Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Paper Variety Day 3 challenge....fave photo

Nothing like waiting until the last possible second to enter a challenge :): I'm telin ya, if they had a procrastinator's challenge I think I could totally win it....if I got around to posting....lol.  I'm gonna keep my ramblings kinda short this morning, I only have 3 hours to get this posted....and ya'll know I could probably ramble for 3 hours....nooooooooooo problem!!!!

I decided to tackle the fave photo challenge over at TPV ......they are having a HUGE party goin on this week as part of their birthday celebration....Happy birthday TPV!!! They are so much fun, ifr you ahven't checked them out yet or have been kinda leaning towards playing along with one of the challenges.....go for it!! They don't bite!!! Well, a couple do.......I'm gonna leave it to you to separate the biters from the barkers....just cuz I'm nice like that and it's amusing to watch.....lol.

Like most of you, I had a really hard time picking photos for this challenge....and with 5 kids you know there is gonna be some drama....."Mama picked MYYY photos cuz she likes me better!!" "Oh yeah???? I think she just feels sorry for ya"

Yeah, yeah, yeah......in your face kids.....look who I picked......LOL
Yup.... the Big Dawg of the house (I let him think that anyway)  I love these pix and honestly have been holding on them ost of the summer trying to find a way to scrap them or the right papers to use.  I have lots of fun boyish stuff but not a lot for grown men......opps, sorry....ADULT men!! Trust me, he ain't grown up yet!!!!

These pix came to be one weekend while we were drinking on the patio......I'll be honest, and excuse the way I am going to word this.....Bob is a Beer Whore.  It's true!! He has this thing about seeking out new and unusual brews.....here is a closeup of this particular beer brand.....
Can you read it? Arrogant Bastarde Ale.......seriously.....I could not make that one up if I tried.......lol.  He looked all over creation for thisw one after hearing so much positive feedback about it.  These photos are totally candid.....I caught him at just the right time....no posing, I swear!! Check out the facial expression........
HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my goodness!!!  I can attest to the fact that this one was AWFUL! Tasted like Pinesol smells.....ewwwwwwww!!!! You can't see how big the bottle is but it's HUGE.....and was $8!!!!!  WTH?????

I had fun putting this one together.....I serched out bottle caps and flattened em out with a hammer.....man that felt good!!! And glued them to the page.....I used We Are Memory Keepers papers from the MVP pack and added  the Title in Remarks and the journaling iis done with My Little Shoebox.

Hope you had a chance to join in all the fun......head over and look at the entries and the DT work....INCREDIBLE!!!

Thanks for lookin!!!


Kelly Massman said...

Fun layout, Tina! I see you made it with The Paper Variety's challenges!

Teresa Jaye said...

HA!!!! - He looks like he's gonna hurl!!!!!
Really cool layout, love the colors and the bottle caps are great! I love how you do your journaling with the tiny letters - I don't think I have the patience for that!