Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lasting Memories Layout Challenge...Christmas in July?????

Helloo folks!!!

Has my post title confused you yet?  Christmas in July??? Wait......isn't it August?  And isn't Christmas in December?

Well, I didn't have nearly enough room on my subject line to call this the "Lasting Memories Layout Challenge's Christmas is REALLY in December BUT this is the Christmas In July In August Challenge!!

Leave it to me to make things way more complicated than they really need to be huh??? You're welcome.......it's a gift :):)

I started this layout last night.....and the kids were driving me up the wall!! Honestly, I can't tell you how much paper I actually screwed u cuz my sanity was dangling by a thread.  Seriously, I will be SOOOOOOOOO glad when they go back to school!!!! I actually pretty much had it done except for some odds and ends.  So I got up this morning and out of the blue some supplies I haven't seen in AGES turned up!! I am gonna call it divine intervention because I know in my heart if I had even thought about using them.....I wouldn't be able to find them.  It's called "The scrappers law"  Seriously!! Look it up if you don't believe me!!!!!

I flip on the kitchen light and it was like the Lord spoke to me. 

And know what I heard??

"Let there be bling!!!!"

I know you are gonna ask......."How can you be sure it's the Lord Tina?"

Cmon........I have 5 boys.  How often do I hsve need for bling???

Exactly!!!  I knew you would agree with me and understand!!!

So after hearing "let there be bling!!!" reverberating thru my house.....cuz he also knows I have boys and wanted me to hear him :):):) I turned and ran into these little blue gems.  And some icicle stickles......try saying icicle stickles 5 times fast btw....I added he finishing touched to a layut I was already pretty pleased with......

You're waiting for me to just shut up and show you huh???
Wanna know whats funny??? It's the Christmas is actually in December BUT this is the Christmas in In July But It's August Challenge with a photo actually taken in November........whewwwwwwwwwwwww.  Now you see why it's so exhausting being me.....lol.  In our house it's tradition to do our tree trimming sometime after Thanksgiving dinner. Hence the very clever title "The Tree Trimmimg"

Now I know you can't see the blingage here....so a couple of closeups.....
If you look closely you can see I used terh stickles on Santas hat and sleeve trim.  And all of the little blue dots are the blue gems.  And I promised my 15 year old I would give him some credit here because he actually stuck the majority of them on the page.........WTG Jacob!!!!

He's grounded at the moment so in a fit of boredom he offered to do this for me......lol. And a darn fine job he did!!!!

In case you don't already know , this is Echo Park's "Everyone Love's Christmas".  And the Little Santa dude in the box is pieced together with stickers from the kit.  I am a little bummed cuz I couldn't find the teeny bows I bought last year because I woulda loved one on the box to give a present effect.

Another closeup
A quick supply rundown:
a) American crafts white card stock base
b) red ink pad by stampabilities
c) Ranger stickles
d) Echo Park Everybody Loves Christmas
e) blue gemstones
f) Unknown letters on title
g) ribbon from stash
h) Button from American Crafts

Now.....just in case I lost you somewhere along my babble this layout is for the Lasting Memories Challenge this week.  And the them happens to be "Christmas in July" and in all fairness it really was July when they posted this challenge :):):)  I just wouldn't be me if I didn't give em a hard time about it......but it's out of nothin but love I promise!!!!!!

Thanks for droppin in and takin a peek!


sharon said...

Your colors are fantastic!!! Love the little santa in the present box!! :)

Kelly Massman said...

Too cute! Glad to see you crafting again!

artfuldelight said...

Fabulous LO. Love that collection. :-)

karenw said...

I think you've covered half the year... can't wait til you tackle the New Years in Sept or maybe February!!

Very cool Lo and I love your little blingy Santa. x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeee this!! LOVING Santa coming out of the box! :):):):):):):):):):):)

glassgraffitix2 said...

Love your LO. Love your embellishments! Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories.

BLJ Graves Studio said...

Great layout. Love the Santa.

Sandy Ang said...

Seeing all those lovely Christmas CHA releases, I can understand getting into the Christmas mood already. Lovely LO!

Michele F. said...

Wow... it's late here.. .and you just made me laugh out loud! Love your stories!! Love this layout. Your Santa is darling. Thanks for showing us at Lasting Memories this week! :-)

Karen Wilson said...

What an awesome LO girl! You made me burst out laughing. All by myself, in my little computer room .. ppl might think I've lost my marbles! LOL!

Love your LO and come on, it was posted in July! LOL! Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories!

Brenda said...

What a cute Santa in the box!! Thanks so much for playing at LM, and we hope to see you again!

Lauren said...

What a wonderful Christmas layout! I love the bling (and your story!) Thanks so much for sharing with us at Lasting Memories! We hope to see you again next time!


Sue said...

Great blingage Tina. You are too funny. Your page is great. I hope school will be starting soon, for your sanity anyway. Thanks for playing along with Chritmas in July, in August with Lasting Memories.

Evanna said...

I LOVE you page! The paper is great, and the photos are lovely! Thanks for sharing it with us at Lasting Memories this week!