Monday, July 2, 2012

Not bad for a Monday.......

For a Monday today didn't totally stink! How about that!!! I found out I on some yummy Prima goodies from  the Sassy Scrapper Blog Hop over the weekend and I had one card win at two different blogs....Frosted Designs and Card Cupids!!!!  Yup, you read that correctly......A CARD!!!! I am always amazed when I win a card challenge!

So for a Monday I can't complain!!! Check back with me tomorrow.....I have to take BOTH Brandon and Jesse to the dentist for some dental work......ughhhhhh!! Jesse's front baby teeth aren't coming in....they saw on the xrays that the new teeth are actually impacted and the only way to get them to grow in is to pull the baby teeth out......he and I will both be crying I'm  Brandon is having the same problem except with molars.....they are actually impairing his speech a bit so  hopefully that will clear up when they pull his.....I think I will be needing to stop and pick up some popcicles and pudding on my way home.  Keep us in your thoughts....just having one kid going thru this at an appointment is bad enough, but with two I may need something for a headache when we get

And I wanna mention that a member of the Lasting Memories Design Family (trust me, we are more like family than a design team!!! And by that I mean family that we actually LIKE!! LOL) Is in the hospital and not doing very well :(   Elizabeth has been hospitalized for an uncontrolled kidney infection and a severe diabetes flare up.  We have no clue how long she will be in the hospital or really much of anything other than what I have just told you.  Her son updated us all today.......I will keep y'all posted on any info we get.  Just please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  We are tossing around the idea of doing a card drive for her to help brighten her spirits a bit.....if that comes ton life I will let y'all know!!

Now, speaking of cards.........that's what I got for ya today!! I have had them for a few days actually but finally pulled up my big girl panties and walked out into the heat to take a photo.  It's so hot that that is all I was wearing....hehehe!!! Just kidding!!! But be warned!! I am nekkid under my clothes!!! (GASP!!)  Actually it rained here today so it wasn't  so bad.....only about 97 or crazy it is to add the word ONLY in front of that

My first card was created using this darling sketch from Clean And Simple Stamping.

The weird angle of the card is just my crappy photography!! I had a specifuc sentiment I wanted to add in the middle of the floral paper but I couldn't find the stamp. Sooooooo for now it stays like this!!  The paper is from Pebbles and I;m not sure about those tiny flowers.  I have a TON of flowers and I have decided I'm gonna start really plastering them on  Check out what I am gonna post tomorrow if you dont't believe me :)

Entering the following challenges:

This next one I created for a friend who recently moved into a new home......I can't find the sketch I used....Grrrrrrrr!!!!!
I thought this was simply adorable until one of my boys asked me what the heck a Cong Rat was.......Hey......some times you do whatcha gotta do with alphas to get the job done ya know!! The papers on this one are Pink Pasilee Hometown Summer.....I just LOVE the colors in this collection!! My alphas are a combo of MLS and College Press.......yeah they are THAT old!!!! The little felt flower and button just stash goodies!!

Thats all I got tonight!! I'll be back tomorrow with a layout to share :)  Thanks for visiting!!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I'll be thinking about Jesse tomorrow with his procedure... I hope all goes well!!! I will prayer for your friend Elizabeth too!! I loveeeeeeeee your cards!! They are gorgeous!!!