Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I survived Christmas 2012!!

Merry Christmas!!! We made it!!!!!

I had intended to take it easy today and not do any blogging but I have had such a wonderful day that I must document it so years from now when my kids say, "hey Mom? Remember that one really cool Christmas when no one got on your nerves and you didn't have to yell? Even once???" I won't look at them like they have made it all up and are secretly plotting to put me in the old folks home :)

It really has been an awesome day! I so needed this!!!

The kids have kept occupied all day with their toys and video games.......Jesse has been building with the super cool Lego Power Rangers Samurai set and his Avengers one also....he got both (one from Santa and one from Chloe) and the Power Rangers and Avengers have been saving the world all day :)  At one point even the older boys were in the floor helping him build......and no fighting!!!!!

Bob has been holed up in our room all day watching Cowboy flicks since we ahve had ball games on in the living room.  No complaining about anything on his part either.....I think he was glad to be left alone and just chill with the TV and kinda unwind from all of those 12 and 13 hour shifts he has been working.  We didn't do a traditional meal with all the fixins....I went thru that at Thanksgiving and spent 8 hours cooking and everyone ended up yelling and screaming at each other over  Funny now but I was in tears on Thanksgiving let me tell ya.   So we had pizza :)  Pizza works for every occasion!!!!  The kids were ok with it and I'm going to get up tomorrow and fix a big breakfast for everyone.

So.................what's a girl to do with all of that peace and quiet???

It took me a while to figure it out since I'm not sued to it.....I was kinda scared at  I pulled out my crafty stash and SCRAPPED!!!!!  We recently moved an armoire into the living room to hide my scrappy mess.  Unfortunately when the boys helped me move it in they just kinds threw everything in rhyme or reason or organization of ANY KIND!! Holy cow...............I am so lost and don't know where anything is!!!  I think this weekend I will empty it all out and sort thru the rubble and redo everything.......and I need to take a photo too cuz I love my little curbside was FREE!!!!!

Anyway.......I just sorta grabbed the first thing I found and went with it.......and with luck it happended to be the super cool  Amercian Crafts/Amy Tangerine Ready Set GO collection I recently won at American Crafts! THE WHOLE SHEBANG baby!!!  If I didn't mention it before there are like 9 different sets of Thickers!!!! Be still my heart :)  I chose the collection because I have all boys.......and I was hopeful that it would work well for the older guys too and I absolutely love how my layout turned out!

I'm trying to do the Frosted Designs 12 days of Christmas challenges and I have challenged myself to complete ALL of them! So far this is 3 down....go  This one came easy for me because I love. love, love banners of any sort.  And day 11's challenge is 11 pennant banners.  I also used this sketch from My Scraps And More sketches as a jumping off point .  I love that the sketch is a pretty simple one........I haven't actually sat and paper scrapped ANYTHING is quite a while.......weeks I wanted to ease back into it and all of the embellishments just sorta took over.......that happens with me a  So what started out as a simple sketch sorta ran
Here's my take featuring my handsome 17 year old Jacob.......ignore that fuzzy thing on his head....I don't know what the hell is wrong with that  He wears that hat EVERYWHERE and it makes me crazy.  I smack his head every chance I get and claim I am just trying to kill the giant rat on his
My photo quality isnt's cold out and I took this inside with my cell phone.  I was hoping Santa would bring me a new SD card since my other one split right in half.....seriously it did!! I have never seen that happen before!!!

I love this photo of him despite that stupid fleabag on his head ......Chloe took it of him a week or so back while they were downtown......I have some other photos she gave me that are AWESOME!!! Except.............for that stupid hat!!! UGH!!

And just in case this looks as washed out on your screen as it does is a close up of my banner with the 11 pennants!!
there is one hidden by the fabric yoyo!

This looks so much better in person! How bout y'all just drop in for coffee in the morning, I'll fix breakfast and we can talk scrap :)  

I thank you for dropping in tonight....your comments and visits mean the world to me!  I'll be back tomorrow with a couple more shares :)  I am starting to feel the mojo slowly coming back!!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Glad you had a good Christmas!! I loveeeeeeee your lo!! LOVING the colors, the banner and the flowers!!!!

Tracey Sabella said...

How wonderful that you were able to capture some quiet time for your creativity!! Such a fun LO for this fun photo!! Love the little banner!! Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

Haven_mom4 said...

What do you mean mojo coming back. You've had a post almost everyday. Starting to make me feel like a slacker. I'd take you up on the breakfast except that I'm too far away and can't possible run that far this morning. Been eating way too much the last week or so.

Enjoy so more peace and quite if you can

Lori Apgar said...

I am glad you had a great non-traditional Christmas meal!!! Sometimes it can be too much about the preparation and too little about the meaning of the meal....and pizza is perfect for any occasion!!

Your layout is so cute and fun!! LOVE that you wrote your journaling on it!!! Love the camera and the title looks like chocolate graham crackers with letters on them (hey you started the food thing with the pizza - now I am hungry!!) and of course I LOVE the banner!!!

So glad you joined us for the 11th Day of Christmas Challenges at Frosted Designs!!!

Happy New Year!!

BrendaB said...

Glad you got to enjoy some quiet time after all the hectic holiday events! Love your layout! Thanks for joining our Christmas challenges @ Frosted Designs.

LisaM said...

Glad you had some scrappy time after the hectic holiday. Great job with the sketch! Thanks for playing along with us at My Scraps & More Sketches!