Friday, October 26, 2012

DSC #* Pawsitively Digital!

Fridayyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Finally!!!! 

I'm on my second ginormous mug of coffee so it's anyone's guess whether or not this post will make  I'm gonna need the caffeine to get me thru the day!!  Here in a  bit I need to call the Dr and see if we can get Matt in today to have this rash checked far he is OK with being home.  Probably because I kept all of the curtains pulled shut and he never even saw the bus.....out of sight out of mind ya know!!!  So he's here hangin at the house with me today :)   Keeping my fingers crossed this is just an allergic reaction of some type!  It really sucks anytime I take him to the Dr because he can't speak for himself.......I always have to go thru the wholeeee explanation of his being autistic, non-verbal, no he can't count cards like's amazing how many medical professionals are actually in the dark about Autism!

Anywayyyyyyyy, you are here because you wanna see what we have in store for you this week at Digitally Sweet aren't ya??  This week we have a "pawsitively" awesome digital challenge for you! We wanna see those pets!! And if you are petless I guess you can borrow one or steal a photo off the interent if you really wanna play along!!  I have actually saved many cool and/or funny photos from my email and face book in case I wanted to scrap them for whatever reason.  Like with five kids I don't have plenty of things to scrap.....HA!! 

So for this challenge I chose to scrap our former kitty Patches.  Patches actually belonged to Bob's mother.  When she moved out she left her kitty behind. And he was a big ol scaredy cat.  he was truly her cat....while she lived here he would never leave her room or if he did he ran thru a room like lightening so no one could catch him.  After about a week of her being gone he realized that she wasn't coming back.......and started to warm up to me.  Finally he got to where when I would talk to him (yes I am one of those crazy people whop carries on conversations with her pets like they are human) he was meow back at me.  he was such a sweety!! Eventually he would jump in my lap and let me brush him, but if one of the kids came into the room he'd run and hide til they left.  Can't say I blame him, I feel like that at times    Patches passed away a few years ago.  He got outside, was scared and hid under a car and the rest is history:(  Here's my layout....
You will  notice that Patches is actually I dunno what Bob's mom was thinking when she named  

I created my page is PSPX and used a kit called Boy Oh Boy by twoboyz and badabina.  Sorry, I don't have a kit preview for this one :(

Doesn't this challenge sound "pawsitively" fun???? Cmon and join in!!! You have til November first to link up with DSC!!!

Thanks for dropping by!!!


Dragonlady said...

Gorgeous cat, and lovely memory to go with it. Hope everything is OK re the rash?

Ali x

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Can't believe dr.'s are still in the dark about that... *sigh*

I love love love love your lo!! LOVING the colors and the bits of glitter!!!!

Tracey Sabella said...

What an adorable digi lo!! Funny story about the name - the patchless patches!! :-) ~ Blessings, Tracey

Denise Pustelniak said...

What a CUTIE! Maybe she meant Patch-less but if you say it real fast it comes out like Patches! LOL!
You LO looks perfect!