Saturday, June 11, 2011

I figure an update is in order :)

Nothing crafty here today.....just a bit of an update to let everyone know I am indeed still among the living!

I want to thank everyone for thinking of me and all of the prayers being sent up in my behalf regarding my neck issues :):):)  My primary Dr sent me to see an ortho that specializes in neck injuries.  My official diagnosis is a protruding disc placing pressure on a nerve and actually, it's also compressing my spinal cord.  That is why I am having the pain and numbness in my arm.  Will it go away? Hopefully!!!

But "Houston, we have a problem!!!" 

The protrusion is the disc directly above where I had my last fusion.  The disc directly below it is slightly bulged as well.  And I have bone spurs and degenerative disc disease.  Surgery would be a last resort because it would involve undoing the last fusion and putting it all back together with the newly affected areas.  This would require a very long and tedious surgery and the recovery time would be ages.

Another option of course is the injections. Also a problem because of where the protrusion is and the nerve being compressed against the spinal cord.  The Dr is really afraid to go in because it would involve a huge needle, and a catheter inserted to try to get the medication where it needs to go.  And if they accidentally hit the spinal cord......not good!

So I am on several meds to see if that will help and maybe reduce the inflammation to the point that it will set my nerve free and I will be pain free.  I start PT this coming week and am NOT looking forward to it....and follow up in a month.

Good news is the meds are working.....there is relatively little pain until the anti inflammatory wears off.  I can only take 2 a day and they do NOT last 12 hours.....8 at best.  So that is something I may have to discuss with him when I go back......unless I am better of course!!!  I'm also on medication for nerve pain.  It's helping some too that means your prayers are working and please keep em coming!!!! :):):)

I haven't done ANY crafting since my last post.  And yeah, I'm getting  I just haven't really been feeling up to it and my mojo has ran off anyway.  Plus our A/C crapped out earlier in the week and it's just too dang hot to scrap.....temps have been in the high 90s.  We spent a small fortune to have the central air repaired and it is just dead....its over 20 years old so its time is over and done with I suppose.  We managed to get some window units for for th4e boys rooms and our room in last at least I could sleep comfortably.  It's been raining today soooooo we haven't been able to get the living room unit in....hopefully tomorrow!!!!

I am so sorry if I haven't been commenting on your blogs....a few I can comment on but most I can''s bloggers  So that is my reason for not at least blogging.  Someone told me that blogger is working fine in browsers other than IE.  So I am trying a couple out and we will see!!!  And maybe in a day or so I will feel up to scrapping something......I have received sooo many of myNSD packages that I was blessed enough to win and I haven't even touched them.....that is just wrong on so many

Thanks again for being such amazing people and such wonderful friends!!!! I love every single one of you!!!!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Oh honey... I wish you would feel better soon! And I heard about IE and blogger not playing nice nice...but I have also heard if people change the comments to pop up or full screen that works too! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

~Christina~ said...

I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this pain. I so understand having gone through the same thing in my lower back. No fun. I hope it gets better!!

TonjiaT said...

Tina, you take care of yourself! I hope the meds work, you really do need a break...

glad you got some ac. are the new units keeping the rooms cool?

Leigh Ann Baird said...

I wouldn't be southern if I didn't say 'bless your heart'! Back pain and neck pain are the worst. I've had a few occasions in my life where I've been in bed for days because of back/neck pain but nothing near the level of injury you are dealing with. It's been way too dang hot here and I can't imagine you having to deal with pain and the heat. Ugh. I would have been a raving bitch. LOL I hope you get some major relief very soon!

Kelly Massman said...

Hope you feel better soon! I've been on vacation!!!