Sunday, February 5, 2012

LMCB #74 Get digi with it baby!!!

Yes I know.........yet again.

Go ahead and say it......


Goodness gracious it's been quite a week!! A big part of it spent fighting a migraine that literally knocked me on my butt for about 3 straight days.  I'm a procrastinator by nature but still.....UGH!!! Beat me, whip me, take my   crayons away....I have been naughty!!!!

Now that I have that out of my system....HELLO!!! And welcome to another FABULOUS challenge with LMLC!!! Can I get a WOOOT! WOOOT!!! I'm really excited about this weeks challenge cuz the theme is Digi, which is actually kinda sorta how I began scrapping after a neck surgery.  Longgggg story!! Don't read the book....wait for the movie :)

But this week there is more going on than the average weekly challenge!! Yes indeedy!!!! This week we have a blog hop as well!!! Just in time for those of you who are slacking (raising hand) on that New years resolution to get in shape! What???? You didn't know that blog hopping is considered an aerobic activity????? It totally is!!! Just like carrot cake totally counts as veggie intake :):):) 

It's obvious I live in such a fantasy world isn't it?????

Where was I??

YES!! Blog Hop!!! And this week we are combining forces with Digi Darla's!!!
 OMG you need to visit!! She has the CUTEST digi images perfect for card making or scrapping!!  Seriously!! I haven't dabbled with this side of digi before but I am really looking forward to doing so! I would be participating in the blog hop as well , but I couldn't get the images printed up because (A) I'm a slacker and (B) Bob had to replace his desktop PC a couple of weeks back and our printer isn't compatible with my laptop OR his PC.:(: So you can pretty much guess what I am asking for for my birthday!! A scrapper can not live without a printer!!! It's just not right!!!

Did I mention that in addition to the blog hop Digi Darla's is also sponsoring us this week???? She is generously offering this weeks challenge winner their choice of FIVE digital images!!!

OH!!! And (insert squeal of schoolgirl excitement here) She is offering up a FREEBIE!!!!! It's called Bears Next Door #7 and you can combine it with the challenge goin on over there too!!! Check it out and visit the challenge blog HERE!!!

(yes I'm a dork!!)

The list for the hop is pretty long........and since I have told you all about my slacker issue just go to LMLC for the full hop roll and's going on all week so you have PLENTY of time to jump right in! You will get to meet the brand spankin new DT at Digi Darlas, see all of her super cute new designs and how both teams used will be astounded!!!

So our little twist this week is.....drumroll..........


And it's not as hard as you think!!!! We are pretty loose with our rules and actually digi can apply to digital scrapbooking, using digital images like those mentioned above, or even using your DIGITAL CAMERA or photo editing software!!!  See??? You can do this!!!! If carrot cake can be a veggie then we can use digital photos!!!! WELCOME TO MY FANTASY WORLD!!!! :):)

The ONLY etched in stone MUST be a layout!!! Not ifs ands or buts!! And the gals at Digi Darlas are being so sweet and bending their rules a bit too.....anything digital goes!!!!

And as we have been doing lately....we have an inspiration sketch up.......just in case you need it!! Feel free to use it or is NOT a requirement!!!!!! Just a super cool sketch :):) By a super cool designer named Heather Waldron and her blog is another sketch challenge blog you will want to check out!!!!
I am a brand new follower too!!!

Now if you made it this far I am super thrilled....and may need a hobby worse than I  I am a highly caffeinated mess tonight........migraine prevention you know....who needs sleep????? :):)

So......your reward/punishment for continuing to read get to see my layout!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Welcome to the Hotel California.......


I love digital AND paper scrapping but I love them each because each one allows me to do things the other doesn't.  Does that make sense??

The allure of paper is obvious.....its a textural thing....I loveeee handling the paper and having something right there in my hands.......and sniffing the glue...hahaha.....J/K!!! And it is so fun to shop for pretties for scrapping!!

