Sunday, February 23, 2014

Boys Rule Extreme Challenge.

Hello and Happy Sunday!

Not really much to share today. I can't seem to carve out any crafty time lately.  The kids spent almost an entire week out of school for snow and the very day they were to return Jesse came down with the funk and missed another 2 days. Then Jacob got sick, and they have passed it right back to me. Isn't that the way it always goes? So.........I get to make yet another appointment to see my doctor this week.  I'm tellin ya, people are gonna start talkin if I can't go a week without a visit to his  
My oldest, Matthew has been quite the hand full lately too. I don't know waht it is about when the seasons start to change and kids with Autism. His behaviors are extreme lately. I've had to start locking my door at night because he will get up at 4 am and come into my room and start pulling me out of bed. And of course I'm asleep and someone grabs it is scares the $h*t out of me and that freaks him out and he gets aggressive. I have claw marks all over me where he has fought with me. At least with my door locked he wakes me up BEFORE he gets in.  Not that I like it any better.........but it is what it is. Hopefully things will settle back to normal for him soon. I'm not really sure whats going on with him.  His OCD is in overdrive to. He is making me crazy rearranging things and he WILL NOT tolerate me having my scrapbook supplies strewn all over the kitchen table. I tried scrapping yesterday and finally just gave up because he was repacking my stuff faster than I could get it all out. 


I've had this page scrapped and photographed for a few days but am just getting around to sharing. I just loved this sketch at Boys Rule and knew I wanted to play along.  And it seemed like the perfect design to help me use up some more scraps!!! YES!!!  I have a  2 gallon ziploc baggie I am working out  I rarely throw anything away so I am really challenging myself  to use what I have.  Sometimes I have to think outside of the box a bit but this one was pretty much a no-brainer :)

Here is that awesome sketch...
And I went bold with this one. Kinda a cool contrast to the photo of Jesse that I had ran thru some filters quite some time ago.  Obviously you can see a lotta Echo Park's "about a boy" collection. I LOVE that chevreon paper.....I have been hoarding it  I think the other bits are from Cocoa Daisy and/or Lily Bee. Really, I just grabbed a hand full and placed them. The only cutting I did was to matt my And you know how I love banners, so even tho it wasn't part of the sketch I added it.  The title almost blends into the deep blue of the chevron but it says "One Tough Boy" And my title changed several times cuz I was limited on what letters I had I have a plan in place to use up some odd letters and numbers I never use IF Matthew will ever let me scrap

It was nice to get back to using a lot of bold color after doing Jacobs Prom photos.  I still have lots of those to scrap but I needed a I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out. And Jesse is happy that I am back to scrapping him instead of his brothers.....what a turd!!

Thanks for visiting today! The weather has FINALLY improved here. We have had all 4 seasons in the space of 2 weeks I think. Snow last week, rain and tornado warnings this week, temps in the 70's after the single digits we had a while back. So hopefully the kids can get outside and play and I can get a a moment of peace and quiet. Wish me luck!!!

Have a great day! 
Love and Hugs!


Laura-Lee said...

Thanks for participating! I love your take on the sketch and the paper line you picked!

Laura-Lee said...

Thanks for participating! Love your take on the sketch and your photo :) how awful to hear about the tornados! be safe.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So sorry you have had a hard time with him :( I love love love your lo! LOVING those colors!!!

kate blue said...

hang in there momma! I too am so sick of snow days; my kids were driving me stark raving mad! At least you won a prize at becky's blog though right?? Snail mail will cheer a girl up :):)

Laura said...

Such a great use of your scraps and a fun use of the sketch. so glad you found time to play along with us at Boys Rule! Hope you have a better week ahead!