Monday, May 20, 2013

Moody Monday!!

Hello my crafty friends!
First let me say that I have joined the Bloglovin bandwagon! So if you love hearing me rant and rave and ramble you can follow me by clicking the button on my side bar.  I promise I don't always complain....but today.......yeah, I'm gonna :)
I certainly hope your day is going better than mine!!  Nothing major, just a typical Monday. The kind where if it an go wrong, it will!  It was late when I got to bed last night because I had a scrappy idea that I just couldn't let go of and get to sleep. And of course, it seems like a stroke of brilliance at the time......and right now I'm feeling like it will take me forever to complete it!  My ADHD doesn't like So, it was sometime after midnight when I fell asleep with visions of ink and paint and paper in my head. 
Then at 3:43 Am the phone rings. What the heck???? It was Bob's work wanting him to come in early because they had 2 people not show up at all for their shift and they were slammed with calls for airport runs. Apparently the city of Knoxville never   So I laid awake in bed pouting until it was time for me to get up with the kids.  He works 12 hours a day as it is.  I know we need the money, but I hate that they see more of him and get more of his time and attention than I do.  I sound like a brat I know......but that's how I feel. (shrugs)
I get everyone up and off to school without a hitch and open the freezer to pull out something for dinner to find my frig and freezer have totally died.   Lovely!!!  I clean up the mess in the freezer, water was everywhere, and start moving stuff to the deep freeze in the back.  So for the next week or so we will be living out of the cupboard because we have to get Bob's truck fixed.....he has no tail lights OR turn signals and its dark when he is going to and coming from work.   That's on the agenda tomorrow IF they don't call him in to work.
I sit down to blog and I can't get blogger to come up.  I can get to my b log but not the dashboard. UGH!!! I emailed some friends and they all said it was working fine for them.  So I'm guessing either the world is against me or it's a Google chrome   I was able to get here via Internet Explorer so it's all good!! And just as I sit down to blog........
Matt's school calls for me to pick him up AGAIN! 3rd time in 5 days.  They keep telling me he is sick but at home he isn't acting ill.  He's not running a fever or doing any of the things they claim he is doing.   He's having a hard time adjusting to the new bus driver and is really acting out.  And when he throws a fit at school they call me.
For those new to my crazy life, Matt is profoundly Autistic and is totally nonverbal.  He can be VERY aggressive.  He can't express himself with words so he usually acts out.  All I could get out of the school nurse over the phone is "he's not acting right".  Ok.......define "right"! They took his temp RIGHT AFTER a major tantrum and it was 100.4. Probably because he was worked up.  The nurse was a little snotty with me, saying "well...his aides know him better than anyone and know when he isn't feeling well"
Yeah, I'm just his Mom.  What do I know??  I would never knowingly send a sick child to school.  And if he had been acting sick I would have kept him home.  Before he left he was giggling and smiling. 
So Jacob and I went to get him and as soon as we got him in the car he was smiling. Faker!!! lol.  Tomorrow is the last day of school so I told them forget it....he's done for the year. And then they looked at me with disbelief and said "you aren't sending him tomorrow??????"
Um, NO!! I have to drive 30 mins on the interstate to pick him up and it's just not worth it.   I'm really wanting/needing to go back to school and /or get a job but how can I if I am going to have to pick him up every day when he acts up? This is the main reason I am a SAHM as it is. It's frustrating to say the least.
So he has been with me all day and has traveled to the grocery, the pharmacy and I treated him to Sonic since he was so well behaved. No fever, no outbursts, not acting sick......sigh!  I think the secret to keeping him calm this summer is gonna be keeping him busy.  Hopefully I can find some fun things that even he will enjoy doing, 
Anyway........nuff venting.   I really do try to keep things positive. I don't always complain but sometimes ya gotta....and I have been overwhelmed the past couple of weeks.  I have not lost sight of all I have to be thankful for!!!  But I am stuck home with no adult interaction all guys are it......lucky  No one's life is sunshine and roses every single day, BUT you gotta be able to take the storms to appreciate the sunshine and roses :)
Ok....quick page share! This one started with the PageMaps patterned paper challenge that is part of the anniversary celebration they have going on,  I loved the sketch and y'all know I am not afraid of mixing up some patterned paper!! Some people are intimidated by it , but if you purchase a kit you can't go wrong....everything will match even if it looks daunting at first.  Play around and see!!!
Here is the sketch....
And here is my's really difficult to see here but this is actually a white background behind the yellow patterned paper.  If you click to see full image you will see what I am talking about.
This is an old photo of Jesse and I.  I'm guessing he was about 3 or 4 here.   He is a Mama's boy for sure!!!  He's spoiled rotten and I'm not  He is the baby of 5 boys.  He's actually quite well behaved and well mannered and rarely gets into trouble.  But he can talk me into anything.  If he asks me for something I can't say no. And he gets away with a lot more with me than he does Daddy  Daddy is immune to his cuteness and  Mommy however, is wrapped around his finger. :)  Which is where the title comes in.
I used this AMAZING digi kit from Sweet Shoppe Designs called "enjoy the little things"
I have a few challenges I'm tossing my hat into with this one......if any of them sound fun, be sure to visit the challenge blog and join in!!
In addition to Pagemaps I'm playing along with
Bird is the word he/she/him/her.....use any of those words in your title or journaling!
Colorful Creations Element challenge/circles......I have circles in the stitching, the buttons, and view master reel
Thanks a lot for visiting and taking a moment out of your day to leave a comment......means a lot! I love y'all!!
Tina :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So sorry for everything that has been happening to you in the past few days :( I hope it all turns around soon! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your lo!! LOVING the colors and the view finder!!

