Thursday, June 6, 2013

Perfectly Imperfect Me!

Hello friends!!!  

I hope life is treating you well this week....we are almost to the weekend!! YAY!!!!  You would think with it being summer time that almost everyday is a weekend for a stay at home mom. HA!! Not even close!!!!  I almost feel like I am even busier now than I was during the school year. How is that even possible??  But at least I can sleep in :)  So that makes it all somewhat  We have been keeping pretty busy! So busy that the page I am getting ready to share has been in the works for 3 It's not that I have been stuck or lacking mojo, but every time I start something comes up......And then I realized I wanted to scrap a photo I didn't have printed so I was on a mission to have some pix developed and then went thru a horrible ordeal trying to find a place to print........I decided I needed/wanted some 3 x 5 photos.  No place nearby prints them that size and i didn't want to order them online because I wanted them NOW! I'm impatient like   So I can up with the brilliant idea of putting 2 photos together and having printed as a 5 x 7. And while I was at it I thought why not do some smaller photos the same way on a 4 x 6 photo.  

This is where it gets tricky.......

If you use the collage prints at Walgreens, they are significantly more expensive than the 4 x 6 prints.  I kept looking around and found Walmart had 4 x 6 prints at 9 cents each and 5 x 7's at 58 cents! SCORE!!!!!
(or so I thought)

I went thru and fixed all of my photos to the proper sizes I wanted and uploaded to Walmart and had a ton of photos (moslty in the % X 7 size so I could have the coveted 3 x 5 prints that started this fiasco in the first place) and went to checkout and my price was $8.05.  not too shabby!!!

So I am getting ready to add my credit card info and suddenly my price jumps up to over $20 because I am picking up and not doing home delivery. WHAT???? Not cool!! So Walmart has this feature where you can talk to a person via chat for any issues you are having and I ask her WHY am I expected to pay twice as much for having them developed in store?? I get a bunch of "blah, blah, blah" about one hour developing.......I say ok....can I pay this price and have tghem delivere3d to the store and pick up?  Nope.........they don't do that. UGH!!!!!

I have issues with Walmart anyway.......I hate going there and the employees at my local Walmart are just plain rude.  I ahve never had a positive experience in a Walmart.....ever!!!  But I was willing to overlook that for cheap photos prints and they were gonna be matte finished too.....sigh.

Long story short......probably too late for  I totally went off on the poor customer service girl.  And a few seconds later I received an email asking me how my experience with customer service was........I didn't blame the girl......she is just carrying out Walmart policy, and Walmart policy, quite frankly sucks.....and back to Walgreens I went and had my pix printed in an hour and because they had a coupon code I got 40% off and paid close to what I would have paid at Walmart before they jacked my price up.   I would still prefer matte finished photos but such is life......I can understand that one hour developing cots more for the convenience.  But not 2 and 1/2 times more.  That is insane!

Ok Tina, BREATHE!!!!!

Anyway....I have my pix printed and I did finish my layout!!!

I used this sketch from Inspired Blueprints and combined it with a few challenges :)
LMLC's theme for this week is Leather n Lace..  Which I guess could be interpreted many ways .I thought of the Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks song, which has absolutely nothing to do with this layout.....just a kinda random word  But leather n lace is kinda the ultimate in whats masculine and whats feminine. And I kinda played off of that in my layout. 

The photos is me by the way......just a random selfie taken with my cell....and I swear I am clothed!!! I was wearing a tank top and everyone who has seen the photo so far has accused me of taking   trust me...Nooooooo one wants to see that :)  I look really sad and vulnerable in the photo. 
All my supplies here are AC, and Pebbles......I thought the wood grained paper, the messy paint, leather and the larger chipboard block letters in the title were masculine in nature but I have flowers, floral paper and a doily as the feminine elements.  Here is the "lace".......the doily.
And the "leather" is real leather I braided together.
Actually I love how this turned out.......and I am getting a lot more comfortable scrapping myself too! 

The title inspiration came from Pretty Little Studio's word challenge....not entering but giving them much deserved credit :)  I'm pretty sure I have it backwards anyway and its actually supposed to read "Imperfectly Perfect" lol.....see, just anohter on my many flaws and imperfections, I can't follow

Also inspired by Colorful Creations Random Wednesday....the number 4, Anyway you wish to interpret it...I chose 4 patterned papers.....cuz I'm a boss :) 

And CRAFT challenge Anything but a card


DLART Thankful Thursday Linky Challenge/ ATG

I thank you for visiting today! I sincerely appreciate the fact that you take time ougt of your day to visit and leave a comment.....y'all rock!

And speaking of rocking....many thanks to folks at Childs Play!!!  I was miraculously chosen as one of last months top three for this layout!

Thank you!!!!!


DIANA L. said...

Your layouts are both really great love the detail and all the elements.
Thank you for joining my DL.ART Thankful Thursday Anything Goes June Linky Party

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I got tired of them cropping my heads off my photos ... so I finally broke down and bought a printer ... couldn't take the photo places anymore ... including Walgreens!! LOL!! I love love love love your lo!! LOVING that wood background and the colors are gorgeous!!! And CONGRATS on being in the top 3!!!!

Kelly Massman said...

i'm totally with you on the perfectly imperfect me thing. great layout and congrats on the other one-it is really cute!

Karen Wilson said...

Tina, I LOVE what you did here! Can't get more honest than that right? I love it .. good for you, scrapping more about yourself!! I have to do more of that myself. I may have to 'lift' this idea!

Elizabeth Campau said...

Hey Girl, So glad to see you scrapping again:) I've missed your chatty stories. Yeah I have started printing at home again because I am so tired of the games. Walmart lost ALL of my Sea World pics years back and they had the negatives! Talk about frustrating!

Looking forward tomore of your stories:)
Elizabeth LMDT

Darcy said...

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us at Lasting Memories!

Claire R said...

WOW what a great LO! love the mix of pattern papers. Awesome that you included a leather bracelet across the bottom. Thanks for joining us at lasting memories.
ClaireR, LMDT

Denise Pustelniak said...

Hi Tina! So nice to see your awesome LO's again! (A+)
Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories

Michele said...

LOVE that you are so incredibly honest! Wish more people were then we might not all have random issues. :) Awesome layout Tina. I'm with Karen.. may have to lift this idea!!

Claire said...

Gorgeous layouts, love the braided leather it gives a fab texture.Thanks for joining us at CRAFT Challenge this week and good luck
Claire XX

Aunty Sue said...

oh this is fa such a lovely page thanks for sharing at craft this week