Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jute wrapped Christmas Tree

Howdy do everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.  Most of us could certainly use a little down time following Thanksgiving and  Black Friday!! Did anyone get any great bargains? So far I have spent a grand total of $6 on  Christmas  I haven't even bought myself anything!! And that is a shock!!!  I'm hoping for some cool Cyber Monday deals!!!!

Today was rainy and just BLAH here today.  I took one of the boys with me earlier and we were on the lookout for those flame-less tea light things.  I have 3 beautiful angels that are a bit high up that I would love to light up but they are in a spot that I really don't need to introduce fire  I keep them out year round because I love angels :) We never found them tho after hitting a couple stores.  My bones were hurting with all of the rain and dampness so we made a sonic pit stop for drinks and then headed back home.

I decorated a bit and it's starting to come together nicely.  However Jesse and I are the only two in the house with any Christmas spirit what so ever.  Bob gets the grumpies around this time every year anyway.....we were going to do a family photo around the tree  but that just wasn't happening this weekend.....grrrrrrrr!!!  What's wrong with the people I live with???? I do have a really sweet photo of Jesse to share.....OMG I just love it!!!!
He is so adorable!!!!!!

And here is one of Him and Brandon decorating the tree.

I can't wait to scrap these!!!!!'s craft is a pretty simple one and they are popping up all over's a wrapped cone tree......a simple styrofoam cone that I already had on hand for some odd reason......jute and beaded ribbon.  Also on hand.  So the totle cost for this was zip, zero zilch!!! Gotta love those kinds of projects.  But if you wish to create your own you can make the cone out of cardstock or find one fairly cheaply at the dollar tree.   I got the jute at Bog Lots several nonths ago in the hardware dept......all that is involved is a sinmple matter of wrapping....thats it!!!
Since it was rainy today I had to take this inside......and my real camera's batteries died.  So I was reduced to using my phone's camera. It turned out really cute.  You could decorate this anyway you wanted.  I'm thinking of making a couple more in different sizes and maybe add buttons to one......just cuz I love buttons!!! I glued the ruffled ribbon to the bottom and decided to add it to this old candlestick I bought for 50 cents a long time ago at Goodwill with the intentions of making those cake stands out of it. It came in handy to give this some height on the entertainment center.
I figure in a few days I should hav e the entire entertainment center beautified and I can't wait to share the finished result with y'all!!

Thanks for visiting today.....the boys go back to school tomorrow and I am heading to Goodwill to dig for a HUGE picture frame for a project.......I'm sure I will come home with everything except what I am looking

Have a good one!!!


artfuldelight said...

Awesome tree. Awesome crafty tree! Did you check Michaels for the flame-less candles? I know they sell something like that just not sure how small the go. I know they have full sized ones, and I am not sure if the smaller ones are votives or tea lights. :-)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeee those photos and that tree is GORGEOUS!!!! And I agree with Leeanne... check with Michaels for the flameless candles! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Sandi said...

What a great idea and beautiful tree and I LOVE your curled ribbon wreath. I must try my hand on both of these projects. Thank you for the sweet comment on my Paper Variety banner today. Did you see we are having a DT call? Have you though about send in an application. I think you would be a great addition.