Lizzyc said...

Oh dear it sounds like you have sure had a few things to deal with lately.. I hope things get better for you soon.. I love your take on the word challenge at BITW, and a very sweet layout... thanks for playing along..

Lolô Artesanato said...

Great digi page!
tks for playing with us at Bird is the Word

Elisabeth Sarkis said...

Loved this page,thanks for joining at BITW

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Woman, we have got to meet for lunch or something one day. We can eat and bitch! Lol

Janet M said...

Oh my goodness that's a lot to handle for you reading your blog. Hope everything turns the corner towards some better days.

I really like the title that you used and the way you did it. Great paper and embellishment selection.
Thanks for joining us at Child's Play challenges and sharing your layout with us.

Teresa Jaye said...

oh dear girl, that was one rough day! By the time I am reading this it's Thursday so I'm hoping as the week progressed it improved for you! Love your layout and am so happy that you take the time to create - it's good for you!

Christy said...

Well first of all...the page is GORGEOUS!!!!! As for the rest, don't stress too much and remember that a bad day doesn't make a bad life and you'll get there. I don't think it's just being bratty, though I feel the same way when I have that exact same feeling. My hubby works 4 days a week, 12hr days. Well those days tend to turn into 13-14hr days and he's been getting called in on the 5th day 75% of the time and this week he's working the 6th day. Super convenient with all I've been dealing with Allie-Gator and our hospital stay. So I get the feeling of overwhelming of hubby not being around for support. Even when he isn't doing much helpful, it's comforting to just have him there. ♥

Julene Matthews said...

Thanks for joining us at Child's play challenges. Don't understand Digi but this looks fabulous.

tiffany said...

great layout, and fabulous way to work in so many great challenges! Thanks for playing along at Child’s Play Challenges =) Tiffany

Devra said...

love how the buttons look! Glad you threw this into the Child's Play Challenges hat!

wendipooh13 said...

super fun page and LOVE all your layers!!! thanks sooo much for joining us at Child's Play Challenge blog..

Irini said...

First of all I think you are a super hero being a mum of 5 boys!!!
I hope things get better for you!
your layout is fab!
Thanks so much for playing along with us at Bird Is The Word!