Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a safe New Year's Eve!  I spent mine with family, very low key, but we did say up and do a little hooting and hollering when the new year was rung in! Other than that I spent my New years Even online catching up on all of the year in review posts and pinning stuff like crazy to I have TONS of new recipes to try! One of my goals for the year is to try a new
"healthy" recipe each week since one of my other goals is to get healthier. Notice I did not say lose I do desperately need to drop some weight but if I look at it from the perspective of "losing" it sounds kinda I'm not losing weight, I'm GAINING my health :) 

I love the new year because I always approach it as a chance to start all over! This year will be one of MANY changes. Some good, some not so good, almost all of them forcing me out of my comfort zone.  I will be sharing in more detail over the next few weeks as things start to come together. My life certainly needs some adjusting! But I am hopeful that things will be better this year and I'm rejoicing in the fact that God thinks I am a bad ass.....cuz he NEVER gives us more than we can handle right????  So he has lots of faith in This year I will lean on him a lot more and learn to have faith in myself. 

A few of my goals for  the year:
  1. I want to go back to school (see, I do have a
  2. Be more  involved with my kids. Although I'm sure if you ask them they will say I am way more involved than they think I should be. But I really want to volunteer more in classrooms and do more work with their schools. Mostly Jesse's, because the other kids are teens and would be absolutely mortified if I decided to show up at their schools for any reason. Jesse still thinks I'm cool so I'm gonna enjoy it while it
  3. Take better care of ME! I need to make my health and well being a priority or I will be no good to anyone!!
There......those are the biggies.. Now bring on 2014!!!!

I carved out a bit of time last night to play along with the latest challenge at Let's Get Sketchy. It's a BINGO challenge and these are always a blast :)
I went with the vertical line under the letter "G" because it had buttons and banners  I went digital with this one (but never fear...I have not given up paper....I am working on a mini album as we speak!)  I know a lot of people who say digital scrapping isn't "real" scrapping and they somehow feel it takes less skill. If you use a template it does fly by pretty quickly. But i didn't use a template and even tho the sketch i chose to use is a fairly simple one, I lost my page three times before I wised up and started saving to my hard drive after every layer......which is a lot like the frustration I go thru when paper scrapping and misplacing my adhesive or  embellies and having to dig thru mountains of scraps to find them again, only to find they within arms reach (right where you left them) the entire time. Can you relate?????  I knew you could :)

I chose this sketch from Pagemaps
And I used Echo Parks This and that Christmas that you can purchase as a digital download from 
 And here is my take :)
Banner, Buttons, One Photo, Christmas paper and Stitching....BINGO!!!!
A better look at the journaling and digi stitching :)I love this page and the fact that my drop shadows look realistic for a

The story behind the page is all about the ornament in the photo. One of our first Christmases in Tennessee Bob's mom, who still lived with us at the time, sat with the boys and they made simple ornaments. Plastic canvas and the bead and pipe cleaners can't canes.....the kids loved it. Of course Jesse wasn't born yet. We were unpacking decorations and the kids found all of their handmade creations and Jesse was stumped by the "Noel" ornament. There is a girl in his class named Noel and he had never heard the Christmas song (??????) So he asked me, "Mom, who  and why do we have her ornament?" So I taught him the song :) 

The things kids wonder.......

Anyway.........I do hope you will visit Let's Get Sketchy if you haven't before. They seriously have one of the nicest DTs out there!  I know a lot of people are busy, and it's impossible for every member to comment on every project. I have been on DTs as well and most of them have a system  to ensure that every challenge entrant gets feedback from someone. I am always so happy to see challenge blogs that give you lots of feed back because all of my DT bosses were so awesome like that.  Who wants to play at a  challenge blog where no one even acknowledges your work, right??  Well, the DT at Lets Get Sketchy is awesome, and if you play you will get a comment or several :) 

And remember the mini album I mentions I was working on? Its an "envelope mini novel" lol. Here are a few sneaks.....

I will share it fully this weekend when i get it filled up, and  I'm thinking about doing a video tutorial, which oughta be


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I love love love your lo!!!!! LOVING that sweet story!! Tooooooo cute!! And loving the mini ... can't wait to see it all filled up!!

Pat said...

Such a cute page! Love the kit you used. Thanks for joining us @LGS.

Debbie P said...

First off, thank you for your very kind words. We do have a great team that is fabulous at leaving sincere comments. I know what you mean though. Everyone likes to have their work appreciated. Your goals sound awesome! Hope you achieve each & every one. Your layout is gorgeous, and the story behind it is adorable! You rocked the digi layout, and your mini is awesome. Thanks so much for joining us at Let's Get Sketchy! Happy New Year!

Carla said...

Fabulous digi page! I do both digi and traditional and quite often find digi harder! Thanks too for sharing the story behind your page - so cute!! Thanks for playing at Let's Get Sketchy - love your work!

LisaM said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment!
Love the story behind your beautiful layout.
Thanks for playing along with us at LGS!

Brenshevia Baker said...

Beautiful projects Tina, thank you so much for the kids words, I tell the girls at LGS they are the best all the time because they are! Thanks for joining us at LGS!

Tone-Lill said...

A really great LO and I love the story too. You have got some fantastic paper creations here in this bolgpost.
Thank you for playing along with our sketch at LGS :)

Bev said...

great page.. fun, bright and great take on the LGS Bingo challenge

wendipooh13 said...

super cool page!!!! thanks for playing along with LGS!!!

Cherished said...

Great page. Thanks for playing Bingo at LGS.

Lynn said...

Your projects are simply amazing! I love reading about your goals for the New Year! Thanks so much for joining us at Let's Get Sketchy!

Melissa Vining said...

Fabulous Christmas layout! I love the sneaks of your mini album too! Thanks for playing along at LGS!

Sheila Burns said...

Beautiful layout---I am in awe of digital scrappers! Thanks for the nice words about our DT over at LGS---It IS a super group of ladies!!! Thanks for joining us for the BINGO challenge!

Buffy Esser-Burnside said...

Beautiful page! Thank you for joining us at Lets Get Sketchy!

Stacia Brandt said...

All of the projects are very pretty! Thanks for playing along with LGS!