Thursday, May 9, 2013

The weekend can NOT get here soon enough!!

Anyone wanna trade lives for a few weeks? I'm kinda sick of mine at the moment!!  Before you agree to the trade you need to know that no wimps allowed! The schedule we have been keeping the past week is wearing me out and wearing me down.  SOON school will be out and then life will be just perfect right?  

SHHHHHH!!!! Don't you dare ruin this happy lil summertime fantasy I have in my head!!! At the moment it's all I have and I am willing to fight for it!!

Today is Jacob's last day of school. EVER.   I'm taking it way harder than he  Graduation is next Wednesday.  And my schedule is still jammed packed.  Tonight is Jesse's acting debut in the school play!  I don't remember what the play is called but we have been working on an award winning performance with his line "That silly Stinkbug is such a freeloader, and everywhere he goes, he leaves a terrible odor! He is gonna rock because I coached him a bit with adding some "personality" to his army ant.......complete with the pinching the nose for the stink bug odor......I'm tellin ya, in a few years he will walking the red carpet at the golden globes :)

We also have field day coming, Tomorrow is the red and black game at the high school and we are going to that......and in the midst of all of this my 13 yr old got suspended yesterday for smoking at school.  The night before we found out that he had been dipping and bought a can at school from a "friend" for $5.  Apparently there is big money in black market tobacco products because it is just $1.25 at out corner store.  And upon doing a room search we also found that he had gotten into Bob's beer and there were 4 empty cans in his room.  

He is so grounded for...........forever!!

I tried talking to him but every question I ask I get an "I dunno" out of him.  His older brothers tried talking to him and of course when they talk they are just "jumping on him or making fun of him"   I have managed to raise a couple of other kids into teen-hood without these kinds of issues, I guess this is God's way of keeping me on my toes.  So Mr' Brandon has been spending his suspension doing the yuckiest jobs I can find.  And he was working for neighbors making some spending money but he obviously can't be trusted with money.  So for the summer we have offered his services for free!! And I have talked to the neighbors and they know not to pay him because if I find out they will  not be pretty!!!!

I hve a couple of pages to share with you today that I have completed for the 3rd Anniversary /Birthday of Colorful Creations.  I'm having so much fun playing along with their sketches and they are really and awesome bunch of ladies too. If you wanna play along just sign up for the forum and there is a brand new sketch every day this month except the weekends.  I don't know anything about prizes, heck I'm just happy to be scrapping again and getting my mojo back!!
And apparently I didn't have as much rust as I thought because the page I shared last post was featured at Colorful Creations AND LMLC!!! (you might notice my shiny new LMLC badge on my sidebar!)WOOT!!! I'm so humbled, grateful and honored, especially with that being my first "anything" since December. They have all been digi so far but I do have a paper project to share tomorrow ;)

First up today is sketch 3 by Tabitha Triplett.....such cuteness!!!
And this is my take on it featuring Jesse last month at one of Jacob's rugby games.  The school photographer actually caught this shot and passed it along to us.  If I had known they were gonna snap his pic he woulda had a
I used Kristin Aagard's awesome digi kit "Free Wheelin" for this one.  I love all of the fun bits it has including messy paint. This one will be a mainstay for me this summer because it is the perfect boy kit.    And you guys know how much I LOVEEEEEE fun and bold color!

This next one is sketch 1.  As simple as it looks it was actually a challenge for me because I don't like tilting  I like everything very straight
I went with it and stayed pretty true to the sketch.  I used bits of a few kits here and didn't write all of my credits down as I was going......this was the page I was working on when I got the call that my son has been suspended. So cut me just a wee bit of slack :)  The papers I do know are from Misty Cato's "Badda Bing" and the digi stamp in the top corner and some of the other elements came from The Scrap Orchard's "Authenticity"

I tried to make it very masculine and cool since this was for Jacob. Just a few of his rugby season pix and the number 3 is his number :)  I'm amazed we made it thru a season with just one hospital visit and no broken bones!!  

I almost forgot, this one made the featured page at Colorful Creations as well!!!

I will be back tomorrow to share a traditional scrap page, created with paper and clue and all that fun stuff :)

Have a great day!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yikes about the snuff and the beer! One of my biggest fears! I loveeeeeee your lo's! They are gorgeous!!!

Christy said...

What awesome takes on those sketches! Totally rocked them :) :) Sorry you are having such high stress with the kiddos. Motherhood is not as easy as some make it out to be, but it's always as worth it as they claim. Just gotta get through it :) ♥♥