Sunday, December 18, 2011

LMLC Holiday Cheer!

And I ain't talkin about spiked eggnog!!!

Actually I am quite ready for some spiked eggnog!!! lol. What the heck....just leave the eggnog out :):):)

But it does sound kinda nice right about now.......especially with the day I have had! Ever notice how just one little glitch in your day can throw everything off balance? Well, that is the case today.  All school year long we have had issues with Matthew's bus driver.  Matt goes to an "alternative" school so his day doesn't start the same time as my other boys.  And his school is much farther away too.  Like wayyyy on the other side of Knoxville.  It's about a 30 to 40 minute drive on the interstate depending on weather and traffic.  His school day starts at 9:30 and he goes til 4:30.  His bus driver is rarely here even before 9:20.......and with it being a 30 to 40 minute, he is late every freakin day!!! So while this dude always shows up late...there are days when if I am not standing right there at the door with Matt's stuff in hand and open the door as soon as I have him in my sight....he will TRY to speed by and not pick him up.  Well this morning he chose to not show at all.  And with Matt's Autism, every little deviation from normal routine is a huge deal.  So he has been a hand full today. And the poor kid doesn't realize WHY today is so different.

Sighhhhh :(

And yes I have reported this guy, complained, and called everyone I could think of as well as camping out the Board of Education to talk to whoever was unlucky enough to have to deal with me that day.......bus drivers are a precious commodity here.... especially the one that do the special needs routes.  So they get to do what they want I guess.  VERY frustrating and with the school schedules and such I just can't transport him back and forth myself.

It's always something I guess!!

Before I get on a roll here (yeah I realize I have been rollin for about 15 minutes I MUST add  to the designer credits of yesterdays "Snow Fun" mini album.......the album itself is from Nikki Sivils.  And it didn't come pre-punched. And the chipboard is VERY high quality stuff and probably over a quarter of an inch thick even before I started adding paper to it.  Well, I got it together and THOUGHT I could get thru it with my generic squeeze paper punch.  HA!!! As usual....thinking was my first mistake!!

I grabbed the heavy duty one made for punching thru multiple sheets of great with paper ....not so much mini albums.

Strike 2 :(

At this point I am torn between power tools and an ice pick........and my kids were very, very afraid and went and got Bob.  Being a guy he has lots of cool guy gadget stuff and he popped the holes in for me with something used for putting belt holes in leather. A leather stabber I guess???? At any rate I have now stolen it and have it hid in my scrapping stash....bwahahahahahaha!!!

But he wanted there it is!!! Bob, you rock.....and I will never ever again tease you about your guy gadgets. (until next And this is all true.....and I really was heading downstairs to get the power drill!!!

No power tools involved in this project.......and no injuries to report either.  Its been a slow

Lasting Memories latest challenge is all about Holiday Cheer! And here is the beautiful inspiration photo! There is also a rockin little sketch over there if you decided you want to use it with this challenge.  I will no doubt be creating with it soon., just not today :)
The moment I saw it I knew exactly the photo I wanted to use.  It was just a matter of toying with it in photoshop to get it the way I wanted it.  I decided to go digi with this one as well....because I really could not do this one justice otherwise......I had a ball throwing it together....used MANY filters, overlays, blending and just kinda played with everything in the program to get the look to attempt to duplicate the feel of the inspiration photo.  This is Jesse decorating the tree last year :)

Not exactly the same but I tried!!!

Head on over to Lasting Memories and play along!!! And they are having a DT call as well....keep that in mind too!!!

I'll be back a bit later....I still have some cards to photograph and share before I mail em out.......I think I'm done with em all....I hope so anyway cuz I am so over making Christmas cards at this point......I need to find a better hiding place to store my store bought ones away from Jesse's little booger picker!!! BTW.....thank you for the get well wishes....they seem to have worked, he said he felt much better this morning but his throat was still fever tho!  Keeping those fingers one is allowed to be sick in this house until the holidays are over!!!!



Karen Wilson said...

Hi Tina!! Tina, this is amazing and you captured your son in a "moment" this is beautiful. Be sure you chk in at Lasting Memories today. Good luck with the DT call and giveaway. Have a very safe and happy holiday!!!! Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories!!!

PS, hope your son has a better night. I know what it's like to have your day mixed up and I have a friend with an autistic son and know how it affects them when something changes.

cheryl@ notes from the crystal stairs said...

The layout came out great. I thought I was the only one having issues with
the school busdriver! Thanks for sharing the link to lasting memories

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Wow, you're really talented and I love how those came out.

And yay for stabbing tools!

Teresa Jaye said...

WOW! I am super impressed with this digi - it is gorgeous! I don't get along well with photoshop, I just don't "get it". My poor husband has tried to explain it multiple times but my brain just can't retain it. Anyway, I'm happy with "real" paper and glue - but - now I see how digi really has it's place because there is no way you could have gotten this awesome effect with regular paper and glue. It makes me so happy for you that even in the midst of raising your family you get to your craft table - it is such good therapy and I am proud of you for taking the time to do it. Your cards just get more and more awesome and that mini is soooo cute! Mini's really are fun to do and give you a real sense of accomplishment! Well girly, I'm sorry there is another round of the yucky's in your home. I guess it's a never ending battle. Hopefully time at home away from all the "bugs" at school will give everybody a clean healthy start to the new year. In the meantime I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Suzanne said...

Wow what an amazing job you did with this challenge. Your wonderful picture of your amazing son matches so well and all the filters and things you did digitally made it even more beautiful. I can't tell you how much I love the way this looks. Thanks for joining us this week at LM.

Lori said...

Your layout of Jesse is beautiful! I'm now following you!

Cheryl First said...

Gorgeous! I think you did a fantastic job with this!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment on my card. I came by to check out your site, and I am your newest follower. :0) I love the way you write! LOVE it!
Going to browse your posts a bit more! Have a Merry Christmas!
aka CAFexpressions

Rae said...

Well hello, Tina! Thank you for your visit and signing up as a follower. I laughed out loud as I read several parts of your "essay" today. It is very funny to me that you conficated your husbands tool, also when you said to just leave out the eggnog in the spiked eggnog are hilarious! I am so sorry for what you are going through with your son's bus driver. I remember those days a few years back when my son was taking a school bus. (Senior year, YAY!) Also my hat goes off to you raising FIVE boys! My one makes me want to pull my hair out, thou I love him dearly. I can not imagine 5! God bless you, Mommy.
I know you might think I would never get around to commenting on your project, but...I love the inspiration photo, and I totally "get" why you used the picture you did. I think it is sweet, and it totally works. Take care...I'll be back!

Sandi said...

Tina, I absolutely love your sense of humor and if we lived closer I would join you in a couple of shots of spiked eggnog (hold the eggnog!) Your digi layout is breathtaking and I sincerley appreciate the sweet comments on my blog as well as letting me know that I won over at DCWV. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Scrappycath said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog ( and leaving a comment. I'm now following you too! Merry Christmas!

Vicki said...

Amazing. You did a fantastic job with this. Love the title and how you layered it. Sorry your son's bus driver is a jerk. I think the tool you want is an awl. Kind of looks like an ice pick.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
Your page is lovely! I am a retired autism teacher. It is against the federal law for your son not to have a normal school day and be consistently late. Ask to reconvene the case conference to discuss the issue. Call the school and ask them to refer you to an advocacy group if you don't already have access. You might also check to see if there is a good special education lawyer in the area-although if you can get a good poarent advocate it may be all you need for the school to make the necessary changes.
I am a new follower:) Love your blog! Good Luck dealing with the school system.