Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good grief what a week it has been so far!!

I'm ready to crawl into bed and not get back up until the weekend is here.....I can't not get into the swing of school to save my soul! Everytime I turn around I am having to run out anbd buy this or that.....why can't they give everyone a supply list the first day of school and that be the end of it????


And we have already had our first crisis of the year........fear of a school shooting.  3 years ago we did have a shooting at the High School my boys attend.  It was rumored it was a drug deal and a boy lost his life over $50 right in the cafeteria.  So sad.  Altho it happened 3 years ago it's still pretty fresh in everyones minds, it's like it happened yesterday. 

Apparently this year a student was expelled after a fight that involved brass knuckles.  Our system has zero tolerance for that kinda thing so the student with the knucks was expelled and the other involved in the fight was suspended for 5 days.  The expelled student expressed his discontent and plans to shoot up the school on a facebook page.......and it snowballed from there.  He was arrested and police showed up at the school this week in droves to give the students peace of mind and to do searches and so forth.

Thank God there was nothing more to it.  But it still goes to show that this kind of thing can happen anywhere.

Really sad :(

On yet another sad online friend of mine lost her husband to cancer this week.  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  He was a Pastor and a man of God and had suffered so much in the past few months.  And I feel awful that I kept meaning to send her a note or a card to let her know I was thinking about her before this happened.  She was sitting with him at Hospice daily and working full time.  I know she has to be both physically and emotionally exhausted.  I guess she knows she has lots of people thinking about her but still.......I should have made time to just drop her a line to make her smile.......

Such a downer of a post huh? I had a few cards to share and some photos and a couple of "wooots" I wanted to share with my scrappy family but right now my heart just isn't in it. 

I'll do that tomorrow....I think right now I am gonna try to scrap a little and clear my head and maybe make my friend a card.

Have a great night everyone


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So sorry to hear about what happened at the kids school...and sorry about your friends hubby... its never too late to send her a card... I am sure she would appreciate it, even now! :):):):):):):):):):):)

~Christina~ said...

I'm sure a card would mean a lot to your friend. :) :) :)

That is terrifying to think that has happened so close to home and that it could happen any day. I would be scared to send my kids back. Just because I have confidence in the parenting job I did doesn't mean I am oblivious to the tough time some kids have that make them so desperate it leads to that. Breaks my heart and makes me scared to leave my house all at once :( :(