With digi I can do soooo much that paper doesn't allow me to do......mostly the really cool effects.  And actually I do a lot of  editing on a photo before I even print it to use on a paper layout.  It never occurred to me to consider that hybrid scrapping but it kinda is!! And if you buy a digi kit it's yours don't run out of stickers or of that cool border you love and you ALWAYS have enough letters to complete a title!!!!!!! Gotta love that :):)  And right now soooooooooo many huge names in the scrapbooking industry are really beginning to take notice!! Echp Park does Digi, as does Basic Grey, Pink Paislee, Cosmo Cricket......I think Jillibean Soup is as well.......I know they had a Dt call a few moths back for a digi scrapper and i applied....but I am assuming since I am NOT a Jillibeaner my app was, shall we say....LOST in cyber land!!!!! (grumblregruble)  Check out Jessica Sprague dot com.... just google her and you will see some awesome kits by major designers!!!

Ok Tina....shut up already and show the layout!!!!
This is my now 16 yr old Jacob........Rock on!!!! A pretty cool page for a teen boy despite the fact that he is singing into a Hannah Montana pink and purple microphone.........OOooooopppps.did I just say that?????

Y'all know me.......
I like to keep it real :):):)
Love you Jacob........LOL you know the drill........cmon over and play along!!! You know the place.......LMLC!!!
As always you have til next Saturday to GET DIGI WITH IT!!!!

BTW.........the superbowl is now history..........OMG How bout Madonna????????? She %*^)&%&in ROCKED!!!! 


Michele F. said...

Ohhhh Tina!!! Have you ever thought about being a Stand Up Comedian?? I remember you saying you were a radio DJ?? But gosh girl... you just woke up a very tired girl (me) from a Superbowl Day to read your post. My Hubby is watching a movie here in the same room... and he had to ask me 3 times what I was laughing about!! :-) You keep it real and can get anyone in a good mood!!! Oh Ya... and Your layout just simply ROCKS!! Hello... look at that lightening strike. My gosh!! This is a talented creation by a talented creator. And yes... agree with you on Madonna. Did you see she almost fell twice? I guess she has to have surgery on her right leg/ankle/foot??? Yay for NY Giants. Sorry if you are a Patriots fan... but Mr. Brady has too many rings. Okay... thoroughly enjoyed reading this.. and now sorry... I just gave you a novel to read. LOL

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sorry about the migraine... that has got to be hard being down for those days :(

LOVING your lo!! LOVEEEEEEEE that streak down the middle! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Stacia said...

I love the humor behind this layout :) The graphics are great!!
Stacia - LMDT

Amy said...

Tina, you crack me up... I enjoyed seeing your layout, but I equally enjoyed your whole post (guess I need a hobby, cuz I read the WHOLE thing!!)... Love the lightning down the page -- That looks extra cool!! :) And I always love seeing masculine layouts as my boy sometimes doesn't appreciate flowers and butterflies on his layouts!! :)

Thanks so much for sharing your Digital talent at Lasting Memories this week!! :)

Your Lasting Memories DT Sister,
Amy :) at

Michelle said...

This was such a fun post to read Tina! Lol I agree with Michele I was actually laughing out loud. haha. And this layout is awesome!!! I love that lightening bolt! :) And shh we wont tell thats a hannah montana mic! :)
Michelle LMDT

Elizabeth said...

Oh Tina, what a hoot you are! Ms. Madonna and I grew up in the same home town (and I have another secret I will tell you when I see you in May)-so it was really neat seeing her in my new hometown. And yes we were rooting for the Giants needless to say since Eli is our boy Peyton's bother! (and you can be a Colts fan and root for the Patriots-EVER, LOL) How cool is that for a brother to win MVP in his brother's stadium? Let alone the Superbowl title. I love this layout, but you are never going to be forgiven for letting his secret out. LOL

Elizabeth LMDT

Teresa Jaye said...

whoa! double espresso or what? You crack me up - and yes, of course I read the whole thing!
LOVE the layout - it's completely awesome!

Haven_mom4 said...

Wow, what a post. Funny, informative and just plain cool layout.

Suzanne said...

You are killing me. Love the HM microphone. Too funny! Great layout and very rock and roll.

karenw said...

Ah my friend you make my day!! This is so very cool and of course, love reading your blog for all sorts of reasons...
you haved nailed digi, suits boys so much (no reliance on flowers and ribbons to fill in spaces!!).

I hope to get this challenge done, you know I love to digi!

ps must yse 'neato mosquito' more in real life conversations - if only to make my kids give me the look...

glassgraffitix2 said...

Love your LO along with your stories!