Monday, December 26, 2011

Ol Saint Nick ain't all that quick!!!!

Hello and Happy Day after :)  I make it sound as tho we just survived the zombie apocalypse don't I?

You just KNOW I have lots of rambling and such to get out of my system today.  But first I would really love for everyone to keep my friend Sandi and her mother in their thoughts and prayers.  I know Sandi from my Weight Watchers yahoo group.  We are a small bunch but each and every lady there is like family to me.  We share so much ore than just out food journals and weight loss struggles.....we talk about our every day life, family struggles and so on........I couldn't ask for a better group of friends, don't ever let anyone tell you that just because you don't know someone "in real life" you can't be true friends.

Anyway.......Sandi had to run her mother to the emergency room yesterday....... Christmas day....while so many of us were spending time with our family and loved ones opening presents, having a wonderful dinner etc.........her mom was having symptoms that suggested a stroke.  The hospital had to break the news to her on Christmas day that it was actually a brain tumor.

Yeah......Merry Christmas :(

My heart breaks for her.  So please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  I DO believe in miracles!!! And once I find out more about what is going on I may attempt to organize a card drive for them.....I will keep you posted!!!

So......I trust you all had a beautiful holiday celebration!!  All things considered, ours was pretty nice.......stressful yes!!!!  But I tend to bring that on myself......I have it ingrained in my head that each and every Christmas has to be like a Norman Rockwell ain't NEVER gonna happen so I am trying to learn to accept and embrace my families  Have you heard Robert Earl Keen's tune "Merry Christmas From The Family" ?? Thats us!!!! lol.

I had some issues from Brandon, who is 11, about going to bed on Christmas eve.  He thinks he is all grown up now and since he doesn't believe in Santa (WHAT??????) he felt he should be allowed to stay up with the elves and help get everything in place.  Well.......Mama elf was way behind this year.  I kept waiting for a Child Support check that never came to get Christmas for the kids.......why I continue to believe that SOME people can change I dunno.......I vented about it on Facebook, knowing his sister would pass my status update along to him........wishing everyone a Merry Christmas EXCEPT him....and that I hoped Santa's reindeer crapped all over his front porch (except I think I wasn't nearly that nice about I know.........childish of me, but damn it made me feel better :)  Anyway.....Brandon's stuff was downstairs and not finally I just told him he could go to bed when Jesse did and HAVE presents from Santa....or stay up and not get  Yep, Imma mean one.......MRS GRINCH!!!

So we got everything in place once they went to bed and look at what I caught.......SANTA!!!! YES!!! Photographic evidence!!!!

I was Sooooooooooooooo excited to share this with Jesse!!! He looked at it nd told me it looked fake. WHAT????? Sighhhhhh :):):) It's awful when your 7 year old is so jaded he thinks his mom would try to pull the wool over his eyes like that...I mean REALLY!!!  I was hoping it would make up for his slacker mom not being able to take him to see Santa.  We couldn't find him....seriously!!! And slacker mom also dropped the ball on his Christmas treat bags for his party on the last day of school.  So I am hoping to pick up points by creating something awesome for Valentines day.....if I get started NOW there is hope.....LOL

And I didn't get a chance to show you this prior to Christmas......but it's awfully cute so I just gotta :)

I am on a mailing list from Makers Mark.......yeah the bourbon......I do have 5 kids remember???  Trust me, it's cheaper than therapy :):)  Every year they send me a little gift.  usually something totally useless but still cool.  Last year it was a red candle and a wax seal maker stamp thing with the Makers Mark Seal.  I got really excited as I opened my package this year.....
Kinda small but it felt like clothing.   So I thought COOOLNESS!!!! A Tshirt!!!! As I got it opened it became obvious that it wasn't a shirt.......wait!!! Maybe it's a cool Toboggan!!! YESSSSSSS!!!! I saw it was knitted and in beautiful Chrisgtmas colors of red, whit and still my heart!!!

Then I pulled it out and WTF????????

I may have even said WTF out loud.......
A Christmas sweater!!!!!  Just what I have always wanted!!!! Not just any sweater....but a teeny sweater.  I have it laying on a magazine in this photo......
I have no pets to dress up.....and one of my boobs won't even fit in this thing........Ahhhhh but it's not JUST a's a bottle sweater!!! Wo knew they even made such things!!!????? And here it is in print...cuz if someone had told me that it was for a bottle I woulda told them they were insane
So I dressed up my Capt Morgan bottle....just to keep it warm and all......cute huh? LOL
And this way it conceals how much celebrating I did.....LOL. And while I am at it I wanna share this photo of the rum cake Bob make with his own two wittle hands for his friends at the gun shop:):):)
He didn't like the way I wanted to make it so he was on his own.  Not bad for a guy huh??? :)
And Jesse begged me for the sweater for one of his bears.......soooooo I gave it to him to keep Grizzy warm.  Because he is my baby boy and I can't say no to him :)
And Here is Grizzly with the
Told ya we were

I hope to get something crafty done today....tomorrow is Bob's birthday so I may or may not be posting tomorrow......he is going to be 44 :):)  Gosh....he is so lucky to hav a young babe like me!!!!! LOL......everyone thinks he is wayyyyyy older than me because of all of his grey.  He just tells em he doesn't care what color it turns so long as it doesn't turn loose!!!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and are getting a much deserved break today!!!!



Denise said...

I laughed my butt off reading about your Maker's Mark sweater. My husband got one in the mail too and I just thouht it was the stupidest, funniest thing! Love the Santa pic!

Candy said...

Fabulous post Tina! Super funny! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I will be praying for your friend Sandi... and sorry that you didn't get your check... that sucks... :(

I loveeeeeeeeee the sweater... toooooooooo funny!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Karen Wilson said...

OMG I am rotfl here!!! Your posts crack me right up. Love it. I needed that!! What a great sweater gift!!! Here's one for ya .. my daughter, who is 11 also, said "Mom, everyone at school says Santa is a creeper!! He sees you when you're sleeping, knows when you're awake.." I still haven't answer her bc I haven't quite got my chin up off the floor. I mean, really? A creeper?? WOW!!!

I am so sorry about your friend's mom. That is so sad. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

As for your bubblewrap comment on my blog, I may just have to look into that. Seems clumsy is becoming my middle name!!

Kelly Massman said...

You are too funny!