Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scrappy Sunday!

Is everyone enjoying a long weekend?  I;m still undecided about the "enjoying" part....ask me again tomorrow!!!

Our beautiful sunny weather turned into cloudy, dreary but still warm weather! Been lookin like rain all day but with temps around 50 or so in Feb.....I'll take it!!  The kids are even playing outside....right now!! As I type!!! So I am definitely not gonna complain!!  I'm hoping to take them out to the park or something tomorrow.....any longer than 2 days in a row and they start making death threats at one another.......the joys of boys!!!!

Before I share my scrappy business I really need to play proud mama and brag on my boys a bit first:)  My 10 year old went on his FIRST date Friday night!!! DATE????? WHAT????  I informed him that until you are old enough to actually pay for the date personally AND transport yourself AND do not need adult supervision, it's not a date.  Know what he said???

"Geeze mom, that means I will be like 30 when I have my first date!!"

Ohhhhhh Lord give me strength!!!!! LOL

There is a little girl in his class that he is, ahem.......friends with......her parents came and picked him up and took them out for pizza and afterwards they went to an arcade......and Brandon fell asleep in their truck! joke!! Ya know....he may be right.....he may be 30 before he starts dating!!!!  I really wish I had taken photos.....but I promised I wouldn't embarrass him (danggit!!)  Turns out he didn't need my help in that

Tomorrow Jacob has a drill meet for NJROTC and it is his FIRST as team commander!!! YES!!! Right now he is really nervous...but I know he is gonna do just fine :)  I will get pix for sure!!!

And speaking of pix....they had a field trip last week to the National Guard Armory and he got to play in a tank......coolness!!!
And this one is scary....seriously!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you.......the future guardians of our homeland.....mine is the one right up in the front row......LOL

I asked if he was wearing that mask cuz someone farted or if they all had stinky feet.....he didn't find it as funny as I did......go figure :)

Oh!!! And Jacob got his report card last week.......4 A's and one B!!! Go Jacob!!!!  The others come sometime this week......maybe they will ALL do this well and we can have a celebration!!

OK....on to a couple of challenges!!

First is the sketch challenge at Up The Street! This kinda sketch never fails to turn out well.....blocks are a no brainer.....for me anyway. And I got my package yesterday of stuff I ordered toward the first of the month.  FINALLY got my Echo Park goodies!!! And in my never ending quest to have  LO featured on their blog.....I'm tellin ya, this is like a bucket list thing for me at this point.  Before I die I WILL have a LO on the Echo Park Blog!!!!  So for this one I used my my "new to me" Halloween Echo Park goodies.  I'm on of the pathetic few that has TONS of photos from almost every holiday last year left to scrap.  I admit it.

But here is the sketch....

And my take....
I titled it "Who's head is bigger?" LOL When Brandon was smaller he has a really long, skinny neck and a very round head....kinda like a bobble We still pick on him about it, because we are family and that's what we  He got a big kick out of tho....honestly! No feelings were hurt in the making of this scrap page....I don't roll like that :)

Next I used the sketch from MLBOW and the prompt at Scrap That Baby, which I "thought" was to just use the word love.......wrong!!!! "I LOVE" is supposed to be in the title.......oh well :)  I got a couple more photos scrapped AND another awesome LO for my album!!  I love how serious Jesse looks in the first photo and then he just cracks up in the second :)
As if you didn't already notice, I kinda flipped it and moved things around. And see those cute red flowers? I totally made them!!!!

Super easy!! I found the "how to" in the latest Scrapbooks Etc magazine.  I will try to find it online and link it up for ya later!! If not I will do a step by step tut for them. I love that I can make them to match my LO!!!  I used Treehouse from Pebbles. And Cosmo Crickets tiny type.  I think they were meant to go together!!! Very simple layout but I still think its ok....still too much white space for

No school tomorrow so I am gonna try to stay up late and do a couple more....I'm feelin crafty!!!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yayyyyyyyyy for your boys!!! And hehehehehehe...sounds like a perfect date to me!! LOL!! I love love love love love love the lo's!!!! Awesome designs babe! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Cath said...

Love the layouts, Tina--and getting to know you and your boys better! Watch out for that ten-year-old of yours! Hope he doesn't fall asleep on all his dates--or maybe we do? LOL

TonjiaT said...

OMG Brandon!! already dating.... how cute he is.

I am so impressed with Jacobs determination, I can see that he is going to go far as a military officer. please give him a hug for me!

No Jesse stories??? LOLOL keep those boys in line Tina, they will be the ones who choose your nursing home! :-)