Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well hello strangers!

I know......I have been an AWFUL blogger lately!!! One thousand swats with a wet noodle to me :(

I can't say for sure what has gotten into me.  I just have not been feeling really creative.  I feel all outta whack...for whatever reason.....seriously! More so than usual!!!  Not really depressed or anything....I am getting aggravated a lot lately and flying off the handle way too much, but honey.....if you lived with 6 get the picture!!

I did manage to create something other than a mess yesterday.....not much more  I thought going thru my supplies and reorganizing what I have with me upstairs might I sat yesterday while the boys were watching football (YUCK!!.......I'm originally from Kentucky....bring on the basketball!!!)  And sorted my scraps.  It''s amazing the amount of scraps we accumulate isn't it?  I made little file folders and sorted by color and fixed the folders to where I can either store them in the file cabinet (file folders in a file cabinet....genius huh?? lol) or in a binder.  My way of thinking is, if they are easily accessible and not strewn thru the house in different boxes and Ziploc baggies (none of which I can ever find when I want something in them anyway) then MAYBEEEEE I can use them up!!!

Stay tuned to see how this works for  I'm tellin ya, I may be the only soul on the face of the earth that could make the Good Lord let out a string of swear words that would make ME blush and make the Fly Lady beat her head against her wall.  But least her wall is clean, Should she burst open she shouldn't need a tetanus

I  need to give a shout out to Christina this morning.....she left such sweet comments about my white space layout I did for the Sketchy Thursday sketch from 8/25.  Lot's of you did actually....and I thank you!!! I am not really much of a card maker or a while space girl......but I am pushing myself to do both lately.

Anyway...she is a doll.  Seriously!! Not only is she the very person to ever let me on a Design Team (still not sure what she was but she is just flat out sweet and I love her to pieces.  And she does the4 coolest thing every Sunday......a round up of all of her favorite stuff she has come across thru the week......layouts, cards, cool links......I love that idea! And last Sunday she was kind enough to pout my lil ol white space layout in the spotlight :):)  And I never got around to commenting on her blog, thanks to crappy ol Internet Explorer!! So THANK YOU CHRISTINA!!!! I am honored you chose something of mine because there is all kinds of talent out there!!! Makes me feel like I actually know what I'm doing when we all know I just play with scissors cuz I have a destructive

Check out her blog......  She is a crafter herself and VERY talented!!!

I have been contacted about a giveaway here on my blog BUT....I am still not sure.  Yeah, it's the same one I have been meaning to post the past 2 or 3  I have not had a chance to play with it yet.......there are several other folks out there doing the same giveaway for some digital scrapbooking software.  I REALLY want to try it out before I get involved with this.  I don't wanna sound like a brat but, I am really hesitant to give away something that I know nothing about.  I am a pretty proficient digi scrapper.  But I am used to using Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.  I chose those programs because i didn't like the fact that most of the digital software out there does not allow you to create from have to go with a prepared template and I don't like that.......there are some amazing things you can do digitally......and if I am gonna recommend or give something like this away........I want to make sure it is something I would use myself.  I won't do a give away just for the sake of a give away.  I'm a punk like  that I  So i will attempt to try it out today and let you know what I think....good or bad :)

And then I will leave it up to you, my friends and readers, whether you would like to have A copy or not :)a

Anywayyyyyy.......I have found a couple of sketches that have possibilities today I hope to have a chance to get some scrapping done......

Y'all have a great day!!!



~Christina~ said...

Awe shucks! You my dear rock :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I saw Christina's post... sooooooooo sweet! :):):) And I was contacted by that digi company too.. and I declined them... so don't have the time to learn it or do a giveaway/review about it!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):)