Monday, April 18, 2011

AWESOME WEEKEND!!!! And AHA!! Mystery of the inspiration layout solved!!!

Hello everyone!!

Before I get to rambling, cuz you know I'm gonna, I wanna thank Natalie  for cluing me in on the mystery designer!! If you remember, a couple of days ago I posted my LO for the Sassafras Lass blog challenge and showed this layout
that I credited with helping me finally "SEE" the sketch the way I wanted it to  It is none other than Danielle Flanders! OMG I know who she is!!! She's like a scrapping rock star:):):)  I finally figured out that I had seen this layout on the Pink Paislee blog (DUH!!) And here is just another reason why it is a really good idea, if you are a scrapper like me and like to save layouts from others you find beautiful or inspirational, that you should ALWAYS save it with their name.  I sometimes get sidetracked and forget to do that :(  BAD TINA!!!! And as I also mentioned , this is another reason I am so in love with Pinterest right can pin the photo to your board and it will take you directly to the blog from which it originated. Pretty slick huh? (BTW I have invites if anyone wants or needs one.......I had to wait almost a month before they let me in!)

So I wanted to correct myself and give credit where credit is due. Today was my first ever trip to Danielle's blog and I am totally in awe of her talent.  Seriously! She is AMAZING!! And designs for Crate Paper, Jenni Bowlin, Pink Paislee and Paper Trey....told ya, SUPAH STAR BABY!!!!  Here is her blog link.

And be prepared to be wowed!

Natalie , Thank you chicka!!!! :):):)

BTW......Natalie is no slouch either!!! Here's her blog as well!!!
Saturday was an AWESOME day! Jessie and Brandon had freebie coupons for buffets at Mr Gatti's .  This past week was statewide testing for some of our kiddos, called the TCAP.  Please don't ask me what it stands  It's an assessment of sorts, for both the kids and the teachers.  It's pretty much a week long process and as a litle treat the grade school children got the buffet coupons :) My middle schooler got free time at school.......they called off classes on Friday after the last test was taken and let the kids outside to hang out with friends, listen to music, play ball....whatever :) 

But anyway, Bob, myself, Matt, Steven, Jesse and Brandon all piled up in the car and went and had family day!  Sooooooo much fun!!  And if you do the math you will see I was missin one of my "buggs"  Jacob felt like he was too old and too cool to be hanging out with mom and his little he hung with a buddy, and they went to HIS 4 yr old brothers t-ball game AND a bday party full of 4 and 5 year olds.......HAHAHAHAHA!!  Sorry Charlie, that's how it rolls  He was like "OMG Mom, we NEVER go ANYWHERE!!!" Yeah, use your imagination and I'm sure you can hear that whiny teenage voice......and you thought only the girls had it...Nooooooooooo!!! It is an equal opportunity mood swing!

Matt handled it beautifully! he usually does awful in loud places....and they had a huge game room at this one....and we were totally surrounded by tv's.  Heck I was on overload so I was sure he would be!!  Nope!!! Excellent behavior!!! Except for the time he tried to take the elderly lady's food in the booth next to us......LOL.  I was trying to get him to get his drink, which was across the table from him.  He just kept scooting over and looking at me funny, then he picked up her plate and you should have seen the look on her face....she was HORRIFIED!!!!!  I had to explain to her that Matthew was Autistic and has very poor impulse control, especially around food.  And she was really nice about it.  And then Matt got the  Mercy me :)  And he laughed nonstop for the next 45 minute4es while his brothers played in the arcade.......and I mean those deep belly laughs that leave you breathless and with tears rolling down your eyes......then finally we got out of there and I decided to chance it at Kmart with 4 kids.......and still, Matt done really was Jesse I had the problem with because he wanted to look at toys and we were on a mission to get gym clothes for Jacob and Steven. And then he got whiny and Bob had to take him out to the car........there always has to be one that acts up just to prove to the world that you aren't

But really, it was a great day :) 

And yesterday was pretty uneventful except Steven finally got a haircut!!! YES!!!! After over a year and I swear he was starting to look like Russel Brand......lool.  I do have photos of the entire event but I need to edit and doctor em first :)  Be looking tonight!!!

And i did do a little more scrapping over the weekend :)  And this page came together super dooper quick!  I figure the Scrap Fairy owed me after it taking me so long with the Sassafras LO :)  And I really adore how this turned out!!! I scrapped Jacob this time and he doesn't share my enthusiasm about this page.......too girly he says!! Jesse was upset with me that I didn't draw a moustache on Jacob because he says he looks creepy here.......sighhhhhhhh!!! Good thing I don't give a rats patooties what they think huh? LOL.

I used the sketch on the October Afternoon blog.......and used a little of their paper too along with some prima flowers and crochet bits I was RAK'd a while back and have been hoarding :)

The sketch.....
Really nice clean lines on the sketch......and I just used the one sheet of the October Afternoon paper (front and back!!)

How can he not love this page???? I do!!! Not to mention that I have GREAT lookin kids :) LOL.  The doily looking thing is actually some packaging I cut up but I don't remember what from.  And I used Thickers and Cosmo Crickets tiny type fave combination :)  I don;t think this fits any challenges BUT I am gonna share it over on October Afternoons blog and flicker site :)

I am gonna have to hit the hay.....if I can! I have been up over 24 hours now and am really wired.  Most likely due to the prednisone....I have had more energy the last 2 days than I know what to do with!!  And if I can't sleep I'll just scrap something I guess :):)

Ya'll have a most exceellant Monday!!!


Kelly Massman said...

Very fun! Love that you put blue flowers on your guy layout!!!

Ashley said...

Adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I will pick one lucky winner tomorrow! I too am happy to be your newest follower! TFS!


~Christina~ said...

This is so great!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeee Danielle's work! And I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your lo!!! I am loving that photo and all the blue!! And sounds like an awesome weekend! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Another wonderful layout!