Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's ALL About ME!! Lasting Memories Layout Challenge.

Good morning!!

I have had my coffee fix for the morning and snarfed down a granola bar and finished up a layout that I began last already I feel like I have had a productive day.  I can go back to sleep  I have the entire day to myself today!!!!  As in ALONE!!! SOLO!!! Just lil ol me!!!  Whatever will I do with all of this free time????  Matt and I are here right now and his bus will be here any time now.....I dropped the others off at school and Bob has gone to Oak Ridge for the day to a shooting clinic.  I had best take advantage of my luck because over these next few weeks of school...which are also the LAST few weeks of school, the kids are gonna be running me rgged.  Tonight Jacob has a ROTC banquet and not only is he getting his new rank ( Petty Officer!!) he is also being recognized wiht a special award of some type!!! How exciting!!! And yeah, I do plan on being a total nerd and taking tons of photos!!!  I am SO proud of him!!!! 

Then tomorrow we have some running to do to drop off Matt's Disability review papers, I GOTTA get some food in the house, Jacob has a football physical and then it's straight home and to my MRI appt.  Poor Jesse is so angry with me because he is going to miss his first play :(  I really thought about rescheduling my MRI but I have had to wiat so long to get this appt and I really need to get whatever this is with my neck taken care of.  There will be other plays.......nad he will still get to do the play on Friday in front of the whole school :)  So I will catch the encore!  And then AFTER that I gotta run across town to catch Brandon at his track meet.....Whewwwwwwww!! 

And all of this reminds Wonder Woman cape is at the cleaners....if I wanna get ALL of that done I best pick it up SOON!!!

Okie dokie........Lasting Memories Layout Challenge #36........It's all about you! Um, actually me....altho if you do the challenge (and you totally should!!!!) it will be about you and not me.....confusing you yet? LOL.

We spend most of our time scrapping others.  I know I do! I HATE having my picture taken!!  I deal with it but I'm not the camera hog my kids  I started on this yesterday and was too lazy to go print off some newer I just grabbed one off of my Facebook and did it digi style baby!!!  It has been MONTHS since I attempted a digital layout and I wasn't even sure I would remember what to do.  My digi skills are a tad bit rusty so keep that in mind :)  I chose to just kinda do a list of things about me.......most y'all already know......but while doing this layout I have been inspired to do another one that I think will be FAB!!!! My brain is about to explode with all of the ideas I have in my head.......I'm not used to  using my brain much, I pretty much run on auto

So here is my layout.......
Maybe you don't notice my digi rust but I do....but I ain't gonna point it out to  I love this kit and these colors......The Kit is by Eva Kipler for Sweet Shoppe Designs.  She is CRAZY talented!!! So when are working with goodies from someone like her......well, it's easy to make a great LO :)  I used Paint Shop Pro 10 and the font is called "A year without pain" 

I will admit this was a TOUGH challenge for me.  And judging by the fact that not many have uploaded their entries yet, I'd say I am not alone.  Cmon and play!! They don't bite over there!!!  They are super nice and a lot of fun :) And I'm  nosy and wanna learn more about everyone from their

And before I end this post I want to say a huge thank you to our service men and woman.  You are forever in my thoughts and prayers and I am so thankful that we have the most awesome military in the world protecting our families and our country.  It's my hope that more of them get to come home to their loved ones soon but I am also a realist....I know that war on terrorism isn't over by a long shot, in fact it's just getting started.  Just know, that I truly appreciate your service !!  God bless you ALL!


Karen Wilson said...

Morning Teena! I always know to bring a coffee to your post as it's like sitting and having a morning chat. You make sure and enjoy your alone time!! We never get enough of that do we, not that I complain, but sometimes it is certainly nice! I kick back, throw on my PVR and catch up on all my "girly" shows that no one else wants to watch with me, and then just do what comes next to mind.

I absolutely love your LO and way to go with the digi!! I'm just getting used to it all, but love how you layered everything. Gorgeous!! Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories and glad you played along!!!

Sue said...

WOW Tina. Fabulous layout. I did not see the rust. You did a great job. I hope you make it through your busy schedule. And I hope you find out what's wrong with your neck and it's able to be fixed quickly. I'm so glad you let us know about You at Lasting Memories.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sounds like an AWESOME day to me that you will be having...but then you get BUSY! LOL!! :):):):):):):):):):):):) I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo! I love love love that design, the title work and LOVING the colors!!! Good luck with the MRI girl! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

sharon said...

This is beautiful... The perfectly imperfect, is a wonderful saying! LOVE IT!:) Your colors, are all so complimentary! :) Thanks for joining us for the "Me" challenge!

Brenda said...

Wow, you do sound like you need to get your cape from the dry cleaners !!! Hehehe. Crazy busy, but a good busy. Love it. Good luck with your MRI, I hope things will get resolved soon
Love your digi layout. I've never attempted one and you make it look tempting. I love the color combo.
Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories

glassgraffitix2 said...

Love your "YOU" page. The colors work well together!
ENJOY your alone time! I get alot since I have no kiddo's or a hubby but I seem to want more "MAYBE"! Sometimes I think I'm a recluse!

Michele F. said...

Gosh I love your layout and I love your post! I just got home from work.. .and reading all about your alone time and yet your "busy" time... just reminds me that I am not the only one that may be sitting here attempting to keep her eyes open. :-) I Love all of your fun descriptive words at the bottom! This is a perfect ME layout!! Thanks for sharing at Lasting Memories this week.

Kelly Massman said...

Very cool layout!!!! Also, congrats for being featured on Sketchy Thursdays today!!!

jessica_haley555 said...

Love this!!! Great colors and I love the framing.