Monday, April 18, 2011

Gettin Picky with the Lasting Memories Easter Challenge :)

I just love the girls over there at Lasting Memories........really I do! They are all so nice and one in particular left me a really sweet comment and I couldn't reply because she has a restraining order on  Kidding!! It was a no reply thingy so I wanna thank Sue publicly! 

Thank you Sue!!!!!!!!! Muahs!!!!

I have a handful of blogs you see me stalk and post at ALL the time....or when I have the time at least.  And it really touches me when someone leaves a meaningful comment.....I'm so lucky to have made soooooo many awesome pals in blog land :)

Yup....gimme a sec, I'm busy feelin the love :):):) 

So if I don't always say it.....I do appreciate ANYONE who spends more than 2 seconds on my blog....I know I am not always so easy to understand or keep up Thank you from the bottom of my heart :):)

And also a big thank you for all of the well wishes and prayers regarding my neck.  I'm actually not feeling too bad today....or I'm too doped up to  Seriously, not a LOT of pain going on right now....only if I move a certain way, and of course common sense tells me to stop it!! Once in a while I even listen :)  My biggest complaint at the moment is no sleep. I have sleep issues from time to time with being bi-polar.  But I have been on a pretty even keel for a LONGGGGGGGG time Thank you Jesus!!) I had almost forgot what it was like to run on no sleep and still have boundless energy. I'm sure it's a little unsettling to those that live with me....but I was good and stayed up in the living room either online or scrapping last night. But I am feeling pretty good........and am excited cuz I found some cool trashy treasures

Yup I am a hoarder!  Not the type you see on TV on TLC or Discovery......more along the lines of The American Pickers....which beats being a booger picker I guess :)  I found a KILLER dresser right down the road sat out at the trash today kinda beat up but it was real wood.......a huge  And had dove tailed joints inside.  Even tho one of the drawers had a side out, the panel was there so it can easily be glued and nailed.......SCORE!!! and now we can get Jesse's clothes in his own dresser and I can regain my clothing space! I am so excited to be finishing it since we are going to redo the room this summer.....and just in case you care.....we does mean ME cuz no one else wants the

Ok...on to scrappy stuff :)

The challenge this week at Lasting Memories is EASTER!!!! And yeah I admit it....I am STILL on last years Easter photos.......I'm such a lazy scrapper....sighhhhhhhh!!!!  So guess what? You get to see photo one bazillion of Jesse last year dying eggs.  TADA!!!!! LOL.  And just to make things interesting I used the sketch this week from Get Picky as well....which I actually like quite a lot because there is lots of room to just go nuts and make this your own :)  I flipped it over on its side and attempted a cool cluster....

My take....using the  Fancy Pants I won a week or so back....LOVEEEE the colors in this!!! You had to know I'd go with bright colors over pastels if I could get away with
The taggy I made from packaging......go me!!! I'm green!! And not cuz I'm  I also added a tiny bit of Sassafras and tad of Pebbles :)  And yeah, I thought I was being clever with the title (rolls eyes) LOL  Thickers and Tiny Type round it out!  And it all came together QUICK!  I love that!  And I love that I am enjoying my scrapping again!!  I think breaking for a bit and doing a few cards helped.  And I actually like doing the cards now, even tho I ahven't did many lately.....but I am trying to use up my scraps this year so maybe there will be some this week :)  Mother's day is coming so there is at least

Ok......I promised you yesterday some photos of Steven's haircut.......this is one you need to be sitting for....Bob is a fantabulous barber!!!!  I didn't realize it until Steven told me today that it has been 2 years since he has a hair cut.  WOWZERZ!!! No wonder he looked like a shaggy mutt!  I have before, during and afters........and I confess that we really tormented him thru this  Of course!!!!  And the only reason he let us cut it was because he lost a bet with sad!  This is Steven before.....

Here we are getting started and you can see a glimpse of Bob in those sexy overalls :)
And this is around the time the torture began......we decided he needed a little style......

yeahhhhhhh he's havin a big time....and he knows Mom is gonna wanna blog this AND scrap it!!!!

(I am laughing so hard I can't stand it!!!)  Next ladies and gentlemen we have what is known as THE hairdo of choice for East Tn or Redneck Romeos......the ever popular mullet......someone cue up Billy Ray!!!

And this is when I told him he had to keep it......for a year.  LOL.  Hey.....all the girls thought Billy Ray was HAWT!!!  he wasn't buying into it and actually began to get a little annoyed at this point......Hmmmm :)
And a little known fact......If you begin to go bald and still sport this's called a skullet......just sayin :)
One of the curly cues that I AM gonna add to his scrapbook!!! Brandon is holding it like it's a dead rat.

And here is the grand finale!!!!! OMG!!!!! How handsome is he!!!!!! He looks Soooooooooooooooo much better!!!  A good lookin kiddo if I do say so myself :)  And I just  And know you have a small glimpse into what it's like living here......and why I am saving money, not for college fund but for therapy when the get  Bless his heart he was a good sport!!!! Love you Steven!! And yeah I know that one day you will pick my nursing don;t scare me!!!

I'm sure I have bored y;all to tears tonight........I did do one other project but I am trying to do em a night ahead so I have something to blog about all week....other than my kids

Y'all take care!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeee that lo!! AWESOME colors and loving the little fringes on the tag!! And loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee his haircut!! LOVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Leanne said...

Such a fun and gorgeous LO!! Thanks for playing along with us....x

ps - cool haircut! LOL!!

Karen Wilson said...

WoW!! What a difference and very handsome!!! TFS!!

Omg, LOVE this layout!! I think we'll have to feature this one today!! GORGEOUS!!

Glad to hear you're coming around and your neck's feeling better.

Your posts make me laugh, you hoarder you!! Hey, can't pass up a good deal, right!!!

Have a great day and thanks for the shout out to us LM girls!!

Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories this week!!!

glassgraffitix2 said...

Fantastic LO! You deserve to be featured! Being a hair dresser, his new HC is quite an improvement. Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories.

Carol said...

love the over sized take on the sketch! So fun & bright, thanks for playing!

Michele F. said...

Hello! Love your bright, colorful happy layout!! It so deserved to be featured!! Congrats! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!! I just love how everyone is so friendly!! :-)

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Skullet? LOL I've lived here my whole life and never heard that. Your son looks amazing with the new hair cut!

Your layout rocks too! I adore all that color and since I'm a little bit of a tree hugging liberal, I am glad you were green. :-)

Anita S said...

great take on the sketch. love the bright colours!!

Dragonlady said...

Hi Tina

Fantastic layout, love the colours and papers.Good haircut too (much better dare I say!)
Thanks for sharing at Lasting Memories.

Hugs Ali x

Keri said...

Lovin' the bold colors and the fun ways you used trims...thanks for playing along @ Get Picky! :-)

Treesa said...

Love the way u turned the sketch on the side and the bright colours! And the haircut....much beta :)

patti west said...

This post cracks me up!!! You are a riot. Love your son's new do. He is way too handsome...and your lo is awesome as well! ;)

Maggi said...

Wonderful LO!! Love your bright colors and love your haircut story!!

Amy said...

What an awesome layout!! Great job!! :)

I always love reading the stories... Your haircut story is no exception... And I'll tell ya that when I got to the mullet picture, my eyes were HUGE and I was truly hoping that wasn't where the story would end!! Just the other day I saw a balding dude sporting a mullet, ahem, skullet -- And his son had a mullet too... Even Billy Ray doesn't try to pull THAT off anymore!! :)

Thanks for the fun, I look forward to seeing more of your creations (signed up to follow you now)... :)

Amy :) at