Sunday, June 19, 2011

Longggg time, No Scrap!!

Gosh I feel AWFUL about neglecting all of you!!!  I am alive!! But I am at the point now where my psyche is suffering as much as my body because I miss scrapping so!  Isn't it amazing how much our creativity actually relieves our stress level without us actually realizing it?  I guess the old saying "You don't know whatcha got tile it's gone" (which is also an awesome 80's blast from the past from Cinderella!)  is true!!

And before I go much further I hope everyone is enjoying spending fathers day with their beloved daddies or hubbies!!!  We had a great day and just finished eating fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits........ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Totally not on my diet plan!! I ate the skin and everything and I am NOT ashamed!!!!

I'm feeling a little bit better and trying to get my house in order.  You'd think with 6 other people living in this house someone could pick up something in the floor once in a while! But Noooooooo!!!  I guess that's a guy thing...just kick it out of the way and go.  But this house is a mess....actually a mess would be an improvement. Total wreck would even be an  Good think I am not obsessive compulsively clean or I would have already flipped out. 

So another update! We have A/C now!!! We never got our central heat and air unit fixed.  It was cheaper just to gt window units for the bedrooms and living room.  And of has started raining and we are having some fairly comfortable days.....spring totally bypassed us here in Tennessee....we went straight from winter to 90 degree days.  These days feel like the spring we missed and we have been doing a lot of hanging out of the patio as a family......kinda nice :)  And when one of the kids starts acting up we threatened to feed them to the German Shepard next  All she would do is lick em to death but they don't know that....shhhhhh :):)

I also started PT last week.  I am feeling a lot better today but the exercises they gave me to do are making me so sore.  I'm hoping this will be the cure for what ails me !!! I'll go 2 days a week......UGH!  But at least my therapist is cool...that helps a lot!! And even tho I have been super sore, the exercises are really helping I think.  They told me to do them every time I feel the numbness in my arm during the day.  And lo and behold it makes it go away!!! He said that is a REALLY good sign!!! So there is hope for me!!! YAYYYYY!!!!  And with a little luck I can get most of my major cleaning out of the way today and have scrapping time tomorrow!!

So, I do happen to have a layout to share with you today.......I actually created this one at the beginning of the month before I began hurting super bad.....then left it kinda laying around and and came across it again the other day.  I decided it wasn't quite just needed "something"  I'll explain what that "something" was in a few.....

I created my layout based on this sketch from Creative Scrappers.....sketch #158

And at the top , rather than use 2- 4 x 6's cross ways I used just one vertically.  And's a little busy :)  I caught A GREAT deal on Echo Park's "Everybody Loves Christmas" that I had been searching high and low for, FOREVER!!!! And we all know how much I love EP!!  In fact, I have "Playground" due to arrive this week and I am super excited and am getting ready to send some pix off to Walgreens so I'm ready!!

 Anyway......y'all have seen these pix a few million times already.  Jesse with the cute little reindeer I made for his class at Christmas time :)
I REALLY wanted to add dimension to the title......but couldn't find my stupid glue dots :(  The last minute additions were the little punched ornaments on the tree......just simple teeny circles with a traditional office hole puncher. I also added the little blingy bits to the photo and to the title...but my photo sux so it's really hard to see......I also used several fonts (you make due with what you have!!)  but I think it's cute!! And even better...I found a challenge it would work for at The Paper Variety to use 2 or more fonts......I have 5 :) And this challenge wasn't even running when I started....gotta love that!!! 

 I also sprayed the entire layout with some sparkly snow shimmer mist.....again, its hard to see on the photo but in person it is so cute and so very christmasy!!

I have lots to catch up on so bare with me...I may be blog bombing you over the next couple of days if my neck holds out!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday!! Or whats left of it :)


Lisa Smith said...

The scrapbook layout looks great! I need to work on another layout this week (hopefully). :) Have a good week!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Glad PT is going good!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that lo!! the photos are cute and loving the title work! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Leigh Ann Baird said...

So happy you are feeling a bit better and you have AC now! Hey, I saw Cinderella in concert in the 80's. Man, the singer was hot. *sigh* Our house stays destroyed in the summer because we're on the go and lazy at the same time.

Love the layout too! All your layouts are awesome.

Emily said...

so stinking cute. great job.

Teresa Jaye said...

cute layout and I love the shimmer! Does scrapping Christmas help you feel cooler? ha ha
So glad to hear the PT is helping - keep it up!

Kelly Massman said...

Great to see a layout from you--I know you are among the living!!! Hope you are feeling much better now!