Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome to the Cards For Emily Blog Hop Day 2!!!

Welcome everyone!!!

Let me say a huge THANK YOU to those of you hopping along and creating with us!!! It's such a wonderful thing to see so many people join in to bring such joy to a little girl and her family!!! You all ROCK!!!

That being said.........I don't have a card this morning :)

Well I do have a card, I just can't share it :(  I have misplaced my camera card sooooooo I was using my cell phone........and dropped my micro SD card........and as I type this I have my kids crawling around the living room on all 4's searching the carpet for it........yeah I pretty much feel like a huge BUTTHEAD!!!!

So if you  are hopping this morning and have found your way here feel free to just shake your head at me and mutter under your breath and hop to the next

Here is your link list in case you need it or are just droppin in and wanna hop along.........I'd like to say I am not usually this scattered but I

1 comment:

Faith Abigail Designs said...

Sometimes, everything goes wrong. :( Oh, well...can't wait to see your card once you're able to post it.