Saturday, May 11, 2013

Some scrappiness!

Hello everyone!

Hope your weekend is going splendidly!!  I had plans to just lay around do nothing....but it didn't Why am I surprised???  My allergies are kicking my butt and I m kinda feeling draggy and blah!  I need to relocate someplace where nothing can No foliage, no allergies!!!  My last allergy attack ended with me being sidelined with an upper respiratory infection for almost a month....not cool!! I'm too busy for that craziness!!

I started my day with coffee and a homemade muffin and then Jacob and I hit the road in search of a long sleeved white dress shirt for graduation.  We checked a couple of thrift stores and come up empty handed so we hit my new favorite place to shop.....Burke's Outlet!  Do you have one in your area? I just love them!! They are along the lines of Marshall's and TJ Maxx.  They have everything!!  We found him one there with a pocket hankie (swag!) and a tie.....regular $56.00.....$10!!

From there we headed to Kroger for drinks and koolaid for the kids. Yeah.....packed!!!  Everyone buying flowers, cakes, cards etc for mother's day.  A madhouse!  I thought I would get out quicker goring thru the U-scan........of course I wasn't thinking about the koolaid packets.  I had 20 of them and every other one wouldn't ring up or it would tell me to place the item in the bag when I already had.  I had a total meltdown.  The likes of which I haven't had in months!!!!  Poor Jacob.......he took the remaining packs of koolaid to the attendant and asked them to please ring them up because his mom was about to rip the Uscan  He's seen me like that before and knew it could happen!!

Finally we made it home and I got some scrapping and card making in!  I will share the card tomorrow!  For today I have 3 pages to share....and 2 are actually paper!!!!

First........the fun is still going on at Colorful Creations and the sketchathon!
 I have told myself I won't do a sketch just "because" I need to love it or think it's something kinda different from my normal style and wanna try it.
Simple but I thought it had potential!  And I really wanted to scrap some Of Jacob's prom pix.  of him solo of course!!! I went digi because I haven't had them printed off just yet.
I wanted to make it kinda cool and masculine.  I hope he doesn't kill me because of the
I used a blog freebie from  Blagovesta Gosheva that I really like a lot........the stitching is from a kit designed by Libby Pritchett titled "Frog Lips" lol.  I will be using that one soon! I just needed something in the corners of the layout and couldn't find digi brads.

here is the picture itself so you can see how handsome he is in his bowtie :)
My paper creations....yes!! PAPER!!!!!  I didn't wanna dig thru it all so I pulled out a baggie kit.  Which is what I do when I have a bunch of things from the same collection or manufacturer, just to make things easy.  This was already a kit.....American Creations Ready Set Go that I won sometike last year and hadn't touched.,

First up is my little cousin Nevaeh!!
This girl is such a babydoll! I need to check her moms fb page for new pix!!! No challenge here....just me scrappin :)
Next is one for Inspired Blueprints.  I was so happy to hear they have restarted the ning site! It used to be one of my fave sketch places.......I will be playing with them often because they rock! And I already have another of their sketches ready to work with tomorrow!!! This one is sketch #93
So many ways you could scrap this's going into my saved file for use another day, another way :)  I chose to place a photo at the top and use the grid for patterned paper.
This is an old photo of Jesse and myself when he was less than a year old.  I love his sweet little face here!!!!All of this is also from Ready Set Go from AC......I added some messy blue Tattered Angels glimmer paint and tiny letters on teh tag are from Little Yellow Bicycle..  IF I can locate a blue gel pen I am gonna draw lines around the grid blocks.  They look much  cooler in person and pop a lot more than they do on the monitor.  I was using my cell camera so maybe thats the deal.

I had a LOT of fun getting the glue and paint out and getting messy!! I am enjoying scrapping right now more than I think I ever have!

I wanna take a moment to wish you all a Happy Mother's Day!  I'm spending mine at home with the kids since Bob is working.  Not much planned, just hangin at home and I need to come up with a creative gift bag for Bob's present for his mother and I am going to go thru a box of scraps and create a set of Thank You cards for Jesse to give his teacher for an end of school year gift.  I totally ripped the idea off from Julie Tucker  Luv ya Julie!!!!

Whatever your plans, enjoy your day!!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww he looks so handsome!! LOVING all the lo's!! They are gorgeous!!

Kelly Massman said...

I agree with Julie! So, ditto! :-) Glad to see you scrapping!!!!!

Scrap Your Story said...

These are just awesome!!!! It totally rocks to see you back creating :)