Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So much to say!!!

I bet a bunch of y'all skipped right past my blog based on the title  I can hear it now....."Geeeze!!!! Doesn't she talk enough already?????"

I have days where I am chattier than others....what can I say? LOL

First off....prayers for my Uncle Jim please!!! He had a mild heart attack Sunday morning.  He seems to be fine, they were supposed to move him from ICU to a regular room today and if he does well he could go home tomorrow or Thursday.  The situation with Jim is a bit complicated tho.  He's in his early 60's and is mentally challenged.  He lives with my Aunt and her Husband in a trailer on her property.  And she is getting on in years and her husband has she is spent and has a lot on her plate.  Jim can function fairly well, he has speech issues and is a lot like my son Matthew.  Actually it wouldn't surprise me a bit if Jim was actually Autistic.  But of course years ago no one ever heard of Autism.  They were just labeled as "retarded" and either went to school like other kids but in slower classes or were sent to live in institutions 

Jim has a lot of health issues and is supposed to take medication daily......and has been in the hospital in pretty bad shape more than once because he refuses to take his medication..The last time they assigned him a case worker that told him the next time it happened he would have to go live in a nursing home.  That idea scares him to death but that's what is most likely going to happen at this point.  And really it is in the best interest for everyone concerned!  But we will see how things unfold......they live in Ohio so I can't be there to offer any kind of help, just prayers and moral support and I figure the more prayers the better!!

Ok........on a more positive note........Bob starts a new job tomorrow!!!

I haven't said anything about this on my blog but a few of my close online friends already know. Bob was on disability for lots of different physical issues.  Some of you remember the ordeal we went thru a couple of years ago with the multiple surgeries.  Well the government decided he was just fine to work now.....never mind that there are still surgeries in his near future......but I have been worried sick that  by this time next month we would be homeless.  I don't work because of Matthew and the fact that when school is in session I am called about some sort of crisis just about daily.  

So this is a good thing!!  And it leaves the door open for me to return to school after this coming up school year because Matt will be transitioning to adult services and they will have some place for him to go and spend the day at with professionals who are experienced in direct care of individuals with Autism! So YAYYYYYY!!!

Today I felt like experimenting so I looked thru Pinterest and came across this recipe for White Chicken Enchiladas that I had saved from Joyful Mama's Kitchen. And OMG!!!!!!!  They were awesome!!! This is a photo from her site.  My family ate them up before I could get a photo!!! Seriously!
And mine looked every bit as good as these do! Which was a total surprise to me!  So now we are going to try, share and review at least one recipe a week here on my blog.  That way I will have something to blog about on those days I don't   I served them with Spanish rice from a box......but it was really tasty too.  Jesse is the only one who wouldn't eat them....he opted for a PB&J  His dislike for all things red and green is legendary! And this had green chiles in it so it was a no go for him.....more for the rest of us!!!

Ok, if you made it this far, Bless your heart!!!!  I do have a couple of cards to share tonight!!

First up I used the Mojo Monday Sketch 249
When I made this card I was going on memory alone of the mine is square rather than rectangle.  OOPS! But look how cute it turned out!!!

I used scraps from Echo Park.....Life Is Good I think, I have a huge envelope of scraps for every company.....however I am not all Martha Stewart-ish and have every bit categorized according to collection.  I am just not that  I prefer to just grab a handful and see what works :) The embellies here are American Crafts Remarks.  A Big Lots dollar find! SCORE!! I added the 3 bits together on a library card and added the teeny flower and some twine from Jillibean Soup.  

I also entering this at Card Cupids where the challenge is to create a card using twine, ribbon or washi tape.

Next up is a Christmas card! Yup.....temps been 100 plus for almost 2 weeks and I am thinking about  

I used this sketch from  52 Christmas Card Throwdown
And once again used some Echo Park scraps

As I was cleaning my mess I found that little felt heart on the table so on the card it went as well....I was too lazy to find a place to put  

I entering this in The Pink Elephant Christmas in July challenge.

And yes, finally I am  I have a card I want to finish up and share tomorro and I amhoping to knock some LO challenges out of the way tomorrow with all of my free time :):)  

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!



Jacqueline said...

Thanks for joining in at 52CCT this week with your lovely Christmas card - Jacqueline xx

Karen said...

Darling card! Thanks for joining us at Card Cupids. Hope to see you again

Ruth M said...

Such a pretty Christmas card Tina - love the contempo colours and design - the pink heart looks just like it belongs there!

Best wishes to you and yours, sounds like you've had ordeals to contend with - wishing you brighter days ahead!

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely card with us at 52 CCT!
Ruth x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Praying for your Uncle... I hope all works out...

And I remember all the things you all went thru with Bob's surgeries....what a nightmare that was... I am glad he has a job! That's awesome!!!

Love love love love your cards!!! BEAUTIFUL colors!!!

Mynnette said...

Prayers for you uncle! Your cards are darling--LOVE them both! The fabulous colors are so bright and summery! Thanks for joining us at 52CCT! :)

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Tina!! Your new nickname is "Chatty Cathy" LOL!! HUGE prayers for your uncle, congrats to Bob and looks like things are looking up for you! That chicken looks YUMMY!!! Don't ya love Pinterest!! Gorgeous cards too!! Have a wonderful day!

Patty Gorka said...

Hope your uncle is doing better and those chicken enchiladas look amazing. I make them once and awhile for my family and they love them!

Your Christmas card is wonderful! Love those colors and the center panel image is darling- cute felt heart too!

Thanks for joining us this week at 52CCT.

Danielle Vincent said...

I love both of your cards - they are terrific! Hugs to you and I did say a quick prayer for your family - sometimes even the decisions that make the most sense are still hard. My heart goes out to you! Thanks for joining us this week at 52CCT!

tina said...

Saying a little prayer for your family! Sounds like they have a lot on their plate! Those enchiladas sound scrumptious!.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the card you made for TPE and the vase card, too. The details are great.

Thanks for joining us at TPE.