Saturday, July 28, 2012

Never a dull moment!

Hello and happy Saturday!!   I always love the weekends!  Altho I'm not sure why at the moment since all of my days are running together.  Just a few more weeks til school starts for the kids and I will be able to settle into some sorta routine......maybe!!!

Matthew is in a depressive funk right now and doesn't really understand why the summer school bus isn't picking him up.  The first few days he threw a fit!  After that he mellowed wayyyyyy out and it took me a few days to realize he was depressed.  Sleeping all day, (and this is a kid that can get by with little or no sleep) not eating.  when any of my kids stop eating I know it's cause for concern!! lol  He seems better today.  I took him out with me to pick up some milk and run a couple of errands this morning and he seemed to enjoy it :)

Thank you for all the prayers, finger crossing, and ritual bike dances y'all did for me.....however I am saddened to say we didn't win :(  

BUT........Bob did make it to the final five people, there were something like 300 invited, and got to go onstage and pick a bike.  Each person picked a bike and then they asked them to turn the lights on....the bikes whose lights didn't come on were eliminated, then the horn, then finally starting it up.......Bob picked the only bike that was different, a stunning red and black Harley......Droooooooool!!! he said he got up there and asked himself, "which one would Tina pick"......yup, I woulda totally picked the red and black one because red is my fave color.  The rest were solid black.  They had a live band, beer, food, very much a party atmosphere.  He had an "ok" time he said, woulda been more fun with me tho.......awwwwww!!  It's good for him to realize life is more fun with  Surprised me he said that because he always acts annoyed at my juvenile behavior....I guess I keep things interesting :)

Today the house is quiet, for now!  Jacob is with his girlfriend who had a singing audition this morning.  Apparently the girl can really belt out a song.  And today is their "1 month anniversary".  (Barf!!!)  Can you remember as teenagers when we would celebrate every week of a relationship? Me  Well, he doesn't have a summer job and I am broke......but he wanted to give her something so he made her a card :) Actually he asked me to make it and I was taking to long to get to it because i was working on a DT project.......I swear, where do these kids get their impatient streak from?????  So he dug thru my supplies and created a little card for her.....wanna see?? He thinks I am joking about putting it on my blog......bwahahahahahahaha!!!!  Never doubt Mama young grasshopper!!!!
Isn't that sweet?????  And he snuck that bit of Prima right by me.....darn him!!!!  He is so proud....he said he must get his creativity from, ok :)  He is 16 and once he does ANYTHING, he thinks he has mastered it and is a professional.  Since hooking up with Chloe he has starting singing ......a lot.  And he can't sing.  But he thinks he is gonna be the next idol......I can see this one is gonna have to learn his life lessons the hard way :)  I'm glad he has so much confidence and isn't afraid to try anything......but if he can't do something and be a master at it in a week he gives up.  Which I think is a definite teenage thing because I notice it a lot in other kids his age.  He graduates this coming school year so life will teach him a few hard lessons I'm sure. is a photo of him and the girlfriend.....
She is adorable but I am staying true to my word about not getting close to the girlfriends!!!!  Jesse can't stand her because he is super jealous.  Jacob is his favorite brother and this girl is taking all the attention away from him. She was over to the house the other day and Jesse tried to be as obnoxious as possible to run her  Last night he said "you know the number one thing I hate about that girl???" She has dyed hair and that pink looks stupid!!

What struck me as hilarious is that ihe apparently has a list of things he hates about  One day he will like girls and understand why Jacob would rather be with her than him....poor kid :)

Now, if I haven't put you to sleep yet I have a couple of layouts to share :)  They are both nothing like my usual style....whatever that

First one is of my little stinker Jesse.  I absolutely love this photo of him.  I think he was about 3 here.  I used this sketch from Scrap Much.
..And Use it Tuesday also has a great challenge to use that hoarded paper.  Admit it....we ALL have something that pains us to even think abpout cutting into!!  For me it was Little Yellow Bicycle's Twig.  The first Twig.....not winter twig...altho if I had it I would most likely hoard it  It's jsut beautiful and I h MAY have shed a little tear as I cut it.  I'm sensitive like that :)  BUT I did cut the scalloped die cut paper so I will have part of it to use again....LOL..  
I had intentions of fussy cutting just a few of the leaves and placing them randomly on the layout but I let Jesse help.....and he apparently likes clusters, not random scatterings.  The buttons are from my stash, and I also whipped out a bottle of glimmer mist, you can't tell it here but it really added a lot to those beautiful petaloo flowers!!  And I recycled the packaging from some Websters pages ribbon for the photo mat.  And stamped and fussy cut the butterfly :)

Shopping Our Stash challenged it's followers to use something new.  Welp, this week I received happy mail  from another challenge win and I used the following new items....Websters pages ribbon....3 types, the Petaloo flowers, and the beaded branch of Prima.   I'm so proud I used them too because I love this layout :)

Buttons are for the button challenge at Crafty Creations :)

Next I used the sketch at Scrap Cake!
I decided to scrap this photo of the darling Miss Nevaeh again :) And i used some Scrap Cake papers I won last year I think.......they are just gorgeous!!!! And you guys know I just can't resist banners so i added 2 of them !

I thank you for putting up with my babble today!! Be sure to come back tomorrow to see my reveal for the latest Lasting Memories challenge!!!  And just a tip......when you visit wear some sun glasses!!!

Enjoy your day y'all!


Laura said...

fabulous layout, love the flowers, the ring of buttons and the hand cut leaves! the other layout is adorable too! thanks for playing along with us at ScrapMuch?

Leslie Hanna said...

Ya know, I don't scrapbook much, but when I do, it's amazing how much STUFF you can put onto a page. I love what you've added here, and YAY for using new stuff!

Thanks for joining us at Shopping Our Stash!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Bummer about the bike :( And I loveeeeee the card he made... she is just a cutie!!! I love love love love all your lo's!!! LOVING all the buttons!!!!

Elizabeth Campau said...

Both layouts are awesome Tina, I particularly love the blue layout! Jesse did an awesome job in helping you! The buttons are an awesome touch!

Eileen said...

I love what you've done with the ScrapMuch? sketch challenge ... love the TWIG and the dimensional leaves! Thanks for sharing with us at ScrapMuch?!

Vic Lau said...

Wow! This is stunning! I'm glad you've used your hoarded paper to make a layout so beautiful! Thanks for joining us at Use It Tuesday! :)

Karen Wilson said...

Awww, sorry to hear about the bike!! WTG on top 5 though!! Aww, how sweet is that card! Well done Jacob and to think mom wouldn't share with us!! LOL! I know I would and have!! GF is quite cute and I think the pink is fun. Coming from me who now has red/blonde pc's peaking out from under my hair lol. Love both your LO's, especially the first one!! Gorgeous!

Elaine said...

I love Twig too!! What a stunning layout. I really like how you hand cut the leaves and made them just pop! In fact, great use of all your embellishments!! Beautiful work!

Tess Davis said...

HOLY DINAH!!! That is a gorgeous layout!!!! So much detail, love the buttons!! Love it ALL!! Thanks for joining us at Use it Tuesday!

Haven_mom4 said...

How sweet that your son made the card himself and that his brother is jealious of her is so funny. Love the layouts and am glad you joined us at Use it Tuesday

Sandy Ang said...

Just fantastic your SO Sweet LO with those blues and the layered pp leaves

Caroli said...

You can feel satisfy with your work as mom if your kid thinks about making a card for her girlfriend, this is so cute of him! <3

Love the leaves layout, pretty colors and fabulous arrangement of elements, lovley!

So glad you are playing along with us at Use It Tuesday :)

Sandy Ang said...

your so sweet LO is just beautiful. love those textured leaves