect with it! Thanks for playing with ScrapFIT!

Sara Zenger said...

This is great! I love the design! So happy you could play along with us at ScrapFIT!

KarenB said...

Your posts always make me smile, but today's was just so funny :) My daughter saves bread tags for school - I have no idea what they use those little suckers for, but at one stage we had hundreds of them in a box, LOL! Also egg cartons and all manner of icecream or yoghurt containers ;) Trying hard not to hoard, but old habits dye hard.
And your layout? I kind of like the circles... and allover, so much to explore. It's fab!!

Jamie Lane said...

Super cute!!

MARILYN said...

Great page! Thanks for playing along with us at Scrapfit!

wendipooh13 said...

I just LOVE how fun your page is!!! and all the fun mini alphas!!! this is sooo cool!!! thanks soo much for playing along with the Dollies!!!!

Scrapamum said...

Teena, you make me laugh!!! Love your bright fin page!!!
Thanks for playing along with the Design Dollies!