Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pardon me while my head explodes!!!

I am not even kidding.......remember the comedian Gallagher?? The fuzzy headed guy with weird clothes and and the Sledge O Matic????  His big finale was always smashing a watermelon.  And the people who came to see him perform knew when that sledge hammer came out to take cover.  

Well folks.......now would be the time to take cover!!!!

I have been sitting here for hours now trying to scrap.  I have several photos laid out, a list of challenges I really wanna play along with`, sketches on my laptop opened, a stack of scrap magazines spread across the table. And I REALLY, REALLY want to scrap and kinda unwind but my brain is screaming at me, "OVERLOAD!! OVERLOAD!! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!! 

I have lost track today of how many fights I have broken up, and how many times I have heard someone scream, :"MOMMMMMM!!"  And now Bob is home, drinking a cold one, has music turned up LOUD and is playing cards with a couple of the older boys, and Jesse is pretending to call a pretend wrestling match in the middle of the living room with his wrestling action figures.  Ohhhhhh and there is a huge stash of them under my couch because those particular wrestlers are in the Hall Of Fame..,,,silly me tried to put them in his room today and it caused a major meltdown.

Oh.......and Matthew  McConaughey is now off the market. (Sob)  So I can only assume he won't be coming to rescue me from this chaos any time soon.  Damn him!!

And now people are asking me why the bathroom smells like popcorn.


Hey, I just live here!!
Unless you wish to trade places with me??? (smiles hopefully)  

Yeah, I thought not :(

Sorry about the tirade, you are liable to read anything here!!  And to think I had an amusing little post about my boys and this new fad they have suddenly discovered.  Ball whackin.  And yes it is what you think! Unless you thing I am referring to Basketball.  If you have more than 3 teenage boys in your house maybe you can explain the fun in this to me???

Take cover............UGH!

Ok.........deep breath Tina..  FOCUS!!!!!!

That was my therapy for the day.......lol.

Surprisingly enough, I do actually have a couple of layouts to share. I am truly just on overload.  I have had about 4 hours of sleep in 2 days.  I am having a hard time readjusting to  Matt being back in school.  And it's been a few days since I have shared anything.  We went on a mini staycation kinda thing over the weekend  and I really wanna share the pix with you but I haven't edited them yet.  It's yet another thing on my to do list right now....lol.

Ok, back to the layouts!! I won't talk much longer I promise :)

First up is one created from The Scraproom's June sketch.
The sketch..
My take.
I pretty much just pulled a bunch of strips out of a box and sorted thru them until I found a few that caught my eye, Most are Echo Prk but there is a Bo Bunny one thrown in there as well. Some bitsof chopbaord embellies that matched, also from my stash of leftovers, an American Crafts button.  and no clue on the flowers.  The title is made from Bella Blvd letters. Card stock is Bazzill and American Crafts.

Next up is PageMaps/Sweet Shoppe Digi Contest.  You were allowed to do a paper layout altho the prize is a whopping $50 GC to Sweet Shoppes digi shop!!  They have AMAZING kits, and I still do quite a bit digi so I am crossing my fingers!!

I'm also entering this in the "Things with wings" Challenge at Southern Girls Challenge..

The sketch,,
And my take,
The photo  I scrapped is ancient  so it's not showing up very well.   I used more of that MME goodness (I am down to 2 sheets and VERY little in scraps from this collection!!!) The journaling card is actually from Echo Park......and the title is made of Thickers........again, not showing the best on my screen but in person is works beautifully! And the twine is supposed to be the butterfly flight path....use your imagination.....lol.
I did this layout for Bobel :)  Her name was actually Ella Goebel, But as a child I couldn't say it and Bobel kinda stuck :)  She lived across the street from us and babysat me for years.  She was just the sweetest lady.  I never knew my grandparents so she was as close as I got to that kind of a relationship growing up.   I can remember being about 3 and my daddy came to pick me up after work.  I was a daddy's girl and was so excited to see him that I ran to him and went to wrp my arms around his neck and punched him in the nose instead.  Hard. And he wore my butt out thinking I had done it on purpose.  My Bobel knew better and tried to talk to him but he' was a man....you can't talk to them......lol..  So she refused to let me go home with him. Simple as that.  So I stayed with her for almost a week.  Now that I'm older it does seem funny that my mom never came to get me........lol.  I laugh but I'm serious.  I gue3ss there was a lot of behind the scenes stuff I don't know about.  Then one day My dad came back to get me and it was never brought up again.

I miss her so much!!

By the time this photo was taken I was about 13. And she was living in an assisted living type home.
And nI will just share a photo of the journaling because I think if I go much further into this I will be crying all night :)
And I know for a fact that here is internet in heaven and she is gonna read this :)

Yet another reason why it is important to scrap,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hug someone and tell them you love them today will ya??

Tina :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sorry you are having a rough time right now... I can't even imagine being home with the kids all day! YIKES!!! I need my full time job to escape! LOL!! I love love love love your lo's!!! The one about Bobel is soooooooooooooo sweet and touching!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Karen Wilson said...

ball whackin'?? yikes. i am so glad i have one boy and one girl lol and neither have gotten into anything to crazy! your posts are a hoot, you should be a writer!

gorgeous layouts and what a memory to have...hmm, i would have wondered about your mom to! maybe they needed a staycation!! LOL!

Kelly Massman said...

You are too funny even in the midst of your many trials! :-) Cute layouts!

Pammejo said...

Very cute layouts and hope everything starts turning around for you. Hugs Pammejo http://pammejo-scrapbookflair.blogspot.com/

L.B. said...

i hear you on the Matt M thing super sad, but at least he plays a stripper in that new movie????

Great layouts! Love the hood rat page!

Michele said...

Oh my gosh Tina... I just read this post.. .and it made me laugh and get teary eyed all at the same time. I was checking out the submissions to the Scraproom blog and checking out your layout. :-) AWESOME BTW!! Chat soon. Michele