Monday, May 6, 2013

I told ya I'd get into the swing of things :)

I scrapped!!! YAY!!!!!

I wanna thank everyone for the welcome's back! Honestly, it brought a tear to my eye and gave me the warm fuzzies :)  They probably have shots for that but i don't care...I like the warm fuzzies!!!!  Y'all rock!! I mean it!!

I scrapped today!!YAY!!!!

I said that already didn't I?

I have a LOT of creative rust to knock off so I chose to kinda ease into things. Obviously I have blog rust to work thru me, it will be no time before I am back to my incessant chatter about pretty much nothing....I have tons of end of school year stuff to scrap and stories about the kiddo's to tell.  For instance the photo I was GONNA scrap today was of my 17 yr olds prom.  It was an awesome photo of him and his girlfriend of 6 already know where this is going doncha? They broke up last night......


 How dare they break up before I could scrap prom!!! That's just rude!


I swear I am going to make that boy an album of all of his ex girlfriends and call it "all the girls I loved before" or "all my ex's"  Aren't you glad I'm not your mom???

So, I agreed to not scrap any photos of the two of them together........for now :) Luckily there are tons and tons of photos of him and his bro-skis I can scrap here soon.

So y'all get to see my ugly mug today instead :)

And I combined a couple of my absolutely FAVE challenge sites for this layout.  All this month Colorful Creations is having a sketch- a -thon!!
It's the PERFECT thing if , like me, you need to get your mojo risin!! And I combined it with the latest challenge at my ol stompin grounds. Lasting Memories!!! (insert crowd roar and applause)
Lasting Memories

  They thought they were rid of me....bwahahahahaha!!!! NEVER my pretties!!!!! I will play as often as I can and I will get your little dog too!!  

Um, sorry....that happens sometimes :)

The challenge at LMLC this week is to complete a one photo layout. Super easy for me because that's how I usually scrap.  

Here is the sketch I chose to work with's the second one of the sketchathon.....I like to work out of order....I'm a rebel that way :) I believe this is a Becky Fleck Pagemaps sketch....I could be wrong, it's happened before. Super simple and perfect for getting my feet wet and getting back into the groove.   
I dusted off my digi skills for this one.  I do love this sketch so I will be doing it with paper soon as well. I can see this one looking pretty cool flipped on it's side too :)  
So here I am!!!  I have started taking a lot more photos with me in them.  I often amuse myself while I am waiting for the kids to get out of school....I'm dangerous with a cell phone and cool photo filter  I played a bit with the photo is Pixlr-O-Matic.  I have the program on my computer and they have a free phone app for android as well and it is my fave of all time!  Trust me, I look like Sea Hag in real see what it can do?????? :):)

Over the weekend with all of the NSD events going on in between the Ky Derby and Cinco De mayo and mint julips and margaritas Sweet Shoppe Designs had a little blog train going with a super cool free kit called "That's Life"  The collab is HUGE!! Many gave their parts out on Facebook and I haven't reactivated my Facebook yet. So there are parts floating around that I didn't get but the bits I did are sooo dang cute!!! I love these colors because they remind me of Echo Park....and y'all know how I feel about EP!!! And obviously i still love banners too!!!

The word "Me" came from a different digi kit from Kate Hadfield and Kim Jenson called "Audaciously Awesome" The stitched down part is actually a word art bit from the SSD collbab as well.  The journaling font is barbajoepisanie. And I created this in PSP X.

Whewwwwwwww! All done! Thanks for looking!!


Darcy said...

Challenges are the perfect way to get the mojo flowing! I don't see any rust either! Great way to combine challenges! Thank you for joining us at Lasting Memories.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love this!!! LOVING that photo and the colors! You are hot Mama!!!

Karen Wilson said...

Girl, you are BACK!! Omg, I laughed at your post. I've missed you!! You need to chat, vent, you know my email :) I LOVE this LO, Tina! Seriously! This should be your profile pic! You look so happy and the layout is awesome!! So glad to see you at Lasting Memories and hope to see you next week, the week after ... you get the pic. Your spots open when you're ready to come back.


Christy said...

I looooooove this. My new phone has a front facing camera in addition to the regular one and I'm certainly no stranger to a good filter or two LMBO! I need to scrap some of me....that is something I struggle with, scrapping me. You did beautifully and I love it! :)

Claire R said...

I definitely don't see any rust, I only see an AWESOME LO! Challenges and sketches are such great ways to get the mojo flowing again.
Thanks for joining us at lasting memories.
ClaireR -LMDT

Haven_mom4 said...

So glad you're creating again. I love the "all the girls I've loved idea", you should so do it.

Denise Pustelniak said...

I am so HAPPY to see you again and I see you still got it! A+! Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories!

Teresa Jaye said...

oh, pretty! Love the colors and patterns and gorgeous picture of you!