Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's definitely one of "THOSE" days)

In the spirit of my 2021 OLW (one little word) I would really, REALLY love to just give someone a good smackin!!! I don't even care who it is....SMACK!!!! (um, "give" is my one little word....just recapping)

I have now initiated a back to school countdown.......seriously. Through Facebook and blogs I am seeing that most of the country is back to in my little corner of the world they don't go back until next Monday the 9th.  I am trying really hard to keep the murder rate down for TN......but I dunno how much longer I can hold out!!!!

The natives are getting restless.......I have flat out run out of ideas to keep them entertained but we all know that teens don't find their parents very entertaining.......and I can't afford for them to hang at the mall all day long, and besides, they would just call me to pick them up eventually....blah!!!  They are eating me out of house and home, my house smells like dirty boy feet no matter how many candles I burn or how much febreeze I spray. I can't find ANYTHING.  My house is usually in a state of controlled clutter, meaning it's not perfect but at least I can find things.  Somehow over night I have had 3 Walgreen's packets of photos just up and walk away.  They probably got tired of the BS here  But seriously........POOOF!! Gone!!! I'm a scrapper dammit and this pisses me off!!!!

So I have decided that this is the year I FINALLY get off my ass and get my craft room done.  We moved the boys upstairs from the basement over the summer.  Most of my stuff is down there is storage except for the huge suitcase I have packed up here.  I'm probably the only nut to pack my scrappy goodies......if I ever run away from home that is going with me....who needs clothes????? :):):)  The basement used to be an apartment, then was the boys room........and it is a wreck.  I have my work cut out for me but as i creep along with it I will share photos.  That is if they don't disappear too!!!!

OK....I think I am done venting but don't hold your breath!!!

I actually put this layout together a few days ago.  It was for a sketch challenge but I needed a few days to decided if i liked it or not.  And of course the challenge is long since over.  But who  I tweaked it a bit last night and decided it makes the cut and will go into my scrapbook.

I used Creative Scrappers Sketch #187......I rarely do multi photo layouts but thought this one was kinda cool :)

I pulled out some "new to me" goodies a bloggy friend sent me from Pink Paislee's Hometown Summer Collection.  I LOVE this collection, the fun and bright colors, EVERYTHING!!!  If ever there was a collection that had my name stamped all over's this one.  LOVE it!!!!! did i say that already????  Photos are from Jesse's 7th birthday over the baby boy is getting so big!!!!
I cut each of those little alpha squares and kid images from a solid sheet of the paper and was tryin for a checkerboard effect.  I then did layers for the photo mats to go for the clustering in the sketch.  My aphas are from October Afternoon's "Peppermint", My Little Shoe Box, and Cloud ( (I think!!) At first I didn't really like the "BOY" section because it kinda blended into green squares.  I took a black sharpie and outlined it to make it pop.  A simple thing that made all the difference in the world..

I did find a couple of challenges to play along with......

Critter Sketch Challenge Celebrations Challenge...anything goes so long as it is a celebration of some sort and these celebrate Jesse's 7th Birthday :)
Wee Memories.   "New" I used New to me papers :):)...if that is too vague please let me know and i will withdraw it from the challenge :)
Frosted Designs Something New,,,again if I am misinterpreting the challenge feel free to let me know :)

And before I forget.......we hd out first snow of the year yesterday!!! Are ya ready????
Yep........that was the extent of's a bona fide miracle that there was milk and bread left in the stores!!! :):)

Thanks for dropping in....I love having visitors!! I'll make cookies next time!! :)

Oh....I have a BIG announcment coming Sunday!!!! And it's killing me to be quiet!!!!

Hugs n stuff!


Kelly Massman said...

Love your "big snow"! Can't wait for your announcement and cute lo!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL!! Adam doesn't go back to till the 9th my friend... so I feel your pain!! I love the snow!! LOL!! Toooo funny!! And LOVE LOVE LOVE your lo!! LOVING the photos and the papers you used! :):):):):):):):):):):)

CraftyGirl said...

Adorable layout! I love the bright colors.. perfect for a birthday page! Thanks for playing along with us this week at Frosted Designs!

Barb :)

Andrea Fogleman said...

Thanks so much for joining us this week over at Frosted Designs for a challenge. I like the use of mulitphoto layout!

Karen Wilson said...

Omg, you always make me laugh .. although this morning it's a laugh/cough/laugh .. ugh .. think i'm going to choke, laugh again! LOL! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you!! My guys are off till the 9th as well. We're doing ok so far though!! Hang in there, it's almost time!! Oh boy, look at ALL that snow LOL!! We're getting snow here as we speak. Completely green till day AFTER Christmas, then it decided to snow. DUH! Oh well, supposed to be above 0 this wknd, so it'll all melt again anyway. Bring on the heat and the sunshine. I'm Canadian, I swear - but I DON'T like winter! LOL! Love your LO and I'll quit rambling lol!

Teresa Jaye said...

Love the checkerboard background and the layering under the pics. Outlining "boy" was a great idea!
Thanks for sharing with us at Frosted Designs - hang in there, the 9th will be here soon!

sgc said...

Cute, cute, cute! Thanks for playing in the Celebration Challenge at Critter Sketch.

Jenn Zeeb said...

Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at “Critter Sketch Challenge” for the Celebration Challenge.

Jenn Zeeb
(Critter sketch DT)

Crystal said...

What a fantastic layout! I love that you were able to play along with our challenge this week at Critter Sketch!