Thursday, December 29, 2011

Can we ring in the new year already????

OMGosh will this year hurry up and end already???????? Am I the only one who is ready to start all over with a brand new slate???

If you read my post from a day or so back I promised an update on my friend's mother when I had info to pass along.  A quick recap ....she ran her mother to the ER on Christmas day as her mother was having symptoms of a stroke.  They ran the necessary tests and scans and found a brain tumor.  She thinks they may release her mother tomorrow.  However they are making arrangements for her care at home so she doesn't have to be alone.  Bad news is the tumor is inoperable due to its location.  So this is going to be quite a trying time for my friend and her mother.......please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!  I'm not sure of much more than that, but I'll keep you posted.

On a happier note......

I found out my cute little snowman card was chosen as a fave at Scrapbookers Anonymous!!!

To say I was shocked would be an understatement!! Seriously!! Lot's of awesomeness and mine found the :)  Thank you Scrapbookers Anonymous!!!

Wednesday was Bob's birthday and we celebrated a bit.  He got to take me out for his birthday....LOL.  I'm good aren't I?????  We had a really good time.....Ordered an appetizer platter at Applebee's and had a couple (several) beers.  We unknowingly hit happy hour and they were 2 for 1.  Gotta love that!  So we were out amongst other adults and we always amuse ourselves by people watching.  I  tell ya......Knoxville is a hot bed of freak show action!!! LOL.  I caught some photos and once again silently thanked God that my camera phone doesn't have a  Now I gotta figure out how to get them OUT of my phone cuz I know you guys would get a kick out of it.  The fact that you read my blog at all tells me you are at least as weird as I

But there was this couple sitting directly across from us.  The lady looked a bit older than her male companion.  They ordered drinks and I watched the waitress bring  big fruity bowl type drink and 2 bottles of beer.  And the mixed drink was actually quite beautiful.....but it was HIS not hers!!! And he was a big ol boy!! Just kinda funny watching manly man types drink fruity umbrella  Not that there is anything wrong with it.........but this is the kinda thing I notice when I am out......because I don't get out nearly
this is from my el cheapo cell phone so forgive the photo quality :)

We stopped off and brought some beer home and apparently the kids found us pretty amusing because there are a TON of photos on my camera and my phone of  Bob and I.
They start out really
And by now we are getting silly :)
Can you tell I HATE having my photo taken?

And once in a while I come across a photo like this next one and I say OMG I look like that????? (you would think I would ask that about the above photo but
Taken same night.......I saw it on the camera and I said I don't look like that!!!!! I have the world's worst self image.  I actually like this photo, and if it WEREN"T of me....I'd say this girl was pretty.  But because it is me......and  because I look pretty I think there is something wrong.......I guess I wear 'drunk"  Anyone else have this kind of self image problem???? don't wanna hear me whine or even get started on "issues" I

I scrapped last night!!! Yup!!! I had several packages waiting for me when we got in Wednesday.  I wish i had taken photos of them all.  Bu a couple of months back i won a line from Scrap Cake called Cozy Christmas. It had been so long I had totally forgotten  about it. And I had an order arrive with a few things I ordered with a gift certificate I won from Stop And Scrap.......ANDDDDDD a Cricut cartridge I won a week or so back....winter lace....LOVE IT!! It's just  beginning to feel like winter here so I know it's going to come in handy for lots of wintery pages :):)

So I grabbed a sketch from  Once Upon A Sketch.......they had a little added twist to make the layout/journaling about Christmas traditions.
And my intentions were good..........but I went wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy off base....imagine that :):)  But I still love the layout and I used some of those new Cozy Christmas goodies too :)
The papers are just stunning IRL!! And I had to deal with my banner fetish with some bakers twine and cute little ticket stickers from October Afternoons Peppermint (I want the entire collection SOOOOO freakin bad!!!!)
I journaled my families Christmas traditions on these cute little tags that were included with the Cozy Christmas collection and used the first 3 buttons I pulled is American Crafts and the others are vintage that I bought in a thrift shop :) In real life you can see the cool detail on the 2 vintage buttons...I'm not  making it up I swear......LOL
I just looked at the clock and see it is 1 am?????? Good grief, I amaze myself with how long winded I can be

I'll be back tomorrow with my fave layouts from 2011 and my resolutions for the new year!!  Thanks for dropping in to say hello!!!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Don't make me come there and beat you down girl!! You are BEAUTIFUL!!! The end. Period. I am right, you are wrong. Subject closed. :)

YAY for the shout out at SA!! And loving your lo!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee all the tags and the banner!!! I will pray for your friends Mom... that is so sad... hopefully they can make her comfortable.... :):):):):):):):):):):)

Kelly Massman said...

I can totally see how the card was chosen!!! Love it! Cute layout! I always say beauty comes from within. Some of the "prettiest" girls are ugly because of how they treat people!! Best wishes for the Happiest of New Years!!!

Bente Fagerberg said...

I hear you when you talk about OA. I always love thir lines!!
Thanks for sharing your goofy and pretty pics with us. And for playing along at OUAS! I hope the new year is a happy one and I will keep your friend and her mother in my prayers!!

Natalie said...

What a great page - just gorgeous
Thanks for playing along at Once Upon A Sketch and have a safe and happy new year!

Natalie Elphinstone said...

Congrats on your card being chosen as a favourite - it sure is cute! And thanks for sharing your page with us at OUAS. I love how you've journalled on tags here - it suits the CHristmas theme perfectly. Such a lovely page.

Jasmine S said...

Fab pics and such a wonderful Christmas page. Happy New Year to you. Thanks for joining us at OUAS