Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Giveaway Alert! Purple Pumpkin Yummies!!!

I'm still about half asleep.......yeah even tho I have been up since 6 and had 3 cups of caffeine and am now guzzling diet mtn dew.  It's gonna be scary when the caffeine kicks in.....I might not sleep for a

While blog surfing this morning I came across this giveaway at The Purple Pumpkin.  If you haven't visited her blog before, she has some of the cutest embellishments!!  I just fell in love with this months goodie pack....check it out!!
Obviously all of that color caught my attention, even in my sleep deprived state :)  Those little owls are so sweet and the little pirate skulls would be perfect for scrapping my boys!!!  I love it ALL!!!

If you are interested head on over to her blog......if not that's OK too....better chance for me to win em.....LOL.

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