Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Paper Variety Birthday Banner Goodness

Yup.......its me again!

I REALLY should be in bed.........I have to get up early and attempt to get back into the school week groove.   But I have a card I completed a bit earlier and I am itching to share :) It's another birthday card!!! 

In my house we are now out of the Birthday season......until November when my oldest turns 19....good grief!!!! But there is a grand birthday celebration going on this week at The Paper Variety! (hows that for a segue??? I know my radio/PR skills are so rusty!!)  And not only is it The Paper Variety's birthday, Abby will be celebrating her "no I am not 40 birthday!"

She's not an ol lady like I am.......YET!!! :):):)

The challenge there this week is create a birthday project and add a banner to it.  I LOVE banners!! I'd prance around the house buck nekkid with only an artfully draped banner if it wouldn't freak the kids out so bad! You know I would!!!!

So, you get the idea....I do love my banners!!!

And I don't have Jesse or Jacob's birthday photos edited and ready to print just yet.  So I went with a card.  And I will warn you.....the photo is kinda lame....it's night and I'm doing the best I can....it's supposed to rain here in TN for the next 30 days and 30 nights......or something like that.  So I know I won't be able to take any photos outside like I normally do......and I live in a pit.....lighting is awful. But it is a sorta cute card! With a banner :):):)
I hate the glare on this......GRRRRRR!

The elephant paper is actually a transparency......I have no clue where it came from but it was in my scrap mess I went thru yesterday.  I adhered it to white American Crafts stock and then adhered that to this relish colored stock...also from AC.  I used paper from AC's Heat Wave to make the candle and punched the scalloped circles to use for a banner. I dug some more and came up with this cute little party hats from K and Co.

Jesse has informed me that this card sucks......because he wanted me to add some buttons to what is already a 10 lb card.  Seriously, it is HEAVY!! I toyed with adding buttons to the banner but decided it against it....then Jesse wanted me to put buttons on the elephant feet and make it look like they were roller skating......so there ya have it........I am fairly happy with my sucky card :) And if he keeps messin with me this will be HIS card for his 8th birthday......little turd!!!

Thanks for looking and you still have a couple of days you can play along with this challenge....and please be sure to send lots of luvin and hugs Abby's way and wish her the happiest of birthdays while you are there!!!

I'm out!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL!! Telling you how to make his card! LOL!! That is FUNNY!! LOVE IT!!! And I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the card... loving those elephants! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Sue said...

Your card is not sucky Tina. It's adorable. Skates on the elephant?? That might be over the top. I love your banner. I did one like that a few weeks ago. I hope you don't get too much rain. We are in the same boat in NY. It's supposed to rain all week too. Keep dry and thanks for helping us celebrate Abby's birthday at The Paper Variety.

Annette said...

very cute...

Kelly Massman said...

Omgoodness! This paper is very cute! I wonder if the elephant paper is Hambly... sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I am behind about 200 right now. I think I'm going to forget getting caught up and just try to keep up with the new things!

Teresa Jaye said...

oh, I love this card - it's adorable! That elephant transparency was a find - so cute! And your banner is awesome. (We are stuck in the never ending waves of rain here in PA also)

ChatterScene.com said...

Tina Your card is wonderful:)

I have an award for you on my blog:)