Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's birthday week at DIY Dish!!! (AWESOMENESS ALERT..giveaway!!)


Yes!! AWESOMENESS ALERT!!! I need a siren or something for my blog.......

I HAD to share this one cuz it made me say Good Golly Miss Molly right out loud.......and Bob is asking me who Molly is......geeeeze, sometime he is SUCH a guy!! (rolls eyes)

The DIY dish is a gvreat blog that is celebrating its 3rd birthday.......and they are givin some neato mosquito prizes out! I get all dorky when I'm excited so over look my bad rhymes :)

Now, any ONE of those would be fabulous but I think those that kn ow me well know what prize my eye is on and also know I am chomping at the bit right now......lol.  Head on over there!!! and HURRY!!!!


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