Saturday, May 18, 2013

What a difference a day can make (extremely long post)

Hello my friends!

What a week this has been!  I am just emotionally and physically drained.  The end of the school year is always exhausting when you have 5 kids in 4 different schools.   Add to it Matthew is having a LOT of trouble adjusting to the new schedule since Jacob is out of school and is acting out a lot, and my 13 yr old is going thru some sort of phase where he thinks he's grown enough to say and do whatever he wants with no consequences or repercussions.  I'm not even sure if I mentioned his suspension from last week.  I told him that due to his behavior, the drinking, smoking and general disrespect and disobedience, and stealing, that his room is subject to search at anytime.  And he is grounded until further notice.  Today he decided he didn't like those rules, they were "dumb" and he was leaving.   In retrospect I shoulda let him go.  Chances are he would come home when he got hungry or settled down.  But with his recent behavior I was  ore concerned about what he could get into.  So we argued,  he threatened his older brothers and things got really ugly.  ugly as in I almost called the police ugly.........

No parent should EVER have to go thru this.  

It's going to be a LONGGGGGG summer :(  I'm waiting on insurance to kick back in and I'm getting him into counseling this summer.  I don't know what else to do.  In the mean time I am writing up a contract that will outline what is expected of him and what will happen when he doesn't follow thru.  We also need to work out some sort of reward system when he does well.  I know it seems to him like I am always on his case but he is always into something he shouldn't be.  And not little things.  Things like lying, stealing, and drinking are serious issues.  And if I don't get a handle on it now I am really going to be in for it when he gets to be 15 or 16. UGH!!

Anyway......this didn't start out to be a whiny post.  I swear :)  I was going to blog last night....I was on top of the world happy.  And what a difference a day can make.  Hopefully that will hold true for tomorrow as well.  As Scarlett O'Hara used to say "Fiddle dee dee....tomorrow is another day!!"

Graduation was awesome!  I cried the entire And cried some more because I couldn't get great photos. We were wayyyyyyy back in the back of Thompson-Bowling Arena and they were showing everything on a big screen but the glare made a decent photo impossible.  I'm hoping some video will show up and I can get stills from it.  for now this is it.....
He looks so baby faced here since he shaved.

And this is an ex g/f of his and her b/f.........I love this girl so much and she and I are so close that she actually has me listed as her mother in law on
  I have a couple more but they are in my phone :(

And yeah Im crying again......just wait until he leaves for basic training in

Ok.......I do have some scrappy stuff to share.  If you have actually read all of this I love   And I do have some scrappy stuff to share I promise :)

I have been so blessed that scrapping has provided me with an outlet for my creativity and as a form of therapy.  I seem to do my best scrapping when I am ready to  In the past week I have been featured at all of these awesome blogs....

Lasting Memories Layout Challenge
Digitally Sweet Challenges
I won a top pick at The Pink Elephant
And Pick of the week at Colorful Creations along with having 2 layouts featured!!
I won some awesome goodies from American Crafts flowers week!!!

I can't tell you how much all of this means to me and I DO NOT take the accolades for granted!!!  Scrapping has been so good to me and I have made so many wonderful friends and met some truly inspiring and awesome people.  If you are reading this YOU are one of them!!! I love my blog buddies to bits!!

And I'm done yakking now.......seriously. On to scrappy stuff!

Colorful Creations sketchathon is going on ALL MONTH and you can jump in at anytime and play along.
This sketch for May 13
And my take featuring a MUCH younger Matthew during a occupational "play therapy" session at school.
Everything here is from American Crafts "Ready Set Go collection" except for the chippy bird which is from Soft Spoken.

Next PageMaps Anniversary challenge......which is also going on ALL month with some awesome prizes up for grabs!! With this sketch the challenge is to use borders.
And I used the border bits and some scraps from "American Crafts Ready Set Go".  This one features Brandon as a baby and Steven when he was about 3 in his first car :)
And finally for the My Minds Eyes May sketch challenge.....
I had no clue where I was going with this but I like the end result.  I just dribbled paint on the black background and spread with the edge of a playing card the used pop dots to give the squares of MME's Funday.  Some were scraps from full sized paper and some I chopped from a 6 X 6 pad.  I stapled the top and bottom border and the bottom border us actually lines so I can journal on it.  I also stapled the tickets at the top.....for whatever reason I am fond of stapling stuff lately and am doing it a   I really like the paint technique too and will be using it again soon!

Thats it! FINALLY huh? lol.  I'm off to take a much needed bubble bath


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So sorry he is giving you such a hard time.... believe it or not ... I was like him wayyyyyyy back in the day... I put my folks through H-E-Double Hockey Sticks ... for real... thank God I snapped out of it and got my stuff together!!

I loveeeeeeeeeee your pages!! They are gorgeous!!!

Haven_mom4 said...

Tough times don't last, tough people do. Hang in there. Awesome LO's and I did see alot of staples going on. I Think smashing the paper together with some force is another outlet/ therapy right now

Sonia said...

Love your pages. Kids can be tough. We use scriptures to reason with ours and it works. I feel sorry for my brother. He has five under five so look out world when they grow up and pmt kicks in with the three girls :). Hope all works out for